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Caught Screwing Mom's Daughter

by LarryArcher 07/06/13

When Tim's wet dick touched her lips, Sally let out a deep moan as the taste of his dick hit her senses. Olivia was pushing her mother's head down on his cock, but that wasn't necessary as Sally was already past the point of no return. The taste of a cum and pussy coated dick hit her and she could feel her climax quickly building. Now the only thought in Sally's mind was to take his dick deep in her throat and suck it as long as she could.

Olivia said to Tim, "Sorry for all the drama but my mom gets upset with things out of her control. I know that she will make it up to you, so just relax and enjoy your blow job." Olivia kissed Tim and they watched as her mother sought to refresh her cock sucking skills which she hadn't used in a long time.

Tim's emotions had gone through a roller coaster ride in the last few minutes. First he was cumming so hard, he thought he would die. Then Olivia's mother burst in on them and he was sure that he was going to die. Now her soft lips were wrapped around his cock and with every bob, more dick was sliding down her throat. Could it be possible that he would be fucking both the mother and daughter? This would be the ultimate fantasy for an 18 year old boy.

As he enjoyed his blow job, he looked over Olivia's mother and saw that she was beautiful and had an older version of Olivia's body. Her tits were bigger and she had a little more meat on her bones but that just made her look sexier. Tim reached down to rub the inside of her leg as he looked over to Olivia for approval. Olivia quickly nodded her head and mouthed, "Go for it," to him.

As he rubbed the inside of her thigh, Olivia's mom spread her legs for him. Then Olivia scooted down and started kissing and licking the side of Tim's cock which was now back to full size. I'm in heaven, he thought as he was playing with mom's inner thigh while the two girls sucked his dick. He could see her white silk panties as her dress rode up after she spread her legs. So far there was no resistance as he worked his way up her leg towards his goal.

Sally, Olivia's mother, was torn about what to do. Now her daughter had made her suck Olivia's new boyfriend's cock but no that wasn't really right. She wanted his cock so bad she could taste it and Olivia just told her it was okay. Olivia's hand on the back of her head, pushing her down, allowed her to rationalize that she was being forced to suck dick, Right!

The taste and smells of Tim's cock was overwhelming to Sally as she eagerly nursed on his hard cock. She had forgotten how hard a young man's cock got and how quickly they recovered. She wondered if she could make him cum again, just minutes after filling her daughter's pussy with his load. If she could make him cum then she could just pretend it was a mistake and not that she wanted it. If he fucked her, she knew it would be all over as the size of that dick would be irresistible.

When Sally had first burst into Tim's room and saw her daughter stuffed full of cock and obviously in the process of coming hard, she saw an image in her mind of a time long ago, when her husband had videoed her riding a guy's huge dick. She and her husband were swingers before their divorce and her daughter looked exactly like she did when she was that age and getting fucked. That was what really freaked her out, her daughter was turning out to be just like her. Now she was going to have to go home and dig out the videos to see if she really did look exactly like her daughter as she took a big dick.

Without losing a stroke on Tim's beautiful and tasty cock, Sally tried to figure out if there was any way to dig herself out of this hole she had just created. It was so wrong for her to be sucking her daughter's boyfriend's hard cock but she just couldn't take her mouth off of it. The taste of his cum along with her daughter's pussy juice was making it hard to think straight. Plus she could see the cum leaking out of Olivia's pussy and it was all she could do to keep from sucking her teenage pussy clean.

She thought back to the times she would pull some guy's dick out of a wet pussy to drink his load and taste the girl's sweet love juice. Sally thought she had gotten over her love of sucking dick and pussy but as the flavors assaulted her mouth, nose, and brain, it all came back to her in an instant.

Olivia continued to watch her mom suck Tim's cock and decided to see how far she could push her mom. "Mother, why don't you let Tim fuck you so you can see how wonderful his dick is?"

Her mom let his dick slide just far enough out of her mouth to answer, "Baby, I can't be fucking your boyfriend. That is wrong on so many levels. I shouldn't be sucking his dick either but just can't seem to stop, it tastes so good."

"Mom, you know you want to and I can guarantee that Tim is not going to object. This will be our little secret and once that dick is buried in your pussy, all of your objections will fade away. Plus this time I'll let him cum in your mouth instead of mine, just as long as you give me a taste."

"Oh, Olivia you shouldn't talk to me like that. It brings back so many memories and I've tried so hard to be a good mother for you instead of the slut I used to be. If I start doing those things again, I'm not sure I'll have the willpower to stop myself."

"Mom what things are you talking about? You've always been so uptight, prim, and proper. Is there a side to you that I don't know about. Spit it out mom or I swear his dick will never be in your mouth again!"

"Sweetie, this is hard to talk about with your own daughter but yes, your dad and I used to be pretty wild in our day."

"Mom, you fucked other guys besides dad, didn't you?" Olivia demanded.

"Yes I confess. Before you were born we used to party with a bunch of other people and sometimes I would sleep with other guys. I'm really sorry if I've disappointed you."

"Mom, was it just guys or did a girl slip in between your legs every once in a while?"

"I wish you would not push me like this but if you must know the truth, yes I probably slept with more girls than guys."

"And I assume when you say 'slept with' what you really mean is 'FUCKED'!"

"God, baby I confess I was a slut and I didn't care who or what was done to me. Your mother has been fucked in every hole she has and I hate to admit it but I loved every minute of it. That's when I saw the look on your face as Tim drilled your lights out, I realized that the apple did not fall far from the tree. While I don't regret any thing I've done, I don't want you to get a reputation as a slut."

"I loved being a slut and being used by everybody. Your dad used to love to take pictures and movies of me, that's what always turned me on the most, putting on a show and having people watching me. I would hate to think of the number of trains I've pulled."

"But mom, if you were a slut, how can you tell me not to follow in your footsteps?"

"It's hard to understand but we only partied in select groups and never talked about it outside of our circle. But I think you're like me and could be a sex addict and I don't want you to get a reputation."

"Okay mom, let me think about all this for a second. Tim roll her over and shove your cock deep into her slutty cunt then pound the shit out of her."

Sally didn't didn't even put up token resistance and allowed herself to be laid back on the bed. Olivia grabbed her mom's dress and pulled it over her head leaving her only wearing a pair of white silk bikini panties with a big wet spot. Sally reached down to hook her thumbs in the sides of her panties and quickly pulled them off to throw them on the floor.

Olivia touched her mom's leg and Sally automatically spread them for Tim. She even reached down to spread her engorged pussy lips to show him the treasures within. Her inner folds glistened with the moist dew of her love juice. Sally just couldn't help herself and ran her fingers around the hood of her clit as she stared at that monster phallus which was fixing to violate her.

Tim wanted to fuck her more than anything but was afraid that this was all going to backfire on him but then Olivia pushed him and snapped at him, "FUCK MY MOM RIGHT NOW! If you ever want your dick in my mouth or pussy again, you will fuck my mom's brains out. Slack off and don't let the door hit you in the ass!"

Tim's cock had taken over his thinking and nothing he could do would stop his cock from diving into that wet pussy in front of him. As the shiny swollen head of his cock touched the inner lips of Olivia's mom's pussy, he heard her gasp and then let out a deep groan. Her love tunnel was so hot it almost burned his cock as he easily slid in and buried himself to the hilt in one fast motion until his balls slapped her ass. He tried to be gentle with her but it was if her pussy sucked him in and Sally had dug her fingers into his butt cheeks as she pulled him in.

Sally could feel the veins on his hard cock rubbing the inside of her hot tunnel as he slipped inside her juicy pussy. It had been a long time and she was pretty tight. His big cock hurt a little as he buried it against the bottom of her box. But the pain just seemed to make everything more sensitive and it seemed like every nerve ending in her pussy was on fire. She could even feel the ridge around his dick's helmet as it tortured her relentlessly.

Sally was always a comer and the build up of no sex for months felt like a volcano that was starting to blow. The last bit of reluctance quickly died along with her good girl side as her bad girl was yelling, "Fuck Him, Fuck Him, Fuck Him!" directly into her brain. Her last coherent thought was that this is going to be a really hard climax.

The once nice person, now mindless slut was completely in automatic. She banged her heels against his butt as she dug her fingernails into his ass to force him deeper inside her pussy. His dick seemed to have gotten even bigger as it filled her cunt to overflowing. Without caring if her daughter or anyone else heard, she started screaming, "Timmy Fuck Mommy HARD with your BIG COCK. Pleeease split my cunt open. Fuck me good and I'll give you my daughter to fuck as much as you want."

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