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Cindy & I Ch. 02

by Fredthecanuck 12/28/09

That afternoon when I saw Fred outside I told Cindy, "I'm going make some drinks then sit out with our neighbor. Why don't you bring out the tray when you're ready?"

Cindy came out carrying the drink tray and bent low to place it on a small patio table in front of us. Maintaining that position, she poured three glasses and handed one to Fred. "For you Mr. Wilkins," then handing one to me she took her own and found a seat opposite. The whole while she remained very red faced.

Fred downed half his glass then stood and walked to her. "George, I am about to kiss your wife," and he did, firmly on the lips. "Thank you," he softly said to her, then returned to his chair.

Cindy was wearing a quite short, pleated, school girl type, mauve and white skirt. On top was a small, sleeveless mauve vest. It was of some flimsy material that was partially see through and there was a fair gap in the front. Clearly there was nothing under it. It was held together by tiny alligator clips attached to a rather loose chain of small gold links. My wife had just intentionally shown another man her bare breasts. I was rock hard, though torn as to why.

Fred declared, "Cindy, you are a beautiful woman. In many ways."

My wife looked at me and asked, "Do you want to explain or shall I?" Unable to speak I nodded, indicating her. "George and I discussed the other day, about how I ended up, well, shall we say, showing. Then there's what you said after. We decided what was done was done and maybe wasn't so bad in the end. He's always after me to relax and not be so uptight, as he puts it. You left us with the naughty idea of doing it some more, but we couldn't decide.

"Today while we were at the mall we got to talking again, about before. And then George went into this boutique without me. When he came back out he told me to go in. The clerk there said my husband had left instructions for her to help me in selecting a special outfit to 'Wow' him with, as she put it. I pretty much knew he had meant that it would be for you to see too. I was really nervous about the whole idea, but as I was shown different things, it got kinda naughty, neat to imagine.

"Apparently I wasn't to say what I got, only to wear it, if I dared. Hearing that, I wondered if she had guessed it wasn't just for my husband. I don't know, it seemed so wicked, but thrilling at the same time. Anyway, he had left his credit card, so I bought it, and this is the outfit. You and he are seeing it now, together."

"Wow!" Fred exclaimed.

"Yeah, wow," Cindy concurred, finally giving in to another full blush and taking a big drink.

There was a rather awkward silence, then Fred asked, "And how do you feel now Cindy?"

"Strange," was the reply. "I was so nervous to come out... But I was tingling at the same time. I felt that way in the store too, butterflies big time. Now, I think I'm still kinda shaky, but somehow strangely calm, all at the same time."

"At peace," Fred remarked and finished his drink. Looking at me then Cindy, he asked her, "Would you be generous enough to refill my glass?"

Cindy looked at me for a reaction. I think I was stone faced. Likely it was mild shock. She blushed but then smirked. Standing, she walked the short paces to the table. Bending, she looked up into Fred's eyes and smiled with her trademark sparkle in her gray-blue eyes. Slowly, she refilled his glass and extended it in offering. I was totally absorbed by the sight of her tantalizing, hard nipple breasts, offered for our neighbor's viewing enjoyment.

Fred's voice startled me. "Lovely tits dear, lovely." We were frozen in that moment. He leaned in and kissed her cheek, then sat back. He took the glass and declared, "Fuck I'm hard!"

How does one respond to that? Cindy moved about, drinking, then refilling her glass. I did the same. We just sat for a long while. Finally, Fred asked, "George, are you upset with your wife?"

I paused then answered, "No."

"Me?" he ventured further.

I hesitated but responded, "Strangely no."


"No, I suppose I'm not," she replied demurely.

We were quiet again until Fred inquired, "You going to get a picture of your wife in that lovely garb George?"

"Golly, I guess I should huh."

"Damn right, and I want to watch you take it."

Shrugging, I looked at Cindy and she nodded. "I'll get the camera and we can take it now."

Cindy interjected, "Let's go in to take the picture."

Once inside, I got the camera set and snapped a few, some with Cindy bending like before. She seemed more at ease now, readily accepting poses I suggested. Then on her own she turned, flipped her skirt up saucily and held it there, saying with a grin, "This is why I thought we should be inside." She was in a thong.

"Man what an ass," Fred declared.

Cindy blushed prettily as I snapped away. It seemed she was enjoying the camera more.

Fred asked to take a couple and I showed him the zoom and button to push. He had Cindy turn this way and that. Snap snap. "Stand with her George." He snapped away then prompted, "Undo her vest." I paused, saw no reaction from my wife and I did it. Snap. "Stand slightly behind her and hold it open." I did and he took the picture. "Mighty fine."

He moved closer and snapped again. "Remove Cindy's top George." Snap snap. "Your wife has excellent tits George, hold them." My legs trembled slightly as, in front of our neighbor, I moved my hands to cup Cindy's breasts. Snap snap. "How about you take some again George?"

Anticipating what I thought he had in mind, I whispered in her ear, "Is it okay?"

"Hell, I guess," she replied, not sounding sure.

Fred stood in the spot I was before. Their difference in height really stood out. Snap. Putting arms around Cindy, he placed his large hands just below both her breasts and looked down over her shoulder. Snap. Kissing her neck, his hands disappeared and suddenly her skirt fell. She looked down and surprisingly giggled, then kicked it aside. Snap.

The thong didn't cover much but there was no hair. She must have shaved more. I moved closer and knelt. Snap. Fred slid his hands down to her hips. Snap. Turning her around, he knelt and spread a hand at the top of each thigh, just framing the underside cheeks of her sweet butt. Snap.

I trembled and fell back into a chair. Turning my wife back around, he embraced her full body and kissed her thoroughly. How I managed to keep taking pictures I don't know, but I did while sitting.

Oddly to me, it was Fred who brought an end to this boldness with my wife. Declaring, "I gotta stop," he walked back outside.

Cindy and I were silent. As she dressed again, I rose and went to her. I held and kissed my wife tenderly. We went outside to rejoin Fred, and I think we all tried to be comfortable but it didn't happen. Finally, Fred commented, "Cindy you are an incredible and sexy woman." He left and went home.

Cindy said she needed to go lay down for a while and went inside to bed. I sat out there for the longest time. About an hour later she reappeared looking groggy. She had changed into the white halter and a pair of white shorts.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Not sure," she quietly replied. "You?" she added.


"George, I feel weird. That was against everything I believe, and yet, yet I liked it. Even the anticipation of doing it had me feeling strangely excited."

"Yeah, it was weird for me too. I didn't know whether to stop it or cheer it on. I guess a third person makes things so unpredictable."

"What did you expect to happen?"

"Other than having you feel good about yourself, your body, I don't know."

"Do you regret it?"

"I don't think so. Shit, I was shaky nervous but throbbing hard the whole time."

"Mr. Wilkins was really big and hard too when he hugged me."

"No doubt. I wonder how he managed not to touch you like he had me do?"

"I don't know. It seemed like that's the way it was headed."

"Would you have been upset?"

"I don't know. Not then, I don't think so, not at that point. Now, I'm not so sure."

"We need time to digest this."

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