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Caught by my Daughter and Wife

by rickiee_2002 12/18/09

She took her panties down and her magnificent black bush came into view. I could see that mom and daughter had the same full beautiful pubic hair and bush.

She helped my wife into the strap on. It looked very hot ... my wife with a big black cock waiting to fuck my ass. My cock throbbed and leaked.

"It's time to take your panties off, daddy and pull that thing out of your ass."

She knelt before me and pulled all three pairs of panties down with one quick motion. My hard cock sprung into view. She reached behind me and in one swift pull, yanked the aneros from my asshole.

"Owwwwwwwww" I yelled.

"Here, put this pacifier in your mouth daddy and bend over my lap. I want to help mommy fuck your ass."

She pulled her panties off my head and thrust the aneros into my mouth. It tasted nasty having been in my ass for a few hours.

"Get yourself over my lap with your ass nicely presented to mommy. She is going to fuck your ass."

I knelt then moved over Amanda's naked lap. My cock jumped as I came in contact with her thighs.

"Spread your legs and ask mommy to fuck you, daddy." She demanded.

I spread my legs. I was lewdly displayed across my daughters lap ... my asshole open and being offered to my wife, to fuck me.

"Annette, please fuck my ass. Please shove that strap on into my asshole and fuck me with all the might and fury you feel right now." I managed to say

"Mom, you heard daddy ... now fuck him. I want to feel the force of your fucking as he is driven into my lap." Responded Amanda

I felt the tip of the dildo touch my asshole ... I felt the pressure increase as the larger mushroom shaped cock tip push its way into my asshole. I felt my little hole spread as the invader continued to spread it open ... finally the tip pushed in and my asshole closed around the shaft of the remainder of the rubber cock. I felt as it slid deeper and deeper into me. I could feel Annette's anger as the cock was pushed hard and deep into me. I felt it begin to pull back out. She pulled it completely out and started to push it back into my clenching asshole. It popped back in and slid in deep. I felt it stimulate my prostate and my own cock dripped.

She increased the tempo as the rubber cock slipped in and out of my asshole. In and out, in and out ... she pushed and pulled. I felt my own cock, hard ... swaying underneath me and from time to time, bumping Amanda's leg.

"Your cock is wetting my leg, daddy. You are really enjoying your anal fuck aren't you? She mocked.

"Maybe daddy is gay, mommy. Did you ever consider that maybe that's the fact behind all of this? Maybe daddy is, at the very least, bisexual ... mommy."

My wife started to scream at me.

"You fucking bastard. Look what you have done to me and your daughter. I should rip you open with this hard rubber cock. Don't think that this is going to make me feel better about you or help me forgive you. This is the beginning of your punishment. It will be, I promise you, the easiest part."

"You had better not get too excited and cum on my leg, daddy ... or you will be the sorriest asshole in the world." Amanda yelled

I felt like I was going to cum. I had to concentrate to not cum. That was going to be hard. My asshole was clenching the rubber invader. It felt so good ... to be fucked in my ass. I began to think what it would be like to have a real flesh cock in my ass. Maybe I was gay or bisexual. Mmmmm, a hard real cock shooting its hot cum into the depths of my rectum. I felt myself getting harder and my cock pulsate. I couldn't control myself. I came with a loud moan and grunt. My cum shot out of my cock as the dildo ravaged my asshole. The harder she thrusted, the more spasms I felt in my orgasm. They were long lasting and very intense. I came and came and came. Spurt after spurt my hot cum shot out of my cock. It had been a long, long time coming and there was no stopping it.

"You dirty fucking asshole ... I warned you not to cum on my legs ... and you defiantly did. You will be punished for that." Amanda screamed.

"Mommy, pull that cock out of his asshole, please." demanded Amanda

I felt the cock withdraw.

Amanda began to spank me with rage. She spanked and spanked my ass. She hit me so hard that it had to hurt her own hand. She hit me hard and fast. Over and over and over again ... her hand descended onto my asscheeks. She spanked me at least 50 times and then stood up, throwing me to the ground.

"You will NOT be defiant or disobedient to me, do you understand pantydaddy?"

I laid on the ground, on my back. My semi flaccid cock sticking up slightly. She stood over me and all of a sudden, she released a hot torrent of piss ... pissing on my cock and all over my chest and thighs. My daughter was pissing on me. I got excited, feeling her hot piss splashing on my cock and watching it come out of her hairy pussy. I would never have believed I could get hard again this quickly, but I did. Holy fuck, I was hard again.

"You pig daddy ... you're getting off on me pissing on you! Is there no end to your depravity? What the fuck ..."

With that, she started to piss on my face.

"Mommy, please join me on pissing on daddy. He deserves to drink and bathe in our piss."

I looked over at my wife, she pulled off the strap on and stood next to Amanda and started pissing on me. Her hot piss mingled with Amanda's and splashed on my face. The hot salty piss burned my eyes and I opened my mouth to accept the watery offering.

My wife was beginning to get into it. Her rage against me had transformed her from the crying hurt wife, to a mad, justice-seeking wife. I had never seen such madness in her. It did make me frightened.

I was soaked in piss. My cock was pulsating and I wanted to touch it ... to make it cum. I didn't dare try; it would not be a good idea. They drenched me in their hot salty piss. I was extremely turned on by it.

"Mommy, is there nothing we can do to this asshole that he won't get off on? asked Amanda.

"No sweetie, it seems that my husband is a totally depraved and sick person. The more we do to him, the more he will be satisfied. I guess, the worse we could do, would be to deny everything to him and make him live without panties, punishment, his dirty movies ... things like that!"

"No mommy, cause ... don't forget ... this is for us too. I will be honest with you mom, I am getting off on this and I can see from ... well ... your nipples and wet pussy ... that you are excited about this too!" Amanda said with a smile on her face.

"You are right, honey ... I am starting to get off on this too. He is a pig and I want to see him cry. I want to hurt him and make him suffer. I want to see his flesh bleed."

"Wow ... MOM!"

I couldn't believe my ears. My wife was never like that. She was always the sympathetic one ... the one who always saw the good in people, even when they didn't deserve it. What had I created by this?

"I think, since daddy wants to be a girl, we should teach him how to be a girl and dress like a girl, and even require that he dress like a girl when he is home. I think he should wear panties all the time, and only be allowed to change them when we decide."

"Ok, darling ... let's let him clean up and we can have a dressing session with him. But before he does, I would like you to fuck your daddy with the strap on, while he sucks my pussy. I got the pleasure of fucking him, but now I think you deserve to try it too. It was a lot of fun, and it got a lot of my anger out."

"Daddy, help me with the strap-on that I am going to fuck your ass with."

I picked up the strap-on and helped Amanda step into it. Her body is so incredible and just looking at her thick dark pubic patch and tight young body ... made my cock spring to attention.

"Look, mommy ... daddy is already responding to his soon to be, ass fucking. I suppose he is also excited looking at me. Look at that cock ... it's hard and wet on the tip. What a sick, sick man ... errr ... I mean ... girl." Amanda chuckled.

I fastened the strap-on around her waist and rolled a condom over the long black rubber cock. My wife sat on the edge of the sofa and thrusted her pussy out at me. I crawled over and placed my face between her legs. I could smell her sweat, piss and excitement. I buried my face in her hairy pussy as I felt the tip of the rubber cock push at my asshole. I heard Amanda spit and felt her saliva drip onto my asshole as she thrusted the cock into my ass. She banged the hell out of my ass as my wife grabbed my head and ground her pussy all over my face and mouth. I licked her as best I could, since she was moving my face all over the place. She pushed me aside and stood up. She knelt on the sofa in front of me.

"Lick my asshole, you fucking pig. I want you to clean my asshole with your mouth and tongue! My wife ordered.

I licked her asshole. I never did that ... ever. It was clean, but smelled of her pussy juice that had dripped and leaked over her ass. I licked and tongued her asshole as the rubber cock ripped in and out of my ass. My wife was fingering her clit as I licked her ass. Suddenly she shivered and came ... collapsing on the couch. Moments later my daughter let out a loud moan and draped her body over mine, with the cock still embedded in my ass ... as she came.

She pulled the cock out of my ass and instructed me to suck it clean. I, hesitantly, took the cock into my mouth and sucked my ass secretions off of it.

"Daddy, I want you to lie on your back and masturbate for us. I want to see you stroke your little cock and make it shoot all over your stomach." Amanda ordered.

I laid down on the floor and started to masturbate my cock.

"You do that a lot, daddy ... masturbate?"

"Yes, Ma'am ... I do masturbate a lot."

"While you are wearing panties, or without?"

"Both, Ma'am ... I wear panties and masturbate and other times I stroke my cock and masturbate."

"Well, don't take too long ... I want you to cum. I want to see my daddy's cock shoot cum onto his belly."

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