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Chris's Panty Fashion Show

by Trialbasis 08/12/04

I was relaxing in the summer sun reading a book while sitting on my deck. It was early evening and the sun was still well above the horizon. It was so relaxing that I almost drifted off to sleep just sitting there. Suddenly I was jerked awake by the shrill ring of my phone.

"Chris, its Emily. I can see that you need some coffee before you fall out of that chair."

"Where are you," I asked looking around quickly.

"I'm in my kitchen watching you through the window. I've just put on a fresh pot of coffee and a couple of girls from work are coming over. Why don't you join us in about 20 minutes?"

We said our good byes and I went into the house to do a quick refresh. Emily and I had shared more than just coffee and conversation. Both of us were unattached. Of course we had our separate lives but one particular evening a few months back we were both in a bar and ended up splitting off from the people we were with to spend time with each other. We drank and talked all night and before we could blink it was closing time. Where had the evening gone? Neither of us was able to drive so we hailed a cab and headed for home. Emily seemed a little anxious and couldn't sit still.

"What's wrong?" I asked. She leaned over and whispered in my ear 'I have to pee'. I held her hand and told that we would be home in a few minutes. She pressed her thighs together and was biting her lower lip in agony. Her skirt had ridden up and the muscles of her white creamy legs stood out as she focused on suppressing her urge to pee. We rounded the corner and pulled up outside her house. Before the cab came to a complete stop, Emily was out the door and running up her driveway. I paid the cabbie and went to make sure she was ok. When I reached the front door I noticed that it was still locked and then I heard a noise from the side of the yard. I walked over and there was Emily with her panties around her ankles, her skirt pulled up around her waist, squatting and peeing by the bushes. She was facing me and I could clearly see the stream of piss jetting from between her open thighs. Although it was late, in the glow of the street lights there was no hiding the fact that she was also shaved. The stream of piss slowed to a trickle and Emily looked up to see me standing in front of her.

"I couldn't unlock the door and I had to pee so badly." She made no attempt to hide her nakedness and extended her hand for me to help her stand up. She dropped her skirt and stepped out of the panties. Picking them up she smiled and held them up for me to see the wet spot where some pee had soaked the crotch. "Not too bad," she said. "I almost lost it when I tried to put the key in the door. I couldn't wait any longer and so voila I did the nature thing."

As we stood close together in the shadows of the yard I reached out and took the panties from her hand. Placing them close to my nose I inhaled the aroma of her hot cunt mixed with fresh piss. Emily didn't seem the least bit annoyed and she pressed her body against mine. The panties were still against my face as she took my hand and guided it between her legs. What she didn't know at the time was that I have a passion for woman's panties. I slipped the panties into my pocket; they would be put to good use later.

"Come inside," she whispered.

As we entered the house I headed straight for the bathroom but before I could do anything Emily told me not to go just yet, fair was fair, I had watched her pee so she wanted to watch me. Her bedroom had a large king size bed and a full ensuite. Emily grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed. She stood and slowly took off her blouse and skirt. She was not wearing a bra and as I had her panties in my pocket she was deliciously naked. Her breasts were full and wonderfully round with firm pointed nipples. I now had a clear view of her smooth pussy and couldn't take my eyes away from the puffy lips of her cunt. Emily stepped back and walked to the bathroom. I quickly followed shedding my clothes along the way. By the time I caught up all I had left on were my plain old boxers. Emily looked at them and told me to get rid of the boxers and put on her piss wet panties instead. When Emily told me to put on her wet soiled panties I was in heaven. Emily stepped into the tub and sat against the back wall. I couldn't help myself and started to stroke my dick which was sticking out the side of the tiny bikini panties. I was too hard to piss and needed to cum first. Emily spread her legs and started fingering her wet slit. She used her middle finger to probe the inner folds and rub her swollen clit. Changing hands she sucked the juices off her fingers before reaching for her breasts and playing with her nipples.

Emily watched me as I jacked myself in front of her. "Oh baby play with your cock. I love to watch you touch yourself. Play with your balls. I want you to roll them around in your hand. That's right now cum for me, shoot your cum over my tits."

I knelt on the edge of the tub and continued to furiously pound my meat just inches from her face and luscious breasts. Emily had two fingers stuffed in her cunt and was biting her lip in ecstasy. I let out a small groan and shot my hot sticky load all over her chest. The cum splashed on both breasts and some ended up on her chin as I rocked forward to squeeze out the last drops of sperm. Emily locked her thighs together as her orgasm consumed her tiny frame. I let go of my cock but remained kneeling against the tub. As my dick started to soften, my urge to pee returned and I looked at Emily who sensed what I was thinking.

"I want you to pee on me. I want you to piss all over my tits."

I took hold of my cock and started to pee. Quickly I directed the stream if piss so that it was cascading over Emily's tits. She reached up to cup her breasts and run her hands over them as I continued to empty my bladder. When I finished Emily reached over and grabbed by cock pulling me forward so she could kiss the tip of my dick. Then she lay back and let her body relax against the coolness of the tub. I knelt down on the floor and leaned forward to kiss her lips as she lay there in the after glow of what had to be one of the hottest sex experiences of my life.

I finished getting cleaned up and headed over to Emily's. Her girl friends had not yet arrived so the two of us discussed each other's day and our plans for the weekend. My mind drifted back to the last time we had gotten together and I smiled to myself.

"What are you grinning at?" demanded Emily.

"Nothing. I was just thinking about last week when we fucked our brains out at my place. I still have your panties but I'm not ready to give them back just yet."

"Have you soiled my panties you naughty boy."

"Yes I soiled your panties. I came all over them and more than once I might add. I love your panties and when I slip them on all I can think about is you."

Emily told me to follow her and we went into the bedroom. "Take off your pants and boxers" she said. Emily then went to her dresser and selected a very sexy thong and told me to put it on. I was rock hard and Emily adjusted my cock so that it was covered by the soft sensual fabric of her panty.

"You owe me for messing in my panties so when my friends get here you're going to do exactly what I tell you."

I wasn't concerned by the controlling tone that she used. We had done a little role playing in the past and each took turns being dominate and submissive. We weren't into heavy bondage or whips but a bit of ass spanking was known to occur.

"What do you have in mind?"

"I want you put on a bit of a show for us. If I know Alice and Carol they'll cream themselves to watch you play with your cock. If you're good I'll bet they'll give you their panties too."

It took me about two seconds to agree. I put my pants back on and we went back to the kitchen to wait for Carol and Alice. I had softened a bit but the feel of Emily's panties around my smooth shaved cock was exquisite. Alice was the first to arrive and we were introduced. A few minutes later Carol showed up and we all went into the kitchen for coffee and small talk. I wondered how Emily was going to get things going and how receptive the girls would be to a cock show. I didn't have to wait long.

"Who wants some liqueur in their coffee? Everyone said yes and Emily brought back some Bailey's and a type of chocolate liqueur. "I love chocolate and this one is especially good on hard cock." said Emily.

Alice nearly spit her coffee across the room and Carol went wide eyed. I laughed and added that chocolate was one of my favorite as well. Emily didn't react at all.

"I love to pour a little around the head and lick it off like I was licking an ice cream cone."

Alice had regained her composure but she was slightly flushed. In a whisper she said 'me too'.

Carol, however, was game and she wanted to know what my personal preferences were when a woman wanted to lick something off my cock. "If a woman wants to add some spice to sex I'm all for it. I have a few things that I particularly like but I would need to know if you were receptive before I could get too descriptive."

Emily said, "I know some of the things you like, how about I tell them?"

Carol and Alice were both keen to hear Emily tell them all about my little sex quirks and to tell the truth so was I.

"Well don't keep us waiting," said Carol.

"Yes but we also want to know how you know," added Alice.

"First I want you to know that Chris has a great cock and if you're interested he's agreed to show it to you. But you've got to make worth his while." Both girls began to squirm a little and Alice, who had on a little summer dress, had parted her legs slightly giving me a clear view of her yellow panties. My cock had started to stiffen and the bulge in my slacks was very noticeable.

"Here's a little treat to see how far you want this to go." Emily then unzipped my fly and opened my pants so that the girls could see the panties I was wearing. "These are mine and I dressed him in the just before you arrived."

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