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Caught in Panties

by littlejoe10 09/30/13

This happened to me about 6 months ago. I am a 50 year old male that occasionally enjoys wearing women's panties.

On this particular day I was wearing a pair of casual dress pants and a polo shirt. Under I was wearing a pair of my wife's panties, a pink thong. It had been keeping me rather excited throughout the day but it was almost time to go home. It was a little after 5 and I was straightening up my office when Karen popped in and asked if I would give her a hand.

Karen was moving her desk and needed a little help. As we were doing this Jennifer came in to observe the goings on. We got the desk in position but some cords needed to be routed under the desk. I got down on the floor and was reaching back under the desk straightening and connecting cords. I could hear the women whispering but couldn't make out what they were saying. I was totally oblivious to the fact that my shirt had ridden up exposing the top of my pink thong.

Karen is 55 and pleasantly plump but rather average looking. Jennifer is close to 60 and a little plumper but somewhat attractive for a plump woman. They are both about 5'5", dress conservative but stylishly. Sex was never much of a topic of conversation so I never really knew of their views of sex. Prior to that day I would have assumed they were rather prudish.

It a small office and being after 5 it had emptied out. As I back out from under the desk and stood up the women where giggling to each other and I ask them what was so funny. At that point Karen shut the door. Karen being the bolder of the two asked if I was wearing a woman's thong. At which point I turned beet red and I said you can't tell anyone. They looked at each and Jennifer said I don't know. I said I will do anything if you promise to keep it a secret. Karen looked at Jennifer and said I think we should make him show us his panties. Then they both looked to me and said "we want to see your panties". All flustered I didn't know what to do but I managed to say "you want me to get undressed". Karen said yes that's the idea, we want to see you in your panties.

Hesitantly I kicked off my shoes, unbuckled my pants and slide them down. There I was standing in my socks and shirt in front of the 2 women I have worked alongside for the past 10 years. Karen told me to remove the shirt and Jennifer pitched in the socks too. Now I was standing there in nothing but a pink thong.

Karen asked me to turn around and Jennifer said to Karen he has a nice ass. I turned around giving these women a 360 degree view. I was embarrassed and Nervous but I was also getting excited. My cock was growing in front of them going from limp and pointed down to now standing erect.

Karen asked if I masturbated in the panties. Looking at her I told yes, I knew they wouldn't believe me if I said no. Jennifer asked if my wife knew I wore her panties and I answered no.

They moved closer to each other and started whispering. I heard Karen say she wanted to see me masturbate and Jennifer was agreeing with her. Jennifer looked at me and said "we want to see you masturbate, if you do that we will keep your secret"

I have not described myself. Like I said I am 50, 5'9" tall and weigh 170 lbs. I am well toned with a flat stomach.

I told them I would be more comfortable lying down. Although the floor was hard it was not uncomfortable. As I started rubbing my cock I asked the women if they want me to hurry up and come or did they want me to take my time. Karen said she wanted to see me masturbate as if they weren't there watching.

The two women we sitting on chairs just past my feet and to either side started by rubbing my cock though the silky pink fabric. My cock was very hard and it felt good. The panties had been keeping me excited all day long and I was longing for the release. I rubbed along the ridge with my fingers, outline the head. Then I slipped my hand in my panties and squeezed my cock tugging it, I let out a moan. Then I pulled the panties down exposing my cock. Not big at 5.5 inches but nice and thick. Finally I looked up at the women as I stroked. Karen looked me directly in the eyes and had an intent look on her face. Jennifer didn't even notice as she looked at my cock.

I stroked my cock for several minutes and then put my cock back in my panties. Again I was rubbing myself through the panties. I was rubbing with the palm of my hand down over my cock to my balls, cupping them and pressing and dragging my hand back up over my cock. The silky feel had me so excited. I pulled my legs up and put my feet flat on the floor my knees feel apart. I started thrusting against my hand but my pace remained slow and deliberate. I was starting to moan feeling the slow buildup.

I changed up and pulled the panties so the wrapped the head of my cock and a drop of precome leaked out. I tugged on the fabric which squeezed the head of cock making my moan some more. Then I went back to using the palm of my rubbing against the silk fabric. I cock was feeling so hard, my head tilted back and my moaning became louder. I was lifting my ass up off the ground grinding my cock against my hand. I could hear the women whispering but could not make out what they were saying. As I got closer I started I "oh yeah oh yeah "in long drawn out breaths. I was on the verge of coming and didn't want them to miss it and I started saying "oh I am going to come oh I am going to come" With a last moan make cock spasm ejected cum though the fabric.

As I was coming down from my orgasm I pull the panties back and scooped up my cum and used it to slowly massage the head of my cock.

Karen offered me some paper towel to use to clean up. Jennifer said this would be our secret and told me she had never seen a man masturbated. After cleaning up I got dressed and we all left the office. It was a quiet walk to our cars.

That was the start of a special friendship the 3 of us shared.

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