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Cody. Ryan. Leo

by JohanJohnson 10/17/12

"They're finally ready... Cody, Ryan and Leo," the Scientist announced, making some notes briefly on his clipboard, and then asked, "But where will you keep all three clones, Sir?"

"An Island," I answered, "A little one just off Maldives... Tell me, Doctor, why did you need so many of my pictures, a video of me, and even a sample of my DNA? How am I a part of their creation?"

"We factored it all in. The technical details are rather tedious to outline. But in the process of manufacturing these boys for you, we had to give them each a personality. Since they were made to be already 18 years of age, they also needed predefined preferences. We've done many things. As you requested, we increased their sexual receptiveness. In addition, we genetically engineered them to be absolutely sexually attracted to you," he replied.

"Made it their official job to love me," I said softly to myself as we walked into the room in which the boys were about to wake for the first time.

It was less a ward, more a bedroom. It was actually a pick-up room. I felt as if I'm going to buy a brand new car straight off the showroom. Three in fact. The room smelled sweet. Thin rays of sunlight were everywhere. It was probably the closest I'd ever get to the feeling of entering a heaven for the first time. And there they were. My three wishes... Asleep. Cuddled up together on the bed in white oversized t-shirts and shorts. Their legs, arms and slender bodies curled in and out, delicately wrapping around each other. They looked so perfect, comfortable and complete. The sight of the boys together felt like a never-ending foundation of layers and layers of boys, like decadent layers of moist sponge cake and double-thick cream blending carefully together.

"When will they wake-up?" I asked impatiently with my heart doing a break-dance in my chest.

"I thought I'd give you the pleasure... They are your property after all," smirked the Scientist as he left, leaving the door to swing slowly shut behind him...

The Island -- Day1

Dinner time and our table was in the ankle-shallow stretches of water just off the shore. The waves came in trickles but I could still hear them breathing. I felt as if the night had blue hues in its colour-palette tonight. Bright blues stars. Dark blue water. Candlelight. Blue flames. Navy blue sea-roses in full bloom on the sand. And Ryan... in deep blue swim-briefs.

"Did you know the stars are actually holes, punched thru by old trapped birds in the black blanket of the night sky?" I asked.

"I thought they were giant balls of flaming gases in space," Leo said proudly, "And the ones that burn twice as bright, burn half as long."

How did they know so much? For clones, they seemed perfectly natural. And naturally perfect. The four of us spoke and laughed the night away. But there was always something dark, mysterious and naughty pulling just beneath the surface of our night. Blue is the colour of lust and obsession after all.

(Genetically Engineered Trait #1: All the boys have heightened sexual receptiveness. They're always horny. I could sense this in the little things they said and did.)

"True. You're good," I told Leo and giggled as I ruffled his hair with my fingers.

"When I'm good, I'm very very good. When I'm bad, I'm better," he replied with a naughty half-smile.

Cody chased some little blue moon-fish with his feet in the water under his seat. It was as if he was deliberately trying to boast his beautifully free-flowing legs. What he was doing left him in a rather provocative position with his legs spread widely on his chair. He smiled cutely at me and then said quietly, in that smooth-soft voice of his, "Spread me open slowly. Lick me with your tongue. Dip me in your milk... Damn, Oreos are soooo good!" He grabbed the Oreo jar excitedly.

It's so easy to lose yourself in another world. So easy to lose control. Like you're watching yourself from the outside. A story that writes itself. You forget to track the path of things. They just happen. And you let them.

Back inside the house and it was far passed any normal bedtime. Cody was tugging at Ryan's briefs which started a wrestling match between the two of them on the bed. Leo was sitting on my lap facing me. Like a little brother. But we both knew he wasn't.

Amidst all the noise, screaming and laughing, Leo's smile suddenly faded to seriousness, and he whispered in my ear, "I want you to fuck me so hard"

There was a tingle on my ear where Leo's lips gently brushed me as he said it. I almost didn't notice that Cody and Ryan weren't wrestling anymore. They suddenly grow quiet too. Were they kissing? When I finally looked directly at them, they appeared to be biting each other's lips out. It looked cruel. It looked passionate. And I could tell they were having a wickedly fun time.

"Sorry I left a bite mark... I tried not to bite that hard," said Ryan to Cody looking completely guilty and super-cute.


A huge cumulative energy just burst forth. I didn't even get time to think about it. There was just too much happening. I was hypnotised by Leo's blue eyes, distracted by Ryan's green ones but in love with the sheer purity of Cody's hazel ones. There seemed to be eyes like laser-beams all over the place. And so were there ripped clothes and pillows littered like snow and ice.

Everything had been cloaked in sensuousness to the point where details seemed fuzzy and languid. We were pressed up against each other. Naked skin on skin. It felt so refreshing. All at once I felt them around me. Cool parts then warm. All that silky flesh. Moving and exploring. Kissing and biting. Inside me, outside me and all over. Unable to distinguish one boy from the other in the ecstasy of just being swallowed in a soft cocoon of all three of them. They felt firm and defined as if they had been regular athletes all their lives. At the same time they had skin as soft as babies'. Their bodies felt so new. Skin tone in complete balance. Not a mark, not a crease. Entirely and absolutely perfect. We're sensual beings. We love that.

Then there was this moment in which I was lying on my back and all of their hands were exploring my raging hard-on. My cock was lost in this consuming mound of six of the prettiest hands ever. They acted like the animal selves they might have tried to hide. Then their warm and wet mouths were suctioned on my cock, lips and tongues in a thousand overlapping paths about it. But the sexiest feeling was my cock being rubbed by all six of their gorgeous young feet at once. Their feet had stunning natural sensuality. My cock was sliding between smooth ankles and high arches. Their feet were so perfectly boyish but also so soft and silky - they were literally new, barely used.

There were bright capsules of light burning in Cody's eyes. He looked so cute when he was horny that I just couldn't ignore him -- My dream wrapped in a wish. I wanted him so bad. And to keep him. He was so slim and exquisite. His gorgeousness was indescribable. Deliciously-looking pink nipples. Sun-kissed curvatures and crevices. He was just covered in hotspots of fuckability. The greatest shocker was Cody's cock.

(Genetically Engineered Trait #2: Cody has a monster cock. It's the longest cock I've ever seen! Especially for an 18-year-old.

Many large cocks come at a price of obscurity, but not Cody's. His cock was of amazingly balanced shape. It didn't look clumsily big. It looked agile and athletically big. Like something only fault-free robots in a production-line could construct.

"Touch me there," Cody whispered. His voice made me shiver. Those words sent a strong answering pulse through my body. His tongue curled around syllables that weren't there, like a promise.

I felt his cock with my fingers. His whole body jerked at my first touch, and he closed his eyes. Its smoothness. Its power... He was moaning slightly in my ears. I pressed it, poked it and wanked it until it leaked. It was so hot and slippery. He was biting his bottom lip the entire time. Just looking at those angelically-crafted lips made me just want shove my cock down his throat. I continued to rub its pre-cum over his cock-head and then sucked it dry. He was trembling all over. I never expected to want to suck him more and more.

"You're delicious! I can't resist," I moaned out before I rubbed his cock-tip into every corner of my mouth and throat. That skin was electric to the inside of my mouth. I licked him like a cherry lollipop. It needed so little force to just slide through. To just glide into.

(Genetically Engineered Trait #3: All the boys leak sweet pre-cum. The taste is addictive. It reminds me of exotic litchis with a subtle hint of lime.)

"Mmmmmmmmmm.... yeaaaaaaahhhhhh.... suck that up," he hummed out.

And then his cock grew longer in my mouth!

(Genetically Engineered trait #4: Cody can voluntarily change the length of his dick at will. He can grow it longer and thicker within a second or two. It's a priceless sight to watch it grow and adjust -- it looks fucking sexy! Like a superpower. It's a wonder how it works. What a system this boy is.)

I found his mouth with mine and kissed him. He pulled away and smiled victoriously. There was something both frustrating and madly arousing about that. His restraint made something burn low and deep in my belly. And then his mouth, Oh God his sexy mouth. We kissed again and every now and then he'd pull away just a little, just enough to make me want to drag him back, before getting a teasing lick with that perfect curling tongue of his. It set all the nerve endings in my upper lip on fire. And then our mouths truly locked.

(Genetically Engineered trait #5: Cody's tongue is like a fucking anaconda! I loved the feeling of it invading my mouth. I broke the kiss and bit his juicy pink boy-lips while I pulled out his tongue with my fingers. I loved the way it slithered and tickled me.)

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