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Cuckold Father and Son

by ADOM 07/12/13

My second day home for college spring break was one of those days when the weather is perfect. No heat or air conditioning needed. As a result the windows in our older Mid-West house were wide open, capturing the freshening breezes.

That evening, I was in the upstairs bathroom when I noticed our next-store neighbor undressing in front of her open bedroom window. I quickly switched off the light and watched as she proceeded to disrobe. I stroked my cock as she removed her bra, freeing her full round tits and lowered her panties, revealing a light brown hairy mound. As a result I didn't hear my Dad come up the stairs. He flipped on the light and rushed to the window, slamming it down. He said in an angry voice,

"What are you doing? Don't you know you could get in serious trouble if she reported you?

Now you have ruined it for all of us."

I was shook at the time but thought, "...ruined for all of us," was a peculiar thing to say. Later I found that he too had been peeping on Mrs. Thompson. Dad went on.

"If you want to see a naked woman you can look at your mother or sister."

Wow, did he really say that? Of course he didn't know I had been trying to sneak a peek of both Mom and Sis undressing, with limited success. I was at a loss for words but I somehow muttered,

"I....I have tried ..but with no luck."

To my surprise Dad responded, "Well I can help you with your mother, but your sister is more difficult."

Why that dirty old dog, I've seen him hanging out in front of my sister's doorway at bed time. That made it difficult for me to catch her naked. Sis has a killer body and is twenty-one, two years older than me.

"So how will.... can... you help?"

Dad told me to be sure to be in my room, directly across the hall from theirs, early the next night. Sister, Vicky was in Cancun on her spring break, so it was Mom, Dad and me at home.

Mom, Sue, is a nurse in her mid fifties. She is five feet seven with gray streaks attractively running through her short jet black hair. She has a beautiful face, piercing blue eyes and, I think, a sexy body. She's not the big tit, slim waist type rather she has small breast and an ample ass I just love. Dad, Fred, is a salesman, also in his mid fifties. He is six feet, thinning brown hair and sports a bit of a pot belly. They both have a good sense of humor and as far as I can tell, are happily married.

The next night I excused myself early. Mom asked, "Why are you going to bed so early, aren't you feeling well?" I responded, I was just tired and went up to my room.

An hour or so later Mom came up with Dad following shortly after. I couldn't make out their muffled exchanged but did see Dad made sure the door was left open. Mom undressed by the side of the bed, directly in front of the door. Naked, Dad stroked his cock as he came to her side whispering something in her ear. She motioned to the door. He said something and made a gesture like I would be asleep. Dad unhooked her bra and pulled down her panties. Standing there naked, Mom giggled and grabbed his growing dick as Dad played with her tits.

Mom's tits are small with large dark aureoles and erect nipples. Dad nibbled on them as his hand slid between her legs. His fingers parted the full black bush covering her vagina. Continuing to play with Mom's pussy, he set her on the bed and knelt before her. Pushing her legs apart, he replaced his fingers with his tongue. Mom moaned as the slurping and sucking sounds rose from her crotch. I'd like to think he was doing this for my benefit but I believe that was secondary to the enjoyment he was experiencing.

Mom clamped her legs around Dad's head and screamed out her orgasm. They changed places with Dad sitting on the bed and Mom kneeling in front of him. His cock was a good seven inches and growing as Mom stroked it. Dad turned her to the side a bit, giving me a better view as she kissed the red knob and slid her lips down his shaft. A slow pace at first, then she increased the rhythm, making deep plunges and smacking sounds as her head flew up and down.

Dad called out as he grabbed her head, forcing her to stop. In a louder voice than before, he said, "One more stroke and I would have cum. I want to fuck that sweet pussy of yours first."

Mom gave Dad's cock one more kiss. Facing the open door, she sat back on his throbbing dick. Watching this hot action, I stroked my cock and moved into the dark hall trying to get a better view and hear more of what they are saying. I tried to stay out of Mom's line of sight. Dad played with her tits as she put her hands on her knees and ground her ass back on Dad's dick. Closing her eyes, she continued to ride up and down. I became braver and moved just outside the doorway stroking my shaft. I knelt to view Dad's cock ram Mom's cunt. Peering over Mom's back, Dad noticed me and smiled. He then nodded his head to the side indicating I needed to get back.

Mom's tits bounced as the pace increased. Backing into my room, I heard Mom yell out and Dad give a big moan as they had just climaxed. I wasn't far behind. Friends have told me how gross it is to think about their parents having sex. For me it's a very erotic experience.

The next day Dad, smiling, asked, "So what did you think of last night?"

"It sure looks like Mom knows how to suck a cock."

"And fuck." he added. "And fuck."

"By the way, the other day when you caught me watching Mrs. Thompson, you said something like, I would ruin it for all of us. What did you mean?"

Sheepishly, Dad revealed that he had enjoyed watching her undress as well. Mom had even joined him a time or two, resulting in some hot sex.

Boy, the things you don't know about your parents.

Good to his word, Dad continued to make sure I saw Mom naked as well as providing a view of their sexual exploits the next several nights. Three days before I was to return to school, Dad said he wanted to talk to me about something he and Mom had discussed. It seems Dad had this Cuckold idea of watching another man fuck his wife. He said, Mom was reluctant but told him if she was going to do it she wanted a well hung, young man. She would do it to please Dad only if he could find the right stud for her.

"Seeing you masturbate the other night, I think you have what it takes." Dad paused,

"Would you be willing to be that young man?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Of course I wanted to. Was he serious? Hesitantly I replied,

"Well....ya....yes, but would Mom be okay with doing it with me?"

Dad explained, "We'll go to a hotel. She will be blindfolded at first and once things are underway it would be too late to object. Besides, she has made comments about what a stud you've become and she once told me she has fantasized about you. Of course then I had to admit fantasizing about your sister Vicky as well."

The next night they went out to dinner and checked into the hotel. Dad called and gave me the room number. Hearing muffled voices through the door, I knocked. Dad opened the door in his boxers with his semi hard cock hanging out.

He whispered, "I warmed her up a bit. She's ready to go."

Mom was laying on the bed. She wore a black lace bra, thin enough to reveal her alabaster breast and dark nipples. She had a matching garter belt attached to black stockings and a black thong that barley covered her hairy black bush.

Blindfolded, she held her arms out as Dad introduced, "Her date for the night."

"Pleased to meet you, mystery man. Be good to me."

Silently I sat on the bed, bent forward and kissed her. Yes I was kissing my mother with a un-son-like kiss.I held her in my arms; my tongue explored her open mouth. Mom seemed unsure, her body stiffened. I continued to kiss her and stroke her tits. After some awkward moments, she began to relax and responded by giving me a deep wet kiss. I freed her boobs and slid my hand beneath her thong, my fingers entered her moist open pussy. I rubbed her clit.

She wiggled and said, "You found it on the first try. You must be one hot lover."

Tweaking her left nipple I began sucking her right. I thought to myself, 'Nursing is wasted on babies. These are the nipples that gave me sustenance, now they are giving pleasure to Mom and me.'

I slid my face down her body, kissing and licking all the way to her waiting twat. Positioning myself between her legs I undid the ties holding her thong and tossed it to the floor. There was my beautiful Mother's precious pussy. I would now pay homage to my gateway to life. Showing my eternal gratitude, I re-enter her, this time giving Mother pleasure not pain.

I buried my face in her natural, hairy nest. My tongue slid between her puffy, labial lips. I licked and sucked and kissed the hot wet inner layers of her vagina. Sucking on her clit, Mom's body stiffened and jerked as she cried out,

" Oh god.. I'm cumming... oh OH...Oh baby, you are good, whoever in hell you are."

Smiling, with Mother's juices running down my face, I looked back at Dad who was sitting in a chair at the end of the bed stroking his cock. He gave me a thumbs up and motioned for me to get back to it.

"How do like it so far honey?"

"Oh he is hot, a good choice, thank you Fred. Are you sure you're okay with this?"

"Yes sweetie, I enjoy seeing you happy and cumming with another man."

I quickly undressed and knelt next to Mom's face. Bending down, I kissed her and placed her hand on my throbbing cock. She immediately took it to her mouth, running her tongue on the underside and all around my shaft. Tongue flicking my knob, she engulfed my manhood. Cupping my balls she squeezed them as she feverishly sucked and deep throated my meat. Her tongue danced down the shaft to my balls. She licked and absorbing them, rapidly shaking her head from side to side. God what a wonderful feeling!

Sensing I was about to cum, I grabbed her head and held her face kissing her again and again. Laying next to her, I pulled my Mother on top of me. Still blindfolded, she straddled me and positioned my cock at the lips of her cunt. She lowered herself, consuming her son's shaft. Her tits bounced as she pounded her pussy against my prick.

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