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Chaperone Mom Ch. 03

by PantiesLvr 04/24/08

I was in the front passenger seat, angled towards the driver's side where I was stroking Mack's hard, slick cock and my skirt around my waist with my legs parted.

Mom said, "Honey, Mack looks ready to pop. Make mom proud and put that thing in your mouth so you can eat up all of that delicious cum."

"I don't know if I could do that to Jeff, mom."

"Like your father, Jeff won't know this happened. Do you think I'm going to tell him?" Maggie said, still grinding Andrew's big cock between her panty stuffed labia. "Besides, if things go well, I'll soon have my pussy full of cum from someone other than my husband and Sam won't know either unless he tries to get some of this pussy tonight. Even then, he won't know he's dipping his wick where someone else has already been."

I couldn't believe the things my own mother was telling me. "You would still sleep with dad right after you have sex with someone else? Even on the same day?"

"Oh honey. There's nothing I won't do if I'm turned on enough and the right man comes along. Once, I got fucked not five feet away from your sleeping father and he didn't know it was happening." she said with an evil looking grin.

It was then that I noticed I had started jerking off Mack even harder. I was getting turned on from everything. From watching mom slide Andrew's cock over her snatch, all of the dirty talk going on so far, the thought of having another dick after so many years of just my husband's, and having Mack's nice, hard cock in my hand.

Maggie noticed this. "Did you feel her hand tighten on your shaft Mack? I'm sure she's so wet right now that she'll give that meaty thing of yours a good suck job at the very least." She was talking as if I weren't there at all.

"I hope you're right Maggie because I'm as hard as brick right now. If I don't get some relief soon, then I'll be joining you and Andy in the back so you can take care of me."

"That's a deal handsome, but I still want to see my baby girl with that sweet cock in her mouth."

Maggie then said to me, "I told you to be a good date sweetie. And to be a good date you should at least treat that stud to a nice warm hole after how turned on you've gotten him. Your husband won't hear a word about this from me." She got a dirty smile and finished "My lips will be as sealed as yours should be around that monster in your hand."

I couldn't take any more. All of this had been getting to me and at the very least I had to suck on it. I told myself that's as far as I would go.

I lowered my mouth towards Mack's smooth cock that I'd been jerking for what felt like the past half hour. I felt like all eyes were on me as my mouth was about the meet up with Mack's dick.

My hand had stopped jerking and I was just holding that hard cock, watching pre cum ooze out of the tip. When I got really close, I stuck out my tongue and licked around the head. It tasted great and it felt amazing knowing that this is my first new cock in 3 years.

Getting that first taste got me over the fact that I'm married and here I am sucking on someone other than my husband's dick. The fact that it was larger than Jeff's dick just made me want to taste it more. I finally sunk my mouth down his pole as far as I could and started a nice up and down rhythm.

Mack groaned, "That's right Tiffany. Suck it good."

Mom said, "Oh. That's it baby. This is how you should have started this date out all along." Still grinding on Andy.

Saying to Mack she continued, "Is it how you thought it would be Mack? Is having my daughter's lips sliding on your cock as good as you thought it would be?"

"She knows how to work her mouth. By the looks of a while ago, she takes after her mother."

"With a gorgeous cock like that, I'll give you a chance to find out for yourself later." Said Maggie with a wink.

I could see my mother was watching me and although I felt a little awkward, I wanted to impress her at the same time. Since I am so used to my husband's six inches, that's about as far as I could get on Mack's dick. It was enough to turn my mom on because she was grinding on Andrew's dick even harder. Her panties were so far wedged in her pussy, I could clearly see her labia sliding on each side of his dick.

"I can't take any more. I have to get fucked!" Mom said. She lifted her hips, pulled her panties out of her pussy lips and off to the side. She reached down to hold Andrew's slick cock in place and she started to slowly sink onto it. The second it touched her hole she said, "Are you ready Andy? This is the way I thanked most of my dates who took me out."

"I'm ready Maggie. Let me in your husband's pussy." Andrew said, obviously enjoying fucking a married lady.

She slowly slid down his shaft while letting out a loud moan. She got about three quarters of the way down and lifted up again only to sink again and take the rest into her wet pussy.

Settling all the way down on Andy's cock, she said, "Tonight my husband's pussy is welcoming another guest. She's going to make sure her guest feels... right... at... home!" She said the last part of that sentence lifting and dropping to each word.

My mom looked really sexy riding the nice looking meat stick. She had her skirt up to her hips, her sweater lifted up to her neck with her bra still on, nipples peaking out the top and her panties pulled to the side.

I was still working Mack's dick in my mouth, watching my mother. She slowed down, and stopped with Andrew's cock fully buried in her slick cunt and she locked eyes with me but looked like she was looking through me. She had her mouth open, for a few seconds before she began to shudder and let out a constant groan. I was watching my mother come on some near stranger's cock. Some cock other than my father's.

When she recovered, she said, "You're dick is definitely a pussy-pleaser. As a thank you, I just got it really wet."

This entire time, I was sucking Mack's cock like there was no tomorrow. Watching my mom have an orgasm turned me on more than I could have imagined. When she started moving again, I could see some white pussy cream around Andy's dick.

Looking at me now, mom said, "You're taking good care of that sweet looking cock, honey. Take good care of your date and he'll take care of your pussy just like my date did."

Taking Mack's big stick out of my mouth, I told my mom, "I'm not sure about taking him in my pussy, mom. This dick is quite a bit bigger than Jeff's and the last time I had a dick this big was in college."

Mack said, "Don't worry about a thing Tiffany. I'll make sure and go in slow to give your pussy a chance to get use to it."

Then Maggie said, "See that honey? He'll take it easy on you and if Jeff is that much smaller he couldn't have been keeping you satisfied. It's about time you let a stud get in between those legs again."

I was thinking about cheating on my husband for the first time. I glanced down and the big, saliva covered rod in my hand and saw some pre-cum coming out the top. I had to take more in my mouth, so I went back to sucking while I thought about having Mack fuck me.

At this point, Andrew had successfully pulled my mom's tits out of her bra and was fondling them while she was bouncing on his cock, constantly changing rhythm. In between moans, mom said, "A good reason to go out on dates like this is because while you're being a good date, your date is going to treat you right. If he really is a stud, and I only date studs, he'll know how to make you cum in buckets, like I'm going to cum again."

Mom increased her hip movements and again, slammed down hard and stayed there for a couple of minutes while she shuddered through a good cum.

After a while of deep breathing, she met my eyes again and said, "Now when I go home to your father, I'll be relaxed. I'll also feel really good knowing I got fucked really good behind his back. You can't tell me you aren't getting a charge out of knowing your husband is sitting home right now, watching TV, while you've got your head bobbing on your co-workers knob without him knowing."

She was right on the spot with that. I lifted my head with a string of saliva vibrating between my lips and that tasty, large cock saying, "You're right mom. I feel naughty, yet really excited."

Mack said, "I don't care if he knows. I want you to tell him thank your for getting you such sexy panties. I want to keep them as a souvenir." He had reached over my back and lifted my skirt so he could feel my ass and panties at the same time.

I couldn't help but giggle. I slapped his thigh and gave his gorgeous cock a long lick along the length. "You're such a cocky jerk. I've gotten to enjoy the cock part, but I don't like..."

I was interrupted with my mother's cell phone ringing in her purse, which was on the ground in back seat with her.

To my surprise, mom stopped her humping and, with Andy's dick still buried in her, she leaned over and pulled her phone out of her purse.

"What a coincidence. It's your father." She said excitedly, showing me the phone.

"You're not going to answer that, are you mom?" I gasped, popping Mack's cock out of my mouth.

Andrew groaned, "Yes. Pick it up. I want your husband to know I'm dicking his wife." While pumping her hard.

"Stop." Mom yelled, and Andrew listened. "If you promise to keep your mouth shut, I'll let you keep your fuck stick in me while I chat with hubby. If you don't listen, your time in his pussy is over."

He grumbled a "Fine" and to my shock, Maggie flipped open her phone and said, "Hi, hon" at the same time, sliding up and down Andrew's pole at a really slow pace.

Everything in the car got quiet because no one wanted my father to hear what was going on. Mack had my head in his hands, not letting me up so I kept my lips sealed around Mack's cock. The subtle slurping I was doing could be heard along with the faint wet sounds coming from mom's pussy occasionally.

Mom continued speaking with dad, "I'm doing great. How are you?"

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