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Daddy, Daughter & Granddaughter.

by Zorroscamp 12/16/02

Seth hadn’t cum in her and pulled his still raging cock from Heather’s hot ass. Patsy saw his eyes turn to her, “Come here baby, poppa’s got something for you.”

“No poppa, please no, don’t do this you’re going to hurt me like you did mommy. I don’t want you to do me there,” Patsy pleaded.

Pat found herself grabbed by both her poppa and mom and forced into a kneeling position much the same as Heather had been in. Her cries for mercy went unheeded, it was her mom who held her small body still while she was gored with the raging cock.

Being broken in was a nightmare for Patricia, she felt as though her insides had been ripped apart and the pain in her small breasts was excruciating as large hands crushed them. Just like her mom, the pain slowly faded and was replaced by heat and desire and Patsy found herself crying out, “Harder poppa, do it harder. Oh! Poppa I love you.”

All the pain Patsy endured was rewarded when she felt her poppa give an extra hard thrust, let out a drawn out gasp and sperm flood the depths of her, scalding the insides. The intensity of her orgasm so powerful it almost drove her into unconsciousness, aware only that she was babbling gibberish.

The sun had long since set and the brilliant afterglow of deep red in the sky burned a promise of another hot dusty day in the outback. A mob of kangaroos hopped silently to the dam drinking their fill after a long thirsty day causing the yabbies to hide their bodies in the muddy bottom.

In the homestead, three happy people slept lovingly wrapped in each others arms dreaming of the life they would spend together.


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