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Dad's Choice Ch. 01

by Littlelady360 02/21/14

Well I'm not gunna give you my whole life story and tell you how I was such a loser in high school and my prom date was my cousin and the neighborhood delinquents used to beat the shit out of me everyday nope not gunna do it. By the way my name is Bill I'm 40 I have a wife named Serena and two kids my eldest Jordan who is 20 and my youngest who turned 18 two months ago. Her name is Makayla. Man when she turned 18 I thought I was going to lose her, you know how kids are going off for college and moving out. Well I thought wrong that's for sure.

Makayla is so beautiful her full lips 20c tits, don't ask how I know that. She's blonde and blue eyes, 5'3 average I think. But man just to think god why the fuck do I have to be her dad. Let's be honest she is hot. I know you shouldn't talk about your daughter like that but who's gunna stop me. Anyway I got off point. But I can never forget the first time I fucked her. Yes I fucked her I just had to do it, here let me tell you what happened.

*Two Months Ago*

"Happy Birthday!!!" Me and my wife shouted for the last time on my now new adult on her birthday.

"Thanks mom and dad. Best birthday ever". Makayla said.

" Your welcome sweetie". My wife said.

"Yeah no problem honey we love you so we wants what's best".

And I obviously meant it.

"Am I still your little princess?"

"Yes dear, you are always gunna be our little princess".

I pounced on that question cause who knew what Serena would say.

"Mmmm thank you daddy your the best".

"And what am I chopped liver?"

Yes and please stay that way. I know it's mean but I needed her out the picture.

"No mommy of course not I love you to".

She said with a smile. She brightens up my heart when she smiles.

" I can't believe that our baby is growing up so fast right bill?"

"Yeah it was like yesterday I was teaching her how to ride a tricycle."

Makayla starts walking away.

"Ok bye,Brian is taking me to the movies".

When she said that my heart dropped. Brian is her boyfriend and I hate him. He's the type of guy who gets in your pants and dumps you. The only reason why he's still going out with her is because they haven't had sex yet. Yes I know they haven't had sex.


"Yes dad. He really changed he's not like he used to."

"Bill let Makayla make her own choices. Shes practically a women now."

I love my wife with all my heart but why can't she just shut up. I know I sound like jackass but you don't know what I go through with that women.

"Don't worry daddy ill be home by ten".

"Okay sweetheart I'll see you later". With that I gave her a kiss on the cheek and watched her walk out the door.

"Serena, sweetie, how can you like that guy he's not the right person for her."

"Bill, sweetie, can you do me a favor and shut up?"

See I told u I go through shit with her.

" Hey I'm just worried for our daughter that's all. I mean next thing you know Makayla is pregnant, no job, no man to help with the baby, and she won't be able to go to college."

Ok maybe I was over thinking it but that's what I do I'm her dad. I have the god fucking right to.

"Bill! Do you always have to think the worse of everything? Can you just relax. Stop treating her like a baby. Shes an adult she can make her own decisions and she will get the consequences."


"I'm going to bed, are you coming?"

"Yes dear give me a few minutes".

When my wife went away I decided to go on a field trip to Makayla's room.

But then the phone rang.


It was my son Jordan. He's hit a few bumps in the road and got caught up with the wrong the wrong friends. And gotten arrested. He gets that from his mothers side of the family. He left home a month ago.

"Dad it's me".

"Jordan what the hell, where have you've been?" I whispered. I didn't want my wife to hear.

"I'm in New Jersey. B-

"New Jersey! What the hell are u doing there?!

"But dad I got into a little mess with someone and gotten arrested on state line don't worry I'll be out soon. Ummm can I have 35,000?"

What the hell was wrong with that kid? He was suppose to be in Washington. That's a few hours away. I'm still puzzled.

"35,000?! No! You gone way to far I'm not gunna even give you a dime.

"It's fine dad ill see you soon" click

~One week later~

Well no one was home so I decided to go on a small field trip to Makayla's room like I wanted to the week before . I just had to, I was curious. I went inside her room and mmmm it smelled yummy. I started towards her dresser. I just couldn't help it, it was like my cock was leading my whole body and I had no choice to listen to to it. There it was a drawer full of her panties. My cock started to grow in my pants. Who knew looking at panties would get me excited. Wait I feel like a pervert but who cares. As I went to pick one up.....

"Honey, Bill I'm home. Where are you?"

Shit! I jumped, closed the drawer and out the room

"I'm up here honey. What are you doing home so early?"

"Oh I was tired at work so I decided to come home early. Hey come down here I wanna spend time with you."

Ok where was my wife and what happened to her. I went downstairs, went to the kitchen got a beer and sat where my she was sitting on the couch.

"I love you Bil- what wrong with your pants?"

Oops I still had a boner in my pants. I needed release.

"Oh honey I've just been thinking about you lately."

"Mmmmmm really? I thought you didn't want me like that anymore, I was feeling lonely."

I was lying of course. I mean my wife was sorta hot but not like Makayla.

"What? Sweetie, honey I love you so much. You're the only one for me."

"Do you really mean that?"


"Of course I do. I love you with all my heart. Now how about we go upstairs, open a bottle of champagne, get in that nice jacuzzi bathtub and see where the night takes us.

"Mmmmm. Bill. This is the best thing you said all week."

Ok well later in the night we had the best sex we had in a long time. I was thinking of fucking my daughter. I almost screamed her name. Ok let's fast forward a week. The day before it all happened. My wife was going on a business trip to California.

"Ok make sure the house stays clean, you two don't starve yourself's, but don't eat out to much. Ok?"

"Mom do you have to go? Who am I gonna talk to?"

Hey was I invisible?

"Oh Makayla, don't worry I'll be back soon. I'll call you tonight. Bye!"

Yes we were all alone in the house for a week. I couldn't wait till I got my cock in her tight little pussy.

~A hour later~

"Hey, sweetie you hungry. I'm gunna order pizza"

"Yeah, I'm starving."

She has such a beautiful smile.

"Makayla did I ever tell you how you've grown up to be the best daughter ever?"

"Dad stop. Your making me blush. Go order that pizza."

I love when she laughs and talk at the same time.

"Ok don't beat me up."

I went and ordered the pizza. We ate and laughed together. We talked about.......well anyway whatever we talked about was good.

"Ok dad I'm going to bed I'm tired."

"Ok sweetie goodnight."

I gave her a kiss on her check and watched her go to bed. What I really wanted to do was throw her on the couch and fuck her brains out.

~Next day~

Ok I was watching tv when the door bust open and in came Makayla. She was in tears.

"Dad it was horrible! Brian broke up with me for no reason. He said that I was just a waste of his time, that I was just a cock tease to him."

She started bursting out crying. I felt bad but thought this was the best time to seduce and fuck her. I gave her a hug.

"Hey, sweetie. Don't worry it's ok.

He's no good for you. You're better and beautiful.

*Sniff, sniff*. "Thanks daddy."

"Your welcome sweetie."

I slowly leaned in and kissed her. Oh my fucking god. Her lips were full and soft. She kissed me back before remembering who she was kissing.

"Dad! What are you doing?! Are you cra-

I kissed her again this time she melted . It was so good. My cock was so hard it started to hurt in my pants. I wanted this so bad. I picked her up still kissing her and went to my room.

"Mmmmm. Wait daddy what. We can't do this. It's wrong. She started to push me away but oh no she was not getting out of it. I put my weight on her. She was a little nervous but it would go away soon.

"Shhhh. Baby I'm going to make you feel so good."


I undressed her slowly. I kissed every part of her body her neck, lips, stomach, thighs and so on.

"Baby your body is so beautiful."

"Mmmmm daddy please don't look at me like that."

She was so cute. Now I'm ready to dig in. I felt her pussy and it was soaking with her juices. I heard her moan a little I took my fingers and licked them. Somehow my cock got even harder then it had been already.

"Mmmmm baby suck my cock." I started to take my clothes off. She looked scared and I liked it.

"Daddy I can't do that. I've never do-"

I took her head and pushed my cock in her mouth. And fuck her mouth was hot and wet.

"Mmmmmmm oh yeah baby suck that cock. Your so good at it."

She was really good even though it was her first time. I heard her moan which felt so good.

*Cough, cough* . "Daddy we can't do this."

"Oh yes we can."

I pushed her down on the bed and went on top of her.

"Listen Makayla I've been wanting this to happen for a long time. I'm going to make you a real women now. Do you want that?"

"Yes daddy. I want to do this with. I want you......."

That was all I needed. With that I pushed my cock in her pussy fast and hard. It was wet and so tight on my cock.

"Uhhhhhhh!! Daddy please it hurts go easy for on me it's my first time."

"Don't worry it'll feel good soon."

"Oh daddy."

I started to thrust my cock in and out I started to make a rhythm.

"Fuck me daddy it's so good. Fuck me harder!!!"

"Don't worry baby."

It was like a dream come true I couldn't believe it was really happening.

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