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Chaperone Mom

by PantiesLvr 01/05/08

After only a few hours, we all decided to leave the club.

"Let's take these ladies out to the lookout spot. It's always a nice view out there." said Andrew. I wasn't sure, but everyone seemed to like the idea of a lookout, including mom, so I said okay.

When we got in the car, Mack put his hand on my knee again while we drove. I let him do this since he had done it on the ride up. After a bit I felt his hand casually slide up my soft thigh.

"You can stop your hand right there Mack." I said out loud to sway him. I had a smile so he knew I wasn't mad, but wanted him to know his limits.

"Where can he stop his hand, honey? Is he being inappropriate with you Tiffany?" mom asked.

"He's moving his hand up my thigh mother. He shouldn't do things like that with a lady, especially with her mother nearby." I said still smiling.

Mack was glancing through the rearview mirror when he said, "You're not going to get mad at me, are you Maggie? Can you blame me sitting in a car with a babe like this?"

Mom said, "Every guy has to try and get some pussy on a date, honey. I thought you would know that by now." Followed by a giggle.

I was surprised she was talking like this. I glanced back and saw her cuddled up next to Andrew and he had his hand in her half under her sweatshirt where I could see he was fondling my mom's boob while she had her hand in his lap. I couldn't see what she was doing because it was dark, but Andrew was smirking at me in a way I didn't like.

"Listen to Maggie" Mack said. "I think she knows more about dating than you would. Besides, she is your mom."

I turned my attention back to Mack and said, "She said you could try. That didn't mean I had to let you." But he knew I was already turned on at this point.

My panties were definitely wet by this point. They were wet since we were in the club when I saw Andrew and my mom making out while he was openly feeling her up in a crowded club.

"You don't have to let them, but at least show him a little panty. Maybe a peek, couldn't hurt. There's no better way to keep a stud interested than a panty-flash." Said Maggie from the back.

I could definitely hear rustling in the back, but I didn't want to turn around so I could keep attention on Mack and what he was doing with his hand. I wondered if mom was giving Andrew a good panty show at that time though.

"I told you. Mother knows best. What do you say Andy?" Mack said with a smile into the rearview mirror.

"Mmmhh! Uuuhhh!" was Andrew's only reply from the back.

I thought I would play along at this point. Besides I was having a lot of fun teasing so I said "Fine. I'll show you, but your hand still stays where it is. Look, but don't touch!" I warned.

I lifted my skirt slowly showing him my bikini panties hoping he couldn't see the wetness that seeped into them.

"Black panties. And they're so small. I could rip through those with the hard-on you just gave me." He said in a deep voice. "Ooohhhh!" Andy moaned from the back. He must be able to see my bikini panties as well I thought even though I wasn't going to turn around now.

I had noticed Mack's erection before. It was difficult to miss and he was showing it off anyway, but to draw attention to it myself would show how hot I was.

Since he had pointed it out, there was no point in not looking now.

"You probably could. These are thin panties and your dick looks really hard, but that won't happen. That's one reason why mom is here. To make sure that will never happen" I said with my skirt still hiked up to my hips.

"I think I should get a little feel at least. Besides, I don't think Maggie would really mind anyway, would you Maggie?"

"Mmmmmmm." I heard some strange sound. "You could loosen up a little honey. Besides, look at the hard-on you gave him. The least you can do is help him out with that monster. A little feel wouldn't be too bad."

"You can't be serious mother!" I said while turning back just in time to see her sink her mouth down Andrew's very large cock.

"MOM! What the hell are you doing?"

With that, she gave one hard suck coming off, making that popping sound again. She glanced over and we locked eyes. She gave a naughty 'just got caught' smirk and said, "What's wrong honey? Are you surprised your mother knows how to suck cock?" while keeping a constant stroking with one hand on the shiny, wet cock.

To be continued...

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