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Bounded By Souls Ch. 01

by 69crossfire96 09/30/14

Hey guys this is my first story. I hope you like it. Tell me what you think. <3


Tamara Roylands or Tam for short was walking on Main Road on her way home from the gym when she heard a muffled scream coming from the next alley she was about to pass. She always avoided alleys so she wouldn't end up being one of those muffled screams.

Tam stayed five blocks from the gym. She worked at the gym during the day where she teaches martial arts, kick boxing, bare-knuckle boxing and Russian fist fighting and during the night she trains on her own, enjoying what she could do. Every night she remembers why she does this and that's what gives her hope to wake up every day and do what she wants to do.

As she passed the alley she heard something sag to the floor. As she looked into the alley she saw somebody standing in the middle of the alley. With a street lamp a few feet from her she could see only little but made out that it was a woman. With little she could make out she could see the woman stood at 6feet maybe more, half a feet longer than Tam. There seemed to be a thick liquid dripping from her lips with an animalistic expression on her face but what caught Tam's attention was the woman's eyes, they were red and the only reason she could see them in the dim light was because they were glowing. At the woman's feet laid a body of a man. As she looked at the woman's surroundings she saw another woman who looked about a foot shorter with the same color eyes but this woman was smiling... at her.

She knew it was time to go. With her first step she felt a breeze blow past her and in a flash the smiling woman stood in front of her. Tam knew this wasn't good or save. Her thoughts were racing. 'How could she move so fast?' , 'what is this?' , 'I have to get out of here.' , 'I could probably take her if I...' Her thoughts were interrupted and answered by the tall woman's voice behind her.

"Don't evan think about attacking little girl. Pam let's go." The tall woman said to her friend. "Little girl?' , 'yeah pam listen to mommy and go...' Tam couldn't evan finish her thought when she was grabbed by the short woman named Pam and pressed against the wall with a hand firmly wrapped around her neck, preventing her from breathing. As soon as she hit the wall, she fell to the ground when Pam was pulled off of her.

"What the fuck Chris?" You heard what she said." Pam said loudly and tried another attempt to get to Tam but was pushed away by the other woman named Chris. 'Heard?' , 'I never even spoke, wait...' She stopped quickly and looked at them. "Another day little girl." Chris said. 'Another day?' , "stop calling me little girl," she started but then remembered they could here what she thought and froze, 'shit sorry.' Chris smiled and spoke again, "Pam do you know who this is?" Pam looked crestfallen at Tam and asked softly.

"Tamara Roylands?"

"Wait how'd you?"

"Chris do you mean...?" Pam started but didn't have to finish when Chris nodded her head yes.

"Tamara Roylands we will meet again. Until then if you need us whisper either of our names. Goodbye." And gone. Tam didn't know which way they went though it looked like up. This was to weird. She ran the last two blocks to her home, unaware that she was being followed. When she got inside her apartment she locked the door and leaned against it as if someone was trying to push it open.

"Why so jumpy?" Came her roommates voice. Tam almost jumped out of her skin.

"What the fuck!?" She said and her roommate was starting to worry.

"Tam what...?" He began but Tam held up her hand to silence him and started to cry. She didn't know why but she felt the adrenaline was starting to fade and now it was just the normal insecure unstable Tam that she was.

"Tammy baby. Come here." Her roommate sat down on the couch and held out his had for Tam to sit on his lap. They always did this. Whenever one of them isn't feeling well or happy the other would try their best to cheer the other up.

"Zack you should have seen what had happened. I can't believe it. It felt like one of my mothers stories were coming true." They both tensed a little when Tam's mother was brought up but this time they knew they had to talk because of the stories.

"What... Uh... What do you mean hon? The night stories?" Zack knew this was serious.

When Tam was a baby before her life turned upside down her mother used to tell her stories of a lost person and that people are looking for her. Some bad and some good. This person was very important because she had magical abilities. Only two people in the whole world could have these magical abilities. The tutor and the learner. The tutor would disappear as soon as the learner became the master and the new master would choose the new learner for the next world. Tam's mother was murdered before she turned eight and she couldn't hear the rest of the story. After four attempts to kill Tam, her father decided to put her into 'hiding'. He gave her a new life but one she had to start on her own. From the age of sixteen she was looking after herself. She didn't have to fight to live because her father made sure she had enough to survive but the streets was a dangerous place to be at night. She met Zack when he helped her and protected her form three men who were trying to kidnap her. Since then they were best buds.

Zack held Tam as she explained what had happened and he thought of Pam and Chris. They were good guys but he couldn't break his cover with Tam. He needed to protect her. Pam and Chris will be back. He loved Tam with all his heart and would protect her with his life but he couldn't tell her yet. She wasn't ready. She wasn't.

"Baby girl. I think we need to go and dance. You know you love to dance and you know with me around nobody would hurt you." Tam didn't even think of objecting. She was scared, she'd admit that, but she couldn't be alone with her thoughts. She just nodded and went to her room to get dressed.

After ten minutes of finishing up she went to the kitchen to get water but the whole time she felt like some one was watching her through a window or something. She thought about Chris the whole time. Protecting her from Pam. "What is happening?" She whispered to herself.

"What's happening is us going out. You want to go?" Zack came from his room dressed as he always were... Gorgeous. He had a ocean blue dress shirt on tucked into his black jeans and his blazer around his broad shoulders. Zack was a big man. He stood a 6.8feet and weigh 200pounds and none consisted of any body fact. He had intimate blue eyes and short black hair always done stylish.

Tam just stared at him. How did she find this man on the streets? He was beautiful and she was... Not!!

"Stop that. I know that face. You are gorgeous and we are going to have and awesome night." Zack said walking up to their apartment door and opening the door but froze in mid-step when a familiar face stood staring at him.

"What's wrong? Is someone there?" Tam saw Zack's movement and knew something was up. As she walked up to the door her heart fell to the floor and she had a lump in her throat. It was Chris, beautiful Chris. 'Stop that.' But no Pam. 'Why is she here?'

"Questions later. I need to talk to you." Chris said entering the apartment.

"What? Me? Why?" Tam asked confused. She watched Chris as she moved passed them both and looked around in the apartment.

"Not you," she said turning her attention towards Zack, "you."

'What?' , 'does Zack know her?'.

"You haven't told her?" Chris raised her voice at Zack a little and Tam wanted to stand up for him but also wanted to know what was going on.

"No and looks like I have to now, your a real bitch you know that. Just because I got this job doesn't mean you have to spoil everything." Zack was mad. 'Zack never got mad.' , 'what is happening and what job?'

"Listen their moving in. We need to move. You can bitch about everything when she's save." Chris looked at Tam and talked to her soothingly to keep Tam's temper low. "Okay Tamara I know you don't have a clue to what's happening and at this point its saver for you but I need you to come with me. We have to get out of here, now." Just as Chris finished they all heard a high pitch scream from outside the apartment and the windows shattered as the scream kept on going. The three of them were forced to press their hands to their ears as they fell to their knees.

Tears were in Tam's eyes of the stinging pain in her ears but through her teary vision she saw three things jump through the windows.

They weren't human. Not by a long shot. The screaming stopped and she realized she was the only one on her knees. Zack and Chris both laid on the ground still covering their ears but started to come to.

"Take the girl." One of them said in a deep voice. All three had a muscular body. One had wings. Big feather wings. When she looked at the other two she saw one had a tail with no wings and the one who spoke had both tail and wings. All three of them had long, sharp nails and glowing green eyes, as two stepped forward, towards her panic kicked in and she felt herself vibrating.

"Zack what's happening?" She asked just as her whole body began glowing. A white light emanating from inside of her shot out towards the two and they shot into ash. She felt like she was on autopilot. She couldn't control a thing. The sensation under her skin felt amazing and only when she looked at her hand she saw her skin turned to something hard and cold... Steel? She couldn't believe this. Her hair turned white and so did her eyes. Something inside her want to know what this thing was doing in her apartment. Her light encircled him and picked him up off of the floor to face her. Only then did she realize she was floating in mid-air.

"What are you doing here?" She asked and her voice echoed through the room. Little did she know that Zack and Chris had composed themselves and was standing staring at her.

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