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Confessions Of A Facilitator Ch. 01

by tinman69s 08/08/04

A Work of Fiction

I am 26 years old and have graduated from a distinguished university with honors before joining this major corporation in the Northeast.

In just over two years, I have been able to move up into the upper ranks of this corporation. I have also gained a lot of respect from some of the higher management here, as I am a pretty good go-getter. I work very hard and put in a lot of hours, doing the very best job I know how to do. I am single and therefore I can concentrate on my work without having to worry about getting home on time or such as that. I live in a high-rise apartment, so no outside chores to take care of. I do have a “steady” girlfriend, if you want to call her that. We are very close and pretty much exclusive, as far as I know. But it is not unusual for me not to call her two or three days each week. She knows I am at work and will call when I can. She’s a very unusual girl, to say the least. But she is very beautiful with a great figure and is alright in bed.

A few months ago, a senior Vice President came down and talked with me for a while in my office and then invited me to dinner with him. A “working dinner” he called it. Of course I could not refuse. We went to a very nice, expensive restaurant and had a very expensive meal (on the company, of course). During the dinner, he was full of questions about my personal life and history. He told me he had to do this for a new position I was being considered for. Well, that made it a lot easier for me to answer his questions.

Then the subject turned to my sex life. I understand that a lot of your personal life, and especially your sex life, is subject to blackmail, if someone wants something from you bad enough. So I freely answered his question. Questions about incest, BDSM, swapping, and you name it. I told him the worse thing that ever happened to me, (well, maybe it was a good thing too), was when I was about 14 years old and had a paper route. One of my customers had lured me into the house, and then backed me against a wall and took my pants down. At first she sucked my dick hard (which didn’t take long back then), then she had me fucking her when her husband walked in and caught us and slapped the hell out of me then made me lick her pussy clean. While I was licking her pussy, he took my dick and finished sucking me off! I also admitted going back numerous times for different experiences with that couple. He even asked about any sexual fantasies I harbored. I told him a couple of the better ones.

When we got ready to leave, he made a quick cell phone call as we finished our drinks. When we got outside, there was a very long limousine waiting at the curb with the uniformed driver standing by the door.

I looked at the VP, and he said “I apologize for not mentioning this earlier, but do you mind if we go to a party before we finish for tonight? There are some other people you need to meet.”

“No, not at all Sir, I need to have a little bit of fun anyway. I haven’t been to a party in a long time either!”

After we were in the car and moving, I realized that we could not see out the windows. I mentioned this to the VP and he said not to worry, because no one is supposed to know where this club is, except selected drivers who are paid very well to keep their mouths shut. That was fine by me. A little intriguing, but fine. I was looking forward to it.

Then a thought hit me, and I said to him “If no one knows where this place is, where do the customers come from?” He said simply, “The drivers pick them up off the street and take them there. Once the night is over, you will understand why all the secrecy is needed!”

As we were riding, the driver lowered the privacy window and said “How about the one on the corner there boss?” He lowered the window low enough for us to see the beauty that was standing on the corner. Of course he invited her to the party with us and she readily accepted!

She climbed in and the driver closed the window and we moved on. The girl said her name was Carmen and we introduced ourselves. She was sitting on the seat opposite me and had on a mini-skirt with stockings and garter. Damn she had a fine body! She asked for an assurance that this party was safe and she was not in a life-threatening situation here. We assured her that this was safe and she was going to really enjoy herself tonight.

We rode for a while making a lot of turns and then when we stopped, the privacy window came down and three black hoods were tossed into the back and the driver said “Put these on Lady and gentlemen and I’ll be right there.”

The VP pulled his hood over his head, so I and Carmen did too. Then the driver opened the door and led us out and to the club. Once inside the door, our hoods were taken away and the driver departed. We stepped inside and the club was huge and very nice inside. Nice carpet, nice tables and soft chairs and everything an expensive lounge should have.

As we walked around, the VP told me that some of those present, both men and women, were the top brass in some of the largest corporations in the country. But they were not to be acknowledged as such in here. We continued to stroll around the lounge and a very beautiful “Staffer”, as they preferred to be called, came and got our drink orders and then we found a place to sit down and soon she brought the drinks and asked if there was anything else she could get for us.

I thought “Hell yea baby, you!” But I kept my mouth shut. Carmen was being very polite and not saying anything since it was quite obvious that he was my boss. After just a couple of minutes, the VP told Carmen that she could feel free to move around the club and dance or whatever she wanted to do. Just remember that her Limo number was 18. She thanked him and left.

As we drank, I looked around and there were a lot of people there, probably close to 150, mostly young and most all good- looking. Men and women, all dressed nicely. This was a really fine place to be for a single man. And I am single!!!

At 10 PM sharp, the DJ stopped the music, and welcomed everyone to the club. Then he said he was going to break us up for a while. “All the women on one side of the room and all the men on the other,” was the order. Very strange to me but we got up and moved to the side with the men.

Then it got really interesting—everyone must take all your clothes off for the next game.

GAME? I thought?

I looked at the VP and he said “Go ahead, you’re going to like this, I think.”

So I stripped. As I did, I noticed a number of people headed for the door. But the staffers, “BIG suckers” were blocking the door, and had a chat with each one that was trying to leave. Soon they were all back along the walls and stripped naked.

The staffers then came out with carts loaded with pads, like mattresses, and started tossing them on the floor in front of everyone. Along with each pad were a handful of condoms. Oh boy, I thought, This is going to get really interesting!

The DJ then announced that a certain group of people would be coming around and selecting a partner for our first game for the night. I noticed that there were some very distinguished looking men and a couple of women were walking around and checking out the “customers”. I had already picked out a lady from across the room that I thought was just super Hot! And as soon as the rest of us were released to “shop”, I was going after her.

“Damn it!” I thought, as one of the execs chose her. But I watched where they went. I wanted to talk to her later.

The DJ announced “OK folks, start mingling around and find you a partner, and not the one you came with, and take them by the hand. NO one will refuse to be partners with anyone else.” So off I went in search of the finest body I could find.

I looked for Carmen, but when I finally found her, she was taken by one of the Execs. She didn’t look happy at all, but she sure was gorgeous standing there naked. When she saw me, she gave me one of those “I hate you” looks that had daggers in it! I could only shrug my shoulders.

Some of the women were still resisting getting naked, but were being “assisted” by the staffers. Some were crying, but in just a few minutes, everyone in the place was naked.

As I was looking around, I came across a young black girl that looked like she was maybe 20-23 years old. She was an absolute knockout, and even had a shaved pussy. She was crying too. I walked over to her and told her that I was selecting her. She cried a little louder, and then said “Please, You will hurt me with your size!”

Now I am quite proud of my tool. It is a full eight inches long and about 2 ½ inches thick. So I could almost understand her reluctance.

I said “No baby, you are mine for right now! You are so very beautiful and sexy, and I just have to have you!”

“Please” she said again, “You’ll tear me up with that thing, it is too big for me!” And she continued to cry. “Please select someone else.”

I said “No baby, I want you!”

She got a kind of “I give up” look on her face and I sort of felt sorry for her. But I was going to enjoy this pussy! That was for sure! Plus, she was going to be my first black experience. So this was really going to be good.

The DJ announced that the first game for tonight was gong to be oral sex. First the women doing the men and then the men doing the women.

OH YEAH, I thought! As I moved over to her and started to get into position for a good sucking, she started shaking her head. I took her in my arms and whispered to her “Honey, I promise I am not going to hurt you. I will be as gentle as I can be with you. But we have to cooperate, OK?”

She got down on her knees and took my dick in her hand and starting jerking me off. A big burly staffer came by and told her to suck it. She looked at me and slowly eased her mouth down on it. Very soon, she was sucking like a pro and jerking it hard too. She was good!! I finally told her that I was getting close to cumming, and she just nodded her head and kept sucking. I blasted into her throat with a very good load of cum. She swallowed it all! Then she looked up at me, smiled and started licking me clean!

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