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Camp Swampy Sexcapades

by old_n_dirrty 10/31/12

Groggily, Beetle stepped out of the car and Sheila immediately took his semi-hard cock in her mouth. She soon had him fuck-ready and bent over the door again. Looking over her shoulder, she said, "Come on Fucker! Ram that long rod in my cunt. I bet you come before I do!"

Beetle thought he would last for a while, as he had come fifteen minutes before. Sheila Buxley had a different idea. When he had gotten all of his dick imbedded in her cunt, she said, "Hold still, Stud. Let me do the work."

Beetle realized that her ass was red from Sarge's spanking and put a few smacks on her delightfully jiggling ass. She had changed from wiggling to humping and his cock was already feeling the pressure. She slid back and forth, changing the angle with each stroke, causing him to build up to yet another huge climax.

"Slow down, Bitch! I can't last! That cunt's gripping my dick like a glove and I'm gonna cum!" he shouted, as she increased the speed and intensity of her fucking.

"Come on Mr. Bigshot! Can't you take it? It's just a pussy! Fuck it!" she said huskily.

When Beetle came, it was like a rocket blasting off in her sodden, well-fucked cunt. She came with him and as they slumped on the car, his cock slipped out of her pussy with a slurp. He dove in the back seat and immediately went to sleep. Sarge was asleep in the passenger's seat.

Sheila got under the wheel, and when Beetle and Sarge awoke, they were parked in front of Miss Buxley's condo. After a few minutes of orienting themselves, they smiled at the last night's events, and started to leave, only to find their pants were missing! A note on the mirror said, "Thanks for the good time! I've got your pants for souvenirs! LOL"

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