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Daddy and Virgin

by WisdomousOne 10/28/05

I looked into her awe-struck eyes; "You passed the test, baby. I am yours forever. I will be your master, husband, and I never want you to stop calling me daddy. Now, all you have to do is tell me you love me, and then tell me you want this as much as I do."

"I love you soooooo much, daddy!! I want you to be my master and daddy, and husband! I need you, I want this so much daddy!!" Her eyes looked deep into mine as she stated her love for me, I believed her. "I can't believe I had both of your..ummm..Balls in my mouth, daddy!!" She giggled and jumped into my arms. "I am yours, daddy. Anything you want, I promise to do it. I'm so lucky to have you as my daddy. My master." She rested her head on my chest. I gave her firm butt a lustful squeeze; "I am even luckier to have such a beautiful, intelligent young woman by my side." A perfect chemistry was electrified as our lips met, we we're now connected by a love only a father and daughter could imagine.

"Let's get dressed and go out and have some celebration cocktails, our first as husband and wife." I smiled as she happily agreed with my idea. She started to go and get dressed. I stopped her before she went far. She turned to me, wondering. I lifted my cock and my balls came into view. She saw my balls hanging, looking heavy, big, and full of cum. Her eyes came up to mine, "You want me to kiss your balls again daddy?" I nodded and she leaned her head down and gave each of my shaved balls a nice wet open-mouthed kiss. Without warning my little girl wrapped her fingers around my cock and slapped herself with my meaty pole, once on her cheek and then a couple times on her forehead. Her fingers looked tiny on my massive tool. She giggled and ran from the room to change. Her ass looks fabulous, even when she's running. My cock was raging hard. But, I would have to work on her a bit before I could pop her cherry. Her young teen pussy was just to tight for my long solid girth. Soon enough, I promised to myself.

Even though she was only 18, I knew the bartender. Becky only had a couple fruity martinis, but she was buzzing pretty good. We left the spot and started driving home. "Master?" Becky spoke with a slightly more uninhibited tone.

"Yes, my sexy lil' girl?" My eyes bouncing between the road and her milky toned thighs.

"I ...uh...I loved the feeling of your swinging balls being inside my mouth. I kind of figured they were your testicles before you let me open my eyes, but when I looked up and saw your...lets just say 'giant penis' resting across my face... and your smooth balls wrapped tightly by my stretched lips, I had a little orgasm daddy!" She squirmed in her seat, remembering to herself that exciting moment; her smile was innocent and youthful, with a touch of mischievous guilt.

"Well," I reached over and ran my fingers under her chin. "I am very happy to hear that. You are truly a wonderful daughter and woman. I will always be proud to be with you."

As we arrived back and home, Becky ran inside, "I gotta pee!!"

I went into my room and changed into some boxers and a tee shirt. I decided that Becky would be put to the test tonight.

I came into the family room and saw my slave teenager mixing up a martini for her proud father. Her buttcheeks jiggled as she shook the shaker and then poured out a perfect mix. I sat across the room, my mind racing with fantasy. She had changed into a tee shirt as well, and a pair of sweat-shorts. Just as she was about to bring my drink, I stopped her, "Come over here a sec, before you bring my drink." Her curious smile made her seem so young and naïve. As she stood next to me, I pulled out some scissors. "No more bottoms for you, young lady." She gasped as I freely cut her shorts just a little on the side. "I never want you to wear panties or shorts or anything that covers my prized virgin cherry." I put down the scissors and grabbed her shorts.

Her hands found my shoulders to catch her balance as I literally ripped and tore her shorts from her body. Pieces of her shorts were strewn about the floor by our feet. Good thing she wasn't wearing panties, they would have been yanked rudely from her ass as well. "You can wear shirts and stuff...and shoes." I sat back and noticed my handiwork. "Yes, Master daddy. I will be a good girl and always do what you say." She looked down and saw my cock-head creeping out the top of my boxers. I snapped her out of her cock trance. "Baby! I could use that drink now." I winked and watched her little tight white globes of ripe buttflesh get my drink. I stared at her hairless pussy as she walked carefully back to me. Damn, I am one lucky dude. I don't see how she could slide a finger in her tight virgin pussy, let alone my thick, nine-inch cock. Hmmm.

We sat up watching movies for a couple hours, happily content. Becky had passed out a while ago. She was sprawled on the couch with her head resting in my lap. I stroked my fingers through her hair gazing now and again at her naked little butt. She had an amazing figure from any position. I gently slapped her ass, to make sure she was sleeping. She didn't budge.

I slipped my growing cock out of my boxers and let it rest against her pretty, smiling face. I turned to the porn channel and got really horny. I could feel her warm breath against my hard thick manhood. I reached down and started lightly caressing her sweet innocent face with my throbbing hot shaft. I noticed that I had left trails of pre-cum all over her tender youthful face.

I started to get braver. I gripped my dick and started spanking her face with my meat. Soft at first, then harder. I was rubbing and slapping my daughter's face with my lust-filled cock. Those drinks must have really knocked her out. I pushed her lips apart with my big cock-head, and somehow got her to open her jaws a little. She furrowed her brow as I forced my cock into her sleeping mouth. Once I felt she was totally asleep again I got a little more comfy, re-adjusted my sack, pushed in a little further, watching her glossy lips stretch around me. I soon fell asleep as well. My cock was still stuffed into her lips when I woke up a couple hours later. I was taking a risk leaving my cock in her mouth as she slept; it's a good thing she didn't clamp down in some crazy dream-state. She was seriously passed the hell out! I reached my head down and kissed her cheek. I placed my strong hands upon her head and started to pump my hard-on in and and out. I knew I wouldn't last long, the sight of my cock with Becky's lips stretched tightly around the shaft was just too much. In fact, if I was given one wish, I would wish for my daughter to have her 18-year-old lips sucking my cock and balls forever. That's all I need. Simple.

Faster and deeper, I was now fucking my little girl in the mouth as she lay passed out. Her arms and hands down by her waist. I hear gagging and choking, I can feel my balls tighten, I knew soon I would unleash a huge cumload down my daughter's throat. She has no choice but to swallow my thick white cum. I push as deep as I can.....I force my hard long shaft down her virgin throat, my balls pushed against her chin. My orgasm rocked my body as powerful torrents of cum flow freely from my throbbing, spewing cock. My body quivers and I take a deep breath- a big smile across my face, as squirt after squirt, rope upon rope of cum is unleashed. Its like she was drinking a milkshake, gulping cum down, I open my eyes and watch her swallowing, but some of my white juice squirts out the sides of her mouth, choking, gagging, cum even came out of her nose. I start to mouthfuck my daughter hard and deep; making cum squirt out of her tightly stretched lips. I grab her hair and just start fucking the hell out of her tight young teeny face. She looks so unbelievable, so fantastic, her face glazed with hot sticky sperm, I love my little girl so much. I force my cock down her throat as far as I can go, my balls pressed hard against her bottom lip. She cant breath, I relished in the moment. Sliding my fingers through her long blond hair, I pull it out of her throat so she can breath again. She inhaled deeply as my shaft was removed from her tight mouth. Cum was splattered all over her face. I gently slapped her young face with my cock....cum was still slowly oozing out as I rubbed my cum on her face with the head of my softening dick. And believe it or not, she never awoke from her drunk passed out sleep. Then it was I who passed out.

When I awoke a few hours later, I looked down and saw that my cock was pressed firmly against her cheek, and my tight ballsack against her lips. I got up carefully as to not wake her and came back with a wet towel to wipe her face off. I clean her up a little bit, making sure to get rid of the evidence that she was brutally and quite lovingly throat-gagged and cock-slapped.

As I was wiping the last remnants of cum from her angelic face, she breathed deep and opened her eyes. "Good morning daddy... Did you sleep well? I had the craziest dream last night!"

"A crazy dream baby? Tell me your freaky tale of the night." I was trying not to be to interested, in case she was testing me. "I was just rubbing your face, you looked like you sweat a lot, so I had to pamper my queen."

"Awww, that's so sweet of you, daddy!" She smiled to me; "It feels nice how you rub gently, kind of massaging my face. I feel like a princess." I kissed her nose and cheeks before I rose to my feet, naked, stretching; I see her freely staring at my soft hanging cock and ball unit.

"I have never even seen a real cock before yours, daddy. Yours is big though. Just like those porn dudes. Mr. Thick-n-long." She laughs playfully, giggling. "My jaw is sore, daddy. I must have slept crazy last night!"

"You were out like a light, babe. I tried to wake you a couple times. No chance. You were passed the fuck out!" We laugh and talked for a minute or two. She got up to go and shower while I started on a nice breakfast for us. I wonder what her dream was about.

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