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Daddy's Girl

by TUCSON RED 10/17/04

Getting home late is not a good idea at my home. If I get home after daddy he gets mad. So when I saw his car in the drive my only hope was that he was in bed already, (Not likely).

As soon as I opened the door I was sure He was up, the living room lights were on.

”J.J. is that you?”

“Yes daddy it’s me.” Like it would be anyone else? (Please don’t make me come in there, my clothes are a mess.)

“Where have you been this late?”

“Just out with some friend’s, daddy.” (Well 1 good friend.)

“What type of friends keeps you out until 2:30 in the morning?” “You been out with some guy who was trying to get in your pants again I bet.”

(Trying hell no, he did get in.) “No daddy just some girls I know from the club.”

“Bull I went to the club they told me you had left around 11:00 with a dude from the band.”

(I’m going to kill that snitch Cindy.) “No daddy we just went out for a cigarette then I was back in with Judy and the others.”

“Come in here girl I want an explinatition, as to what you were doing out till this hour of the morning.”

(My greatest fear has come to pass; I knew I looked like I had just been fucked and probably smelled like it as well.) “I’m really tired daddy and I need to use the bathroom.”

J.J. get your ass in here now.”

(Now I’ve had it) “What can I say I was out with friends and-“

“Shut you’re laying face; you think I’m stupid I saw you with that guy.” “All kiss face and letting him feel your breasts, and playing with your pussy for god sake.”

“NO that wasn’t me it couldn’t have been.” (God please let him be bluffing.)

“Then why is your clothing in such a mess?”

“Come over here, I want to see more clearly what’s going on.”

I straightened up as best I could standing as tall as I could at 5’10 145# I presented a nice figure when I wanted. My figure was what always got me into trouble at 38 -23- 40 and red hair that came to the middle of my back I turned heads any place I went. My 40 inch inseam didn’t hurt either.

“You smell like you been freshly fucked girl, Have you?”

“Oh no daddy I didn’t do anything bad like that we just danced. You know how turned on I get when I do that.”

“Your lying you little bitch. You know how I know that you’re lying your talking.”

“But Daddy I”

“Get over here stand in front of me.”

(OH shit if he smells me close up he’ll know for sure.) “Ah I really do need to pee daddy.”

“Come over here now.”

I go to within 3 feet maybe he won’t be able to tell for sure.

Just then he grabs my arm and pulls me closer. Burying his face in my crotch he takes a big breath. I knew it you have been fucked tonight.

He pulls hard on my arm causing me to fall across his lap. “I told you what would happen if I caught you screwing some stray prick. Now, you pull up your own skirt and uncover that ass to get it spanked.”

“No daddy please, doesn’t.”

“You better or I will and it will be twice as bad a spanking.”

(Maybe if I do as told he won’t do it hard) I pull my skirt up so as to clear my ass. Showing my panties then realizing am wearing a thong which I know he hates saying they are something a whore wears. Oh shit too late.

“What the fuck is this your wearing a thong out to the club, you were planning on finding someone to fuck you weren’t you?”

Before I could answer I felt him raise his hand then felt the first strike.

‘“Ouch... daddy no doesn’t. Please I’m sorry... “

Whack strike two hit its target. Smack 3 rd time hurt like hell swat 4 starts to burn stroke 5 starts to get my juices flowing I cant believe it this spanking is turning me on.

Instead of tears I feel a moan escape my mouth. “AAAhhh goo.”

Daddy must realize what its doing; this makes him mad he pulls off my thong ripping it as he does. Again the feeling of a hand striking my ass, this time harder than ever before. I’m really getting into this; the pain is almost like a climax with each strike I come closer and closer to getting a climax.

Daddy stands up dropping me on the floor, “get up you whore, take off those clothes.”

“Daddy what are you going to do?”

“Does it now or you will pay twice as bad?”

I stand and remove my skirt exposing my body to him all I have on is the red bra holding my c cup breasts.

“That too.” He demands.

I remove it as he glares at me seeing my freshly shaven pussy he smiles.

“Turn around and place your hands on the end table.” “Spread those legs.”

“Daddy? What are you?”

“Shut up you slut you were enjoying that spanking too much.” He pulls out the drawer to his desk taking out two clamps for holding paper together. He places one on each of my nipples this hurts like hell then he puts a small chain between them hooking them together. When he pulls on it I feel my clit jump the pain is going straight to it making it come alive I can’t believe that I am getting aroused by the abuse I’m taking.

He unlocks a drawer taking out some strange looking glass items one looks like a small bat but then I realize it has ever larger bulges going up it’s handle he rolls it in his hands then places some liquid on it.

“This is going to hurt a little but you like that don’t you?”

He places it at the entrance to my ass then slowly inserts it into a place that before today had been an exit only opening. I tighten slightly and he pulls on the chain causing me to gasp.

“AAAhhh fuck daddy put it deeper.”

“Daddies little whore likes the pain does she?”

“Yes make me hurt till I scream daddy.”

He shoves the rod in deeper. I feel like it is going to tear me in two. Again he pulls on the chain sending blots of electricity to my clit. That thing must be in me 2 inches already and I feel some resistance to taking more but he apple’s more pressure and I feel the inner pressure subside ever so slowly he starts to stroke back and forth making me rock with pleasure. Then suddenly he places a hand on my pussy. Rubbing my clit faster and faster, I come so hard I think I will collapse but he supports me then I feel a second hand place 2 fingers inside my pussy 1 joint then a 2nd moving back and forth then a 3rd going deeper and curling finding that special spot and stroking it making me cum over and over to the point I think I will faint I’m brought back to my scenes when I feel a third hand on my ass.

As I open my eyes I see daddy is now in front of me and someone has hold of my ass with the rod in me. See I told you she would like that toy. He pulls on the chain and I move forward to take his dick in my mouth.

“AAAhhh yesss suck it baby daddy is so hot from playing with you.”

I feel the hand behind me start to stroke and play with my hole again making me cummm over and over the cock in my mouth is so solid and hard growing to about 8 inches I am barely able to take it all in my mouth.

“Were you able to get all this on tape Cindy? “

“Yes we got all of it.” “David is still taping the rest of it for us unless she wears you out then you can tape while he works on her.”

Cindy gets down between my legs and places her tongue in my snatch sucking the juices that are there out of me.

“You do taste good when mixed with J.J. David, was she a good fuck for you earlier?”

“I really got my rocks off on the way she likes to ride a cock. She does this thing with the inner muscles you’ll have to get her to tell you how to do that.”

“She does a trick with the benwa balls where she places them in herself then keeps relaxing then tightening the muscles to keep them inside her.” daddy say’s.

“She also does a trick when sucking cock placing the head right at the top of the throat and contracting till you come.”

“AAAhhh fuck I’m Cumming.” Daddy shouts

I feel his prick swell and throb then he sends streams of warm fluid into my mouth making me almost choke but I manage to take it in and swallow almost all of it. I keep a little to swap with Cindy when she finishes with my pussy.

“Oooohhh shittt that’s great” I shiver and shake from the tongue lashing I have just gotten from Cindy I pull her up to my side and kiss her swapping some of my juices and those from my daddy.

To be continued.

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