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Daddy and Dr. Perkins

by emilydear1977 02/02/13

"Dr. Perkins, it is so good to see you again. I am sorry that it is under these circumstances. I know she can be such an unruly little slut...Isn't that true, cumslut?" Your harsh words stung me but I answered dutifully, "Yes, Daddy. I am such bad slut."

There was silence and though I couldn't see either of you, I could tell you were taking in Dr. Perkins loveliness. I could hear the sound of you kissing her passionately; she hummed contentedly into your open mouth. You murmured how amazing she looked and how you couldn't wait to be inside of her again. She giggled girlishly and I cringed, hating how romantic you could be with other women.

But soon enough I had your attention again. You leaned over me, coarsely shoving two fingers up my hungry cunt, working them deeply into my sopping hole. "I cannot believe what a bad little girl you have been, my naughty cumbaby. Look at how much you need it, fucking Daddy's hand like this... She is such a slut isn't she Dr. Perkins." You scooped girlcum from my cunt and rubbed it into my tight little asshole, making it glisten. I bucked and grinded against your hand as you pushed a finger up my rosebud. I let out a dirty, guttural cry as you finger fucked my ass and cunt. You whispered gruffly in my ear "Dr. Perkins is going to give you what you deserve fuckslut. My pretty little fucktoy is going to be taught a lesson she won't forget."

Dr. Perkins pulled you from me, you shoved your fingers in her mouth and she sucked my cum obediently. She pushed you down on the red velvet love seat and you lounged, relaxed and ready for a show.

"Have a seat big Daddy, and watch as I punish your bad little babygirl". She lifted each of my legs up on the desk so that I was perched on my knees, my ass high in the air, my face flat on the desk, my arms tied behind my back. She brought her face close to my gaping cunt and licked lightly, my lips opened even further for her. She opened me wider with two fingers and began slapping my open cunt with her hand, quickly and sharply. I winced and fuckjuice began gushing down my legs.

I heard you unzip your jeans and I knew you were jacking that cock and I wanted so desperately to see it getting hard. Dr. Perkins' breath grew ragid, "You are making your Daddy so hard, slut. He loves watching me slap this hot little cunt. Do you like knowing you are making your own Daddy want to fuck you?"

"Yes!! I love making my Daddy hard! Please don't stop. Harder. I need to be punished harder! Make my Daddy harder, please!"

Dr. Perkins didn't need much more prodding, she slapped the riding crop against my ass sharply and her and I both let out delicious, gratified moans, making your cock jump and twitch in your hand. You began to grip your daddydick tightly, fucking it more forcefully with each slap of the crop against my pussy. I gasped and cried and Dr. Perkins grunted and hissed fingering her own cunt in rhythm with her swats. I came forcefully crying out "Daddy!"

Through gritted teeth, you ordered Dr. Perkins to slap my asshole. She smiled mischievously at you and spread my ass cheeks then proceeded to punish my cherry red asshole mightily. Even after I came again, thunderously, she didn't let up. After what seemed an eternity, I begged her stop. It hurt and stung and I didn't think I could take it much longer. "Uh, Daddy, make her stop. Uh, God! Uh, it hurts, so fucking bad. Ow! Stop, please." I sobbed, my body shook violently and I dropped my knees, collapsing flat on the desk.

She didn't stop, instead she turned the riding crop around and began fucking my asshole with the handle; thrusting it in and out sadistically. I grunted with each thrust in, my body lurching forward. I was surprised and frightened by her force, not expecting this soft, feminine woman to be quite so rough. I think even you were a little surprised because soon you were at her side, drawing her away from me by seducing her into your arms.

"You made my dick so hard. I wanna fuck you in front of my slutdaughter. Can I fuck that cunt baby?" You pushed your finger up her pussy pleadingly. She softened and melted into your arms, tearing at your shirt and undressing you.

I choked back my tears, still sobbing, feeling so exposed and vulnerable. I didn't dare move, knowing you would tell me when and where to move if you so desired. As if you were in my head, you led Dr. Perkins to the love seat and said "Let me move the littleslut so she can watch her Daddy give it to you so fucking hard baby."

You grabbed my tied arms and lifted me up. You pushed me into the chair and then leaned over me to unhook my bra. As you did this, you lightly, sweetly kissed my shoulder, pushing your tongue out momentarily, instantly calming me and letting me know I was going to be okay.

Dr. Perkins was lying seductively on the couch, beckoning you to thrust your hard daddycock in between her luscious pussy lips. You positioned yourself between her long, stocking clad legs which she wrapped tightly around your waist, drawing you in. The sight of your dick sliding in and out of her fuckflesh made me flush with excitement.

"You like watching Daddy fuck, babygirl?"

"Oh, yes Daddy." I wished my hands were free so I could flick my little clit for you as you fucked this nasty, cruel woman.

She moaned, deeply satisfied with that tremendous cock, that I love so much, in her fuckhole, splitting her pussylips with its girth.

"Cum here Babyfuck. You owe Dr. Perkins an apology. Kneel next to her and suck these big, fat titties for Daddy."

I obeyed like a goodgirl, kneeling beside her on the floor and taking her big mommy tits into my mouth. You pushed your hand into my hair and guided my head, pushing my face into her cleavage roughly. She arched her back, offering me her sensitive nipples. I sucked and sucked as you continued to fuck her. The force of your manly fucking deep in her silken cunt and the sweetness of my adoring babygirl kisses on her tits, sent her over the edge and she came forcefully, gushing all over your hard cock and screaming loudly. Her cunt clutched at your cock greedily. You were about to cum so you pulled out of her and shot your wad all over her heaving tits and my tenderly sucking lips. You jerked every last drop out of that hard cock painting us both with your hot jizz, and collapsed on top of her, spent.

I remained on my knees next to you, watching as she kissed your neck and rubbed your back. My hands, still tied behind my back, I couldn't fulfill my need to touch your body with my hands, and so I just slid my tongue in your ear and kissed you devotedly.

"Take me home Daddy. Baby needs you to fuck her so bad."

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