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Dance for Daddy
, 2012

by Sumddy 06/12/12

Jill was loving the way her father looked at her, "this is how...the girl did it, on TV...Daddy," she said breathily, aroused, excited seeing her handsome father staring right at her barely covered creamy wet little pussy as she gyrated, seeing him pressing his cock against his arm, him fucking his hips up toward her staring at her swollen hot tingling breasts.

She felt terribly naughty; what she was doing was maybe wrong to be doing to her father, but looking down into his eyes the way she was and the smoldering way he looked back at her she couldn't stop. The minute she decided to leave dancing in front of her mirror and into her father's bedroom, she wasn't a little girl anymore; she was dancing for him, his own little whore slippery hot wet, her entire body tingling. His staring at her made her feel even more sexy even more sexual, even more like the little whore she imagined herself being for him when she touched herself at night. She saw his cock under the covers, saw it lift the newspaper up, again, and then again, and felt wickedly naughty. She'd made him hard, her father, visualizing his cock thick and straining lifting up the blanket and newspaper him trying in vain to conceal it. She saw him press his arm down on top of his erection, and his hips rise once, twice, rubbing himself. She wanted to see it, up close, hold it in her warm little hands, her father's cock, raging thick and meaty smooth soft hard and wanting to be inside her. She imagined his cock must be wet with pre-cum like her boyfriend's, imagined herself licking it, tasting him, her father's arousal, his need.

She'd seen him naked before, peeking into his bath when he was showering, his long thick hard cock standing up soapy and glistening and so, so beautiful. She'd run back into her room and climbed under her covers rubbing herself to orgasm touching herself imagining his warm wet mouth sucking her hot puffy swollen breasts, imagined him pulling on his cock in the shower having seen her, his hands all soapy touching her everywhere at once, her pulling on it for him, like the man with the woman in the magazine she'd taken from his closet, the magazine that had inspired her to peek on her father, to think about him that way.

Jill was delighting in watching her Daddy lying just beneath her, as turned on as she was, responding to her, aroused by her, his little girl his daughter his private little whore her eyes gushed she was into his.

"Daddy, let me show the girl in the movie did it, except Daddy," she paused, making a little girl pouty expression and so aroused she spoke in an almost whisper, "the girl on the TV, she-she wasn't wearing panties, so, I should do that, too, don't you think, Papa?"

She watched her father's eyes spark and smile, his mouth hanging open in anticipation.

Before he could even answer, even if he could answer, she'd stepped over his legs, straddling him at his knees turned and bent over right above him, him looking right between her legs, at her perfect soft round bottom.

Looking into her father's eyes, she tugged her panties down one side at a time in rhythm to the music, wiggling her bottom provocatively her handsome father breathless; all he could think was, "My god, my sexy little baby."

His heart pounding he desperately wanted to pull on his cock as he watched his daughter, pressing his wrist against it making him see stars, his thoughts perfectly on her, imagining, fantasizing, watching her movements as if in slow motion, savoring her every little twist and turn of her lovely tender hips, wanting to see her soft sweet cunny.

Jill turned slowly her breasts visibly swollen, her soft feminine hips rocking and swaying more deliberately, slowing, accentuating her heat like the woman in the movie arousing herself, her smiles flashing hot, her face flushed now too, biting her lower lip, her visibly excited, making herself so wet she needed something inside her to fill that place deep in her warm little belly.

She pictured her father's cock, and felt it deep in her core, felt her cream dripping down the insides of her soft pearly bare inner thighs igniting in her a roiling steamy lust for him his incestuous hot hard daddy-cock, her eyes flashing into his, licking her lips, her father's...cock.

He saw that look in her eyes as she tipped her panties down provocatively, teasing, her bald mound satiny shiny bare smooth, her boy-shorts revealing a damp spot over her warm little hole.

She saw her father's cock jump as he stared at her bald little mound, a glimpse of her, of what was to come, tantalizing, performing for him.

She smiled powerfully, pushing her panties down even further, past the cleft of her bare soft little baby cunny.

Seeing him draw in his breath, him lick his lips looking at her dripping pink slit, him unable to pull his eyes away from her tender bare groin, willing her to reveal herself, to show him all of her, she turned again, teasing him, wriggling her hips, pushing her bottom out, her father now more openly rubbing his cock under the covers.

She could see it, its was huge and thick and hard, much bigger than her boyfriends, and her incestuous thoughts made her gush creamy hot wet. The thought of his cock, her father's cock touching her wet little cunny made her gush and her knees weak. She swiveled and rocked her hips, staring at it, moving her hips as if her father's cock were inside her. Rhythmically undulating she tipped her panties down in front again, bending over at the waist, causing her t-shirt to raise up over the lower swell of her breasts, her nipples threatening to show themselves too, giving him a first real and total peek at her perfect bald little cunny, her pink wet little slit.

He drew in his breath, his eyes big, his cock lifting the blanket.

"Do good, Daddy?" Jill asked breathlessly looking her father right in the eyes, both so aroused they were both dripping hot wet with incestuous desire.

Her little slit, her beautiful belly, her perfectly smooth mons, her incredible thighs, his lovely beautiful little baby, his cock so throbbing hot hard he was lifting his hips without realizing.

Looking right at his daughters shiny little pussy he growled, "Mmmgghhhyes baby, Daddy thinks you're an amazing dancer, better than the girl on t.v." acknowledging he knew the movie she was imitating.

"Do you like...dancing for Daddy, sweetie?" he asked looking right into his daughter's beautiful eyes, already knowing the answer, not really asking the question.

Jill nodded, biting her lower lip. She stood transfixed, swiveling her little hips, biting her lower lip, her father's little girl again, her panties pushed down, her bald little cunny exposed to him, her father's gaze making her creamy little pussy throb.

She'd hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her loose boy-shorts and swiveled her hips in slow motion. She wasn't dancing anymore. She bent at the waist, her legs straight, her movements now, back and forth, staring at his cock under the covers, his gripping it, wagging her little bottom her imagining her rubbing herself on it, it slipping through her creamy little folds, sliding through her wet humming slit. She licked her lips again and bit her lower lip her breath gushing through her nose.

He couldn't stop himself; he wanted her to see him slide his hand under the covers to rub his swollen hot hard cock. Her eyes followed his hand under the covers, him stroking his erection as she moved above him swaying her little bottom back and forth, looking at his hand under the blankets and then back into his eyes, and back again.

The look on her face was priceless. He felt powerfully sexy too. He looked up at his little baby, his face, savage, hungry for her, her bare belly her soft little pussy her creamy wet little slit; he could smell her, her sex, her dripping wet creamy soft cunt, her glowing heart-shaped little bottom wriggling so provocatively, her bare bald little cunny calling to him, the way she bent her knees, rocked her hips, gyrating, not because she was dancing anymore, but because her swollen hot little cunt was on fire for him, dripping slippery hot, creamy wet, her hands cupping up under her swollen breasts, his little lover.

Jill turned and arching her back provocatively bent over. Her legs spread open, her little bottom pushed out, her frilly boy-shorts down over her bottom past the opening of her thighs her beautiful bald hot cunny fully on display, her smooth bald dripping wet little pussy from behind, pink and swollen.

The newspaper fell off the bed, her father jacking his cock staring at his little girl's ripe dripping little baby cunny.

She pushed her panties down until they slid delicately over her smooth bare thighs, down her glistening bare calves, and in time to the music stepped out of them perfectly feminine, so tiny, so petite, so girlishly fragile just like the woman had done in the movie making the man watching her growl with want.

Standing above her father, straddling his legs, she turned facing him, her pussy glistening wet, her sweet little slit open and revealing her pink inner folds. She heard the rumbling growl rise deep in her father's chest.

He stared directly at his little girl's perfectly smooth slit, his daughter so close he could smell her fragrance, his daughter smiling down at him, a look of pure flushed sexual arousal in her eyes.

She lowered herself sitting on him straddling his waist, her warm heat and weight crushing into the bloated swollen need of his throbbing hard cock as she began humping her father's lap. A look on her face feigning she was still just dancing for him making the moment all the more incestuously hot, fervently naughty, the two dancing on that precipice, father and daughter, incestuous lovers, the ultimate taboo so natural and necessary and absolute in that devastating moment when her bald little slippery wet sex touched the bare underside of father's raging hot hard cock rising out from under the covers under her, grazing through her buttery wet folds, electric seething humming, a moment full of a power neither of them from that moment on would ever get enough of.

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