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Bree Impaled

by CandyBree83 10/31/08

Retrieving the large flesh-coloured cock Bree licked its base and stuck it against the headboard of her bed, it dangled there obscenely large and inviting. Covering its shaft from head to base with plenty of lube she scurried quickly around onto all fours and backed up till its huge head was nudging her hungry pussy. Dropping to her elbows and tilting her pelvis back she found the right angle for the huge dildo to penetrate her and began pushing her weight back, forcing her abused pussy to stretch around it massive girth once again. The fat head of the beast was slowly stretching her pussy wide, by far the biggest cock she had ever taken. Never had she felt so full, the muscles of her pussy so stretched they could barely contract to grip the massive shaft.

With a grunt she threw her weight back and forced the big head into her and once passed her tight entrance the shaft was more easily handled. Determined to find her limits she pushed more of the big rubber cock into her willing hole, her breath coming in panted gasps as she slid further and further down her massive toy. With a strangled cry she pushed all the way back until she could feel the balls at the end of its shaft rubbing her slit. Now impaled by the full 12 inches Bree let fly with a harsh groan.

"Oh Fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK!!!" she gasped as the realisation of what she had just forced into her pussy dawned on her, thicker than her wrist and an entire foot long she was skewered on the biggest cock of her life - and it was driving her wild!

Slowly pulling forward she felt the massive cock start sliding out, her dripping hole gripping the shaft so tightly it felt like it would turn her pussy inside out as it was withdrawn. All the way out till she was just gripping its bulbous head, she then slowly returned every glorious inch inside her body till she was rubbing her throbbing clit against its balls, where she stopped for a moment to catch her breath.

As Bree started working herself along the entire length yet again, a few minutes later she felt what was going to be the most massive orgasm of her life starting to build in her gut as she glided up and down the thing. Riding the entire 12 inch shaft hard, she now felt her ass cheeks hitting the wall each time she slammed herself back onto it. Her pussy juices flowed freely down her thighs as she cried out from the brutal shafting she was experiencing.

The intense pressure of her impending orgasm mounting, Bree furiously rocked her hips up and down, forcing herself back onto the toy. Unable to keep her whimpers down, she lets out a strangled scream as her pussy went into painful spasms as her orgasm rakes her body. Pulse after pulse of muscle contractions gripped the huge toy in her pussy as she bucks with the waves of orgasm riding through her body. As they finally begin to subside her body loses all strength and she collapse on her bed, the massive toy being ripped from her body almost painfully causing her body to buck one last time.

Legs spread, face down, Bree slumps in exhaustion on her bed. Her thighs sticky with her juices and her abused pussy gaping open she falls into a deep sleep of peace and satisfaction.

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