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Consequences Ch. 02

by PrevertedMe 06/22/11

Frank sat watching his beautiful wife being used by the men. He watched them rip her dress and manipulate her tits. He watched their hands and their lips on her body. And he saw her respond to their attentions, her defiance gradually fading as she grew hungry with lust.

He had fantasized about this kind of thing, about watching her being handled by multiple men. But those fantasies involved some situation he was a part of arranging, and he had not helped to arrange this. These men had come out of the dark and grabbed them against their will. Yet this fact did not diminish the affect it had on him. He still grew aroused by what he saw.

When he watched her suck the first cock, he felt his hunger stirring. Then as she knelt sucking the two cocks simultaneously, his own member throbbed within his pants. He tried to stop it, tried pushing his growing lust down. He knew he should be feeling other emotions instead. He should be angry at the men. He should feel sympathy for his wife. He should definitely be concerned for her and Cindy. And most of these he did experience, but they were all overrode by the ache in his balls. Looking at his beautiful wife alternating between sliding two hard cocks into her mouth, her torn dress exposing her heaving breasts, how could he not be aroused. Never had he seen Julie looking sexier, so enthralled in lustful rapture, and he groaned out his appreciation. Moments later he watched mesmerized as she crawled across the floor to him and devoured his own raging hard-on.

That was when he happened to glance over toward Cindy. For the last several minutes he had been so involved in watching Julie and the men that he had nearly forgotten his daughter was even present. But as Julie's lips crawled along his shaft he glanced her way and he was shocked by what he saw. The girl's eyes were locked on her kneeling mother as she pumped her mouth up and down on his hard cock. Frank had no idea what he had expected. Maybe he thought she would be looking away, or maybe have her face buried in the love seat while she cried. But she was not doing either of these things. Instead she was avidly watching.

Adding to his shock he believed that the things she was watching were affecting her as well. Her skirt had ridden up her thighs a little and he could see her slowly shifting her legs, scissoring them open and closed slightly. Plus her blouse was tight enough to show the outline of her semi-swollen nipples.

Like his wife, Frank knew his daughter was not a virgin. But seeing her getting aroused by watching her mother being used like this, that did surprise him.

The combination of this thought and Julie's talented mouth sent his climax racing into existence. With another groan he exploded in Julie's mouth and felt her gulp his cum down.

Suddenly he became concerned that the men would notice Cindy too, so he forced himself to avert his eyes. That was when they took Julie to the couch and turned their attentions to her pussy. Like them, he was amazed at how wet she was. He marveled at her beauty and the crazed passion she exhibited. Watching them fuck her and listening to her moan out her hunger over the following time had the effect of re-igniting his own desire. His cock slowly grew stiff once more and, with his trousers down around his ankles, it was obvious for anyone to see that might care to notice.

During this he occasionally shot glances toward Cindy and what he saw made his cock jump in his lap. His daughter's eyes remained riveted on the action before her. Her legs had continued their scissoring and the skirt had rode up her thighs more, exposing even more of her flesh.

When he noticed her turning away from the couch and toward him he jerked his attention back to the couch. In his peripheral vision he watched her stare at his exposed, erect cock jerking and throbbing in his lap. Keeping his face turned so it appeared he was watching the group on the couch he peeked out the corners of his eyes several times during the remaining time. Several times he caught her glancing his way, her eyes locking onto his rigid cock.

When the third man sank his hard cock into Julie's ass he heard a moan come from the loveseat's direction. Turning that way he saw Cindy watching intently as her mother was anally fucked. For the next few minutes, until the guy shot his load, Frank's eyes jumped between the couch and the loveseat.

Once it was over the three men left through the back door without giving Cindy or him a second look. He listened to Julie whimpering into the cushion. He saw her lack of motion. He feared she would pass out before helping her family escape their bonds. But Cindy joined him in yelling through their gags and Julie soon showed signs of awareness.

"I'm going to soak in a hot bath," she told him after cutting his hands free. "You take care of our daughter for now."

He nodded his understanding then watched her stagger toward their master bath with its large garden tub.

When he went to cut his legs loose he realized just how stiff his limbs were from being tied in one position for so long. He began working to get the blood flowing in his arms and legs as he struggled to remove the gag in his mouth.

"Don't worry, Baby," he whispered hoarsely once he got the gag off. "I'll be there as soon as I can."

She nodded in response to his words, letting him know she understood what he was dealing with.

Once he felt that his legs were semi-sturdy and he had loosely fastened his pants back up around his waist he hobbled his way over to her.

Soon they were sitting on the loveseat holding each other and making small movements with their extremities to increase the circulation. When he pulled her tightly to his chest she began to shake slightly with small whimperings. He continued to hold her and listen to her quiet crying, his hand caressing her hair and back. Slowly he became aware of how good her body felt pressed against his. He also noticed that somehow one of his legs had gotten between her two and her crotch seemed to be rubbing against his thigh as she worked the circulation in her legs. During the time since watching his wife being fucked his cock had grown limp, but now he felt it pulse with renewed stirrings. On the pretense of removing his shoes and socks he dislodged his body from Cindy's so that she would not feel his stiffening member pressing against her.

"I need to go pee," she whispered at that moment.

"Yea," he agreed, realizing his own need in that department. "Why don't I get us something to drink too, we both sound a little hoarse."

"Okay," she nodded. "Why don't you bring it to my room, that way I can lie down."

He agreed that this sounded like a good idea and sent her off down the hall leading to her end of the house. He hit the spare bath off the living room then grabbed a couple bottles of water from the kitchen. Walking toward Cindy's room he removed his shirt and undershirt, just his slacks being his normal household attire. When he stepped into her room Cindy was lying flat on her back in her bed staring up at the ceiling. He thought he saw her hand jerk out from under her skirt as he entered.

"You okay, Honey?" He asked, handing her a water.

"Yea, I guess," she shrugged.

At the other end of the house he knew his wife would be soaking in their tub, leaving him to console and help their daughter through things.

Climbing onto the bed he pulled Cindy to him. She readily rolled onto her side so that she could cuddle up to him, her face being buried in the crook of his neck. As they lay there holding each other he could not help smelling her hair and noticing the soft warmth of her body. While one hand rested at the small of her back, holding her tight to him, his other gently caressed her hair and he kissed her head. Feeling her body nestled into his he felt the blood pump into his cock again and cursed himself silently. He knew she would see the growing bulge if she were to look down along their bodies. He hoped that she would not do this as he tried to think of something that would make it go away.

It was then that he noticed how firmly her body was pressed against his, her breasts nearly flattened against his side. He also realized his leg had somehow managed to get between hers again. This time though he felt certain the feel of her crotch softly rubbing against his thigh was not from any attempts at improving circulation. This thought sent more blood pulsing into his cock.

"Daddy?" Cindy whispered into his chest.

"Yes Baby?" He tried pushing away the thoughts suddenly bombarding him.

"I- I can't st- stop thinking about... about--."

"It's okay, Honey. It's okay," he tried to reassure her, cursing his thoughts.

"No... um... It's... It's not--," she shook a little against him.

"It will be."

"Y- You don't under... You don't understand," she pulled her head back just a little and looked up at him.

Meeting her gaze he saw something there that he did not immediately recognize.

"I- I--," she stopped herself.

"Shh, it's alright Honey," he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"Daddy, am I bad girl?" she asked.

She leaned back a little more. His eyes were drawn downward and he realized that she had undone most of her blouse's buttons before he got in the room. He had failed to notice it before, but now, as he saw its open flaps, he noticed. Not only could he see the mounds of flesh that were her young breasts, but he could also see her nipples. He was shocked at how red and swollen they were. He then felt the force of her crotch's rubbing against him steadily increase until it was nearly grinding into his thigh bone.

That was when he knew what he was seeing in her eyes as she stared up at him. Lust. Plain and simple lust. Lust and hunger.

"Am I a bad girl, Daddy?" She whispered with a hint of mischief.

Looking down at his daughter, Frank's eyes traveled up from her breasts and those hard, red nipples, to her face. He gazed into her eyes filled with desire, felt her grind herself against his leg, and he understood her question.

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