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Busted Ch. 05

by coastalkidite 01/09/14

Just then Tommy returned wearing only a towel and Bob jumped up to go. Everyone was seated in the living room and all the robes and towels were coming undone a little. You could see glimpses of pussy and tits and cock all around the room. All the ladies were sipping their wine and laughing. The more they laughed the more of a show I was getting. Finally Bob returned and announced, "Okay let's get this started!"

The girls all stood up and took off their robes. It was mind blowing to finally be in a room with four naked women. Jo and my wife looked a lot alike, both about 5'2", big tits and full sized asses, classic B.B.W.'s. Sally had frosted blonde hair, nice fake tits, a little taller than Jo and Renee and a perfect ass. It was Judy that really stood out. Judy looked like she was nearly six feet tall, maybe 160 pounds, dark hair, big full tits and ass. Judy made me think of those Amazon women. My radio station was playing in the background.

Then Bob said, "Ready Allen? Let's get this show on the road! I've got some fucking to do!"

"I'm ready." I replied and moved to where Bob was standing.

Someone moved the camera in to position. I got down on my knees in front of Bob and dropped his towel. Right in front of my face was the first cock I would ever suck! It had to have been eight inches, it made me think of the dildo I had at home. The one at home was eight inches and Bob's cock was close to that. Bob was trimmed close thank goodness! Sally and Jo knelt down on either side of me. I had to rise up a little because Bob was taller. Sally whispered in my ear, "Just close your eyes and I'll put it your mouth for you."

I closed my eyes and leaned forward with my mouth open. The head of Bob's cock slipped past my lips. It felt warm in my mouth and it was much more textured than the dildo at home. I began to rock back and forth, my head bobbing on Bob's rapidly growing cock. Jo was reaching under my towel and stroking my cock. Sally kept encouraging me with her face really close to mine. I tried to take in more of Bob's cock each time I went down. Bob's cock was hard now and oddly enough, Jo was getting hard too! I had a hard-on with a guys cock in my mouth! Sally backed away to allow for better camera shots. Jo kept right on stroking my cock.

Sally looked up to Bob and said, "Allen's pretty good at this!"

Bob said, "Yeah I won't be much longer! He's not bad at all!"

All this talk built my confidence. Suddenly Jo called out to Judy, "I think he's ready!" Then Jo left me and Judy took her place. I couldn't tell at first but then I felt someone behind me. Apparently Judy told Eric to slide between my legs and suck my cock. So while I'm sucking my very first cock I'm also getting my first blowjob from a guy too! Judy had a firm grasp on my balls, not too hard but firm. Judy was using a milking type grip on my balls. I tried to focus on finishing up Bob but Eric and Judy were too good! I finally had to brace myself by putting my hands on Bob's thighs. I was losing concentration and Bob's cock slipped in and out of my mouth. I couldn't hold back any longer I started to spasm. Between Eric's talented mouth and Judy's milking it was inevitable. I came hard and shook when I did.

With Bob's cock still in my mouth, I heard him say, "You're almost there pal! It won't be long!"

I could taste a little secretion right at the tip. And then it came! Bob took hold of my head and firmly pumped his cock in to my mouth and suddenly my mouth was filled with warm cum. It came too quickly to swallow it all and some dribbled into my beard. Bob pulled his spent cock out of my mouth. Jo called to me and I turned only to have her get my picture with cum in my beard and a cock next to my face! I stood up a little wobbly and was given some hugs and pats on the back.

I had done it! I was even a little proud of the job I had done. Bob's cum didn't taste that much different than my own. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I hadn't gagged or anything like I thought I might. As I was coming down from my emotional high I reached for my bottled water and took a drink. I looked around the living room to survey the scene. Jo and Sally were locked in a sixty-nine and they hungrily lapped at each other's pussies. Bob was snapping pictures, his long, thick cock dangled between his legs. It was then I realized Renee, Judy, Eric and Tommy were not in the room with us. Bob stopped taking pictures for a second and handed me the camera saying to me, "Hey you did great Allen! Renee is in the bedroom, you might want to get some pictures!"

I made my way to the bedroom and saw Eric doing my wife doggy style on the bed. Judy was right next to Renee also on her hands and knees getting fucked from behind by Tommy. Tommy's cock was slowly going in and out of Judy's pussy. Eric was fucking Renee with jackrabbit like strokes. My cock was still limp from the draining I took from Eric's mouth earlier. I took some pictures and I could feel some blood returning to my cock.

Renee finally said to me while still getting pounded from behind, "Well, was it as bad as you thought it would be?"

Before I could answer, Judy who was also still taking it from Tommy said, " I like the way you keep Allen completely shaved Renee! Even though he's not nearly as big as Tommy here or Bob he at least has a thick cock!"

"Oh I don't make him shave like that, he's done that on his own for years now!" Renee said.

"Well, isn't he a kinky little fucker then? He's going to be fun, I can tell!" Judy said in broken breaths from the steady pounding she was getting from Tommy.

The my wife said, "Come here honey. You should see this from close up." I moved closer to them beside the bed.

"Eric stop for a second so Allen can see his wife's pussy better." Judy said.

Eric stopped immediately extracting his glistening cock from my wife. Eric wasn't as big or thick as me I noticed. I moved in closer still when Renee told me, "Honey I want you under me so you can see this like in your porn you watch."

Every one hopped up and out of the way. I lay down on my back and Renee moved into a sixty-nine position with me, with her on top. My head was near the foot of the bed. Renee's knees were near the edge of the bed with her feet dangling off the end. Eric moved back into position behind my wife and inches from my face, guided his cock back into my wife and resumed his jackrabbit pounding. My wife stroked my cock and sucked at it every once in a while when she could concentrate. My cock responded as right above my face I watched Eric's cock pummel away at my wife. Judy and Tommy changed positions with Judy riding on top of Tommy's cock, they were right next to us again. In less than a minute Eric began to grunt and filled my wife's red pussy with his cum. Eric backed away and now I could see clearly my wife's reddened pussy, all puffy from the fucking she just took.

"There, are you happy now Eric?" Judy said as she climbed off Tommy's cock.

"That was great Renee! Thanks!" Eric said.

My wife was taking the entire length of my cock in her mouth. I was paralyzed with lust at the moment. I hadn't noticed Tommy taking Eric's spot behind my wife. Tommy positioned his much, much larger and thicker cock at the entrance to my wife's pussy. As Tommy put his giant mushroom shaped head of his cock to my wife's spreading pussy lips a glob of Eric's cum dripped to my awaiting mouth. It tasted like strawberries and then I realized they were using some kind of flavored lubricant. Tommy slowly eased the entire length of his at least nine inches of cock into my wife's wide spread pussy. Tommy's balls dragged from my forehead to just barely above my lips and nose. My wife lost her concentration and my cock fell from her mouth. As Tommy slowly pulled back out, dragging his balls over my face an even bigger glob of cum came from my wife's pussy. I was trapped between my wife's thick thighs so I licked what I could. It was getting all over my face as Tommy's balls made a bigger mess of things.

While all this was going on, the bed cleared out and Judy and Jo returned and were standing by the side of the bed. Renee could focus enough to keep my cock in her mouth. Judy was helping Jo into a harness with a dildo on it. I could just make out what was going on. When Jo had her strap-on securely fastened Judy yelled out to Eric, "Where the hell are you Eric? Jo is good to go!"

Eric got up on his hands and knees right next to Renee on the bed. Every time I tried to look from between my wife's thighs to see anything Tommy's balls would drag across my face and cum would drip on to me more. I could see the big strap-on as Jo got behind Eric. Jo eased the dildo in and began a rhythmic motion in and out of Eric's ass.

Judy said to Jo, "Don't be shy honey! He's used to taking it from me! Pound away sweetheart!"

"This is so much fun!" exclaimed Jo in gleeful tone!

Tommy kept a slow steady pace as Judy made her way around to my neglected cock. Judy's strong hands stroked my cock back to hardness. The whole bed was shaking from all the action. Judy's expert hands were affecting my cock. Renee began to twitch and came shaking and breathing heavily. Tommy just kept at a slow methodical pace giving Renee a long lasting orgasm. More cum came out. Judy switched up things using one hand now on my cock and the other hand back to milking my balls again. Then Judy let go of my balls and slipped a lubricated finger in my ass while continuing to stroke my cock. I could just make out Jo still pounding Eric's ass next us as I began to feel an orgasm coming on.

Once again everything was out of my control and I came with Judy pumping my cock and massaging my prostate. She caught my cum in her hand and even though I couldn't see it I heard her say to Eric, "Here you go honey, here's some more for you!"

Tommy's pace sped up and I could tell my wife was about to cum again. She shuddered, twitching and shaking and dripping more juice on my face. Tommy shoved in deep, his balls right above my mouth and I watched as his nut sack contracted pumping his cum into my wife's pussy. Tommy held there for a moment and slowly pulled his softening cock form my wife. A stream of strawberry flavored cum poured from my wife to my mouth. Exhausted from cumming so hard my wife's legs relaxed and she planted her pussy right down on my mouth. She was so open and stretched out and I had to work to keep up with all the cum. The bed was still shaking from Jo pounding Eric's ass. My wife lay on top of me collapsed from exhaustion. The bed stopped shaking. Jo must have been done. Renee told me, "Get it all honey!"

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