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Daddy and Virgin

by WisdomousOne 10/28/05

I felt the cum rise and flow through my cock and finally start shooting out. Becky let out a couple little screams as my thick white milky cum squirted her right on her nose. She closed her eyes and kept pumping me like a good little girl. The next long squirt of cum went straight into her open mouth, which she involuntarily closed afterward. I saw her swallow which made three more large doses of cum splatter across her young innocent face. Her eyes were covered with cum, she couldn't open them. Streaks of white decorated her face as I reached down and grabbed her still yanking hand. I moved her shaking hand to my balls. She cupped them.

I grabbed a facecloth and wiped her eyes free of my cum. Leaving the rest splattered on her face I helped her stand and then—Her small hand still cupping my balls—we walked into my bedroom and snuggled down together. Her head rested under mine. I could feel my cum slowly dripping onto my chest, but most of it stayed on her cheeks and face. I held her tight in my arms as we took a mid-morning nap. Her leg was draped over mine and her hand moved from my balls to my now soft cock as we soon fell asleep with big smiles on both our faces, although hers was covered with her daddy's cum.

I awoke about an hour later, went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face to wake me up. I walked back into the bedroom and stood at the end of my bed watching my daughter sleep. Her chest gently moving in and out in time with her breathing. Her perky titties looked soft and suckable. Her long smooth legs....

Becky was sleeping on her side with one leg bent up allowing me a pretty good look at her young naturally hairless camel-toe. I went to her side of the bed and knelt down giving her tight, and I mean very tight, virgin pussy a kiss right on the lips. Her pussy had a wonderful aroma, like flowers blooming. I licked her pussy from top to bottom right along her slit. She moved in her sleep, not yet waking. I squeezed her buttcheek with my hand a couple times and lifted it ever so slightly. More of her fantastic twat came into view. I couldn't take it anymore. I spread her asscheeks and dove onto her virgin pussy with my mouth open and tongue out. My mouth clamped tightly onto her pussylips and started sucking and licking. Becky woke with a yelp and whimpers as she realized I was sucking on her pussy. "OHHH GOD YES!!!! OHHH DADDY!!! PLEASSSSEEEE!!!! OH MY G—." Her body tensed and she tried to push me away as she convulsed with orgasm after orgasm. My little girl couldn't even scream as she quivered in sheer ecstasy. I could taste my baby's sweet nectar as her tight young puss twitched with a giant orgasm. My tongue slithered all over her pussylips, gently nibbled on her young clit and even worked my tongue into her tight, tight hole. I lifted her ass up and clamped my mouth around her butthole and started sliding my tongue all over it. Spreading her cheeks far apart my tongue entered her ass. Her fingers were pulling my hair as I sucked and licked and sucked and licked on her pussy and ass for as long as I wanted. I loved it so much, I couldn't stop. I bent her and moved her into every position I could think of and kept sliding my tongue all over her virgin pussylips and tight asshole. By the time I was finished she had cum so many times she was nearly passed out. The bed was wet under her ass. She gushed sweet juices. My face was covered with her cum.

I was hard as a rock after that experience. I got up and moved her lifeless body onto her back and straddled her face. She opened her eyes; "I love you daddy.". I started stroking my cock inches above her face. I knew I wouldn't last long. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. I placed my balls in her mouth and continued jerking off. I grabbed the back of my little baby's head and started rubbing my ballsack all over her lips and cheeks and nose. When I felt her tongue stick out I placed my asshole right on it. She gave my ass a wonderful licking, it was soooo good. I rubbed my asshole all over her mouth and I knew I was going to cum.

"OHH YESS!!! OOHH BECKY!!! OHHH BABY!!!! YOUR AMAZING!!!!" I pulled back and stuffed my cock into my daughters mouth and started cumming and cumming and cumming. With my hand on the back of head she couldn't have done anything else but swallow my entire cumload. I collapsed on the bed next to her. My cock was still in her mouth as I breathed heavily from my orgasm. She started to suck on me again, but my cock was far too sensitive at that particular moment. "Hold on baby (Panting for air)...just hold it in your mouth baby (Breathing hard)....oh jeeez (Taking deep breaths)...that's it lover(running my fingers along her cock-stuffed cheeks)....oh my goodness(Smiling at her)....You are unbelievable. Truly, an amazing young woman. I love you, Becky." "MmmmmMmmphmmmmYummm." She told me she loved me back while humming on my softening magic stick. Our first day together as lovers was only half through. I couldn't imagine what the second half had in store.

I don't know when she finally let my cock free from the warm safe confines of her young mouth; I must have dozed off in sheer happiness. But when I next awoke I felt her hot tongue sliding all over my testicles. Playing with them. Juggling them in her mouth. Kissing them. French kissing them. Trying to fit both of them into her small mouth. I never opened my eyes; I just laid there and let her play with me. She must have touched and fondled and kissed and sucked on my balls for an hour. I felt my self starting to get hard again. How can I keep up with this young sexy girl? I thought to myself. I will do my best, I said to myself.

I felt her tongue slide away from my balls up my semi-hard cock and lick my head. She licked up and down my now hard shaft like it was a lollipop she had wanted when she was much younger. I felt her mouth come over the head and take me in. My cock was in my little girl's mouth, and it was her choice. I opened my eyes. She looked at me and then closed her eyes taking me deep into her mouth. Ever so slowly she went deeper and deeper until I heard her start to choke herself. She pulled up just a little, and then slowly went back down. My young daughter easily had 3/4ths of my cock in her hot tight mouth. She started making little humming noises and ever so slightly started bouncing her mouth on my cock. I saw tears start to form in her eyes as she pulled my cock out of her teen mouth, look up at me, and say, "I really fucking love you daddy!! I love you!! I love you sooo much!!". She then started bobbing her head up and down my cock for all she was worth. Fast and deep. Gagging herself with my wet thick prick. Throatfucking herself with her daddy's dick. "Oh Becky, Oh Becky, That's it babygirl!! Oh Yess!! Suck on your daddy's cock like a good little girl!!" Five minutes later I started to cum again. She took my cock out of her throat and mouth and watched as just one squirt of cum squirted out, not like my big loads of earlier. She kissed the cum which landed on my stomach. Kissed it and played with it. Then licked it all up and swallowed every last drop. "I kinda like the taste of your sperm daddy." She giggles.

"Why wasn't there that much this time daddy? Did I not do a good job?" She truly looked hurt. "No baby! You did a glorious job sweetie. I promise! It just takes a man time to build up his cum...after he cums...if that makes sense..?" I stammered, still in sexual Shangri-La. "Don't you worry, little one. You will get to see your daddy squirt lots of cum all over you. And soon...." I brought her up to me, snuggling her close, holding her tight in my arms and looking into her luscious eyes, "And soon I will squirt lots and lots of hot thick creamy cum deep into your tight pussy." Her eyes got wet again, "Oh daddy. I always want to make you the happiest daddy of them all. I promise. I promise. I promise." She closed her eyes and we held each other tightly. A loving embrace we never wanted to end.

I must have dozed off into some sort of unconciousnous, a state of nirvanic happiness. I awoke a few hours later not even realizing that I had sleeping. It was very surreal. I woke up thinking that my baby was still in my arms and we were still snuggling. But in fact that was not the case. I awoke to see her emerging from a steamy heaven. My bathroom. Becky walked toward me, catwalked towards me, still dripping wet from the shower she just took. Her pristine body wet with sparkling droplets of water that seemed to accentuate her every curve. Never in my life had I seen such a vision of splendid womanhood. True beauty. True untouched virgin girlness. The only fat on my little girl....was the fatness of her perky young titties. The fatness of her puffy nipples. The fatness of her tight young pussylips. The fatness of her full lustrous lips that would soon surround my strong thick manhood. And now, my cock was becoming fat with lust.

"Hey baby. How was your shower?" I dreamily questioned, not really knowing if I said it out loud or in my mind.

"It was fine, daddy. I thought of you the whole time." Was the reply, in a voice that many would consider against the law.

"I'm glad, honey. You're still all wet, dripping wet. Do we not have any towels left?" I inquired needlessly.

"I don't know, daddy." Her eyes told me what was going to happen next.....

But that's another chapter.

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