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Daddy's Darling Ashley

by cumminkasey 09/07/10

"We both want to and we're both adults. I want to see my daddy's cock. I want to fuck my daddy's cock." That did it. He was pushing his pants down as though they had suddenly caught fire.

"Are you sure baby?" He asked. "Cause I really want to taste my baby's pussy. Just like Jessie was doing earlier."

I laid back on the bed. "Oh, yes daddy. Please! Please eat your little girl's pussy. I want to feel your tongue inside me!"He knelt on the floor beside the bed and pulled my ass to the edge. I spread my legs and wrapped them around his neck pulling him to my cunt. He instantly licked the length of my slit. "Oh, fuck daddy!! You're tongue feels so good eating my pussy. Yes!! Eat your little girl's pussy daddy!!"

His thumb vibrated my clit as his tongue dived deep in my cunt licking the walls of my pussy. Who knew my father was a world class pussy licker. Why did mom leave him? If I had a husband that ate pussy this well I'd never let him go. "Fuck daddy!! You're gonna make me cum!!"

He pulled his tongue out of my pussy and inserted three fingers, pumping at my cunt as he watched me writhe in ecstasy. "Yes, baby!! Cum for daddy!! Daddy wants to taste his little girl's cum. Gimme your cum for dinner baby!!!"

"Oh fuck...I'm cumming daddy!!!! Your little girl is cumming!!!!" He quickly replaced his tongue for his fingers. As I came I filled his mouth with my juices and he lapped at my cunt like a thirsty man. "Damn damn, you're good." I said. "I think I'm good at giving head. Want to see?"

"Fuck Ashley. I want to see everything you have baby girl. I already know you have the most deliciously tight pussy I've ever had. I'd love for you to wrap your mouth around my cock."

We switched places and I knelt before him. I tentatively licked the head before taking it deep in my throat. Daddy groaned as his cock rubbed the back of my throat. He tasted so delicious! His cock had to be close to eight inches and fat. I was proud to show him I could deep throat that glorious piece of meat. I started sucking as I moved my mouth up and down on his shaft faster and faster. The moans and groans that came from daddy made me wet all over again. I fingered my pussy while I showed him what a good little cock sucker I was. I wanted that piece of meat to fill me though. I wanted him to explode deep in my pussy as he was fucking the hell out of me.

I pulled off his cock and started stroking it. "Daddy. I want you to fuck your little girl. I wanna feel you explode deep in my cunt. Would you like that daddy?"

"Damn Ashley, I'd love to fill your cunt with daddy's cum. Do you know how many times I've thought about that. Do you realize I couldn't masturbate with out seeing your pretty face and hot body? I've wanted to fuck you in every position possible, and every hole possible. Get up here and get on all fours. I wanna take you doggy style!"

One of my favorite positions. I quickly did as I was told. "Hurry daddy! I wanna feel your big cock in my tight twat."

"Daddy's slut is impatient huh?" He asked as he got ready to enter me.

"Yes, daddy. I'm your little slut. Please fuck me hard. Your little girl likes a good hard fucking!!" I backed up on his cock as he teased my pussy with it.

"Oh you like it hard?"

"Yes daddy. Fuck your daughter hard, make me your slut. Fill my cunt with that beautiful cock and cum deep inside me."

Daddy rammed his cock deep inside me and I moaned. It felt so good. I've never had another cock fill my cunt so perfectly. I had never felt this full. "Fuck daddy you're cock feels so good in my pussy!!"

"You like daddy's cock in your pussy little girl? You're a bad girl making your daddy fuck that tight wet pussy." He slapped my ass as he rammed his thick cock in my pussy over and over again. "You're a naughty little slut for making your daddy want to taste your pussy and fuck your ass. You want daddy to fuck your ass?"

"Yes daddy!!!! Fuck my ass too!!!"

He pulled his dripping dick out and rubbed it around my ass lubricating it with my own juices. He slowly entered my ass letting it adjust to it's size.

"Daddy, your cock feels so good in my ass!!!! Fuck your little girl's ass Daddy!!!"

"Finger your pussy while daddy rams your ass. When I'm ready to cum I'm ramming your pussy and exploding deep in that little cunt."

"Oh, yes, daddy. Faster daddy. Rape my ass." Daddy went wild on my ass as I brought myself to orgasm fingering my cunt. "Uhhhh...I'm cumming daddy." He quickly pulled out of my ass and rammed me so hard in the cunt I thought his cock was going to go right through me! My orgasm intensified as I felt daddy start to loose his load deep inside me.

"Fuck, I'm cumming in my little girl's pussy. Yes!!!!"

"Oh shit daddy!!! Yess daddy!!! I can't stop cumming!!!" and it was true. I'd never had a multiple orgasm, but I was pretty sure that's what was going on. I bit my arm as my pussy just kept spasming around daddy's cock as it poured it's cum deep in my cunt. I was about to pass out when it finally started to let up and daddy fell against me pushing me to the bed.

"Oh fuck baby girl. That's the best fuck I've ever had!!"

"Me too daddy. You made me cum and cum and cum!!! I am so tired now. I don't think I can move."

"That's OK, baby. You can sleep right here in my bed. Actually I think you need to sleep here while you're home on break."

"Oh, yes daddy. Please. I'm yours for whatever you want!!"

Daddy smiled and curled an arm around me. "This is going to be a great summer." He sighed.

I agreed. It was going to be awesome. Between my best friend and my dad...hey, maybe if I could get the two at the same time...I learned in school it was always good to have goals to work on...

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