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Dark Division - The Capsa - Ch. 06

by bdbeauty 01/13/18

After she left, their lives and hers returned to pretty much normal. Well, as normal as theirs lives could be. Jeff stopped once in a while to send her a text and check in as did Kerry. Her answers were always sweet and normal. She had apparently resumed her contract attorney work and that was that. It seemed as though nothing had been off between them, and both guys were thankful. After all, both men wanted to stay friends with her.

As much as everything was fine for Jeff, he still only had her on his mind when he jerked off. The sweet taste of her juices often came to mind when he ate pie after also, especially her cherry pie from the night before she left. He would often wonder if she tasted more like one fruit than another.

Kerry, while having not had the pleasure, still envisioned Lizzie when he had the time to jerk off and enjoy himself. He kicked himself for not taking advantage while she was in heat, and for assuming she would be around long enough for him to make a move. He had always been slower than his partner when it came to making moves on girls, and this time it had meant losing one that he really would have enjoyed having.


All went smoothly, until the end of September the following year. Call it a boy thing, but neither Kerry nor Jeff had kept track of exactly when Lizzie had been with them. If they had, they may have expected that her annual heat cycle would be on the horizon once again.

It was September 30th, when Lizzie realized that her scent was changing and she noted the different looks she had gotten at the supermarket. She knew it was coming, and expected it to start on the 1st or 2nd, so it really wasn't too much of a surprise. She grabbed a few items and headed back to her house, before it could attract too much attention. The vague look of desire from her neighbor on the way into her apartment reminded her of the danger on the horizon.

When she awoke the next morning, Lizzie's temperature was already up and her sheets slightly damp from the night's dreams. It was always this way on her first night, but never this strong. She would awake with dampness in her sheets and her pussy that was all too familiar.

She had already decided to ride this cycle out, not wanting to be a burden on the two men that were so kind last year. Last year, her cycle had started a day later, but with leap year she had been surprised somehow. A knock at the door roused her from her stupor.

"Who is it?" She asked as she approached to look out the door after throwing on a few items of clothing.

"It's me, Rob, your neighbor." Lizzie wasn't sure what was going on, but she figured she already asked who it was so now she was stuck.

She opened the door and there stood her young buck of a neighbor with a bouquet of daisies in his hand smiling.

"Oh, hi Rob, what's going on?" She tried to be nonchalant even though her core was on fire.

"I was just sitting at my apartment, and this morning I was thinking about you and how you probably needed some flowers as beautiful as you are in your house." Oh shit, she thought to herself. It had gotten so bad that Rob could smell her from the apartment next door.

"Thanks, Rob, but you didn't have to. Can we catch up some other time? I was about to head out for work." She forced a smile. Rob, unfortunately, smelled of day old booze and a greasy breakfast as he stood in front of her. The smell of man was beneath it, but not enough to overcome it at all. Although, given enough desperation, who knew.

"Why don't you have me in now, and we can get to know each other better." Rob's words confirmed her fears that her heat this time was much worse than last year. He had only hit on her once as they passed in the hallway. The trouble, of course, had been the demons and other beings that could smell her last year and why she had run to the bunker in the first place. She didn't want to be taken and mated to one of them.

Tomas had saved her then taking her to the two men that could keep her safe from it all. And they had, the interlude with Jeff after her cycle being the only time that either had cracked, and that didn't really count.

If Rob could smell her from the other apartment though, this was going to be too much for her to stay here. The other things that go bump in the night would surely be smelling her already.

"Rob, not a good time, sorry, go home." Lizzie slammed the door in his face after taking the flowers and ran to her room starting to pack. She paused only for a second to send Jeff a text"

"Jeff, heat's on, can I come stay again? It seems like I might need the seclusion?"

Lizzie continued packing, assuming they would help out. A few minutes later and she was not disappointed.

"No problem, come to the bunker, Kerry is there. I'm on a hunt for some items with Oz, but I'll let Kerry know to expect you and you can text him when you get there. Should be like 2 hours right?" Jeff's text was welcome and made her sigh with relief. Like it or not those boys had saved her ass last year, and it appeared she would need saving once more.

"Thanks - yea 2 hours."


Two hours later with two suitcases in her trunk and a laptop bag she pulled up to the bunker. A parking spot in the trees next to it meant her car was hidden from easy sight and then she texted Kerry.

"Hey, outside, can you come help with my bags?" Lizzie was almost safe and felt her heartrate coming down already. She had already stopped to get herself off once on the way here, so that she wouldn't be coming into the bunker in full heat for poor Kerry. Last year he had almost cracked a few times, but never allowed himself to go too far. She didn't want to put him in a bad position this time.

No response came on text, but a tap on the window startled her from her thoughts. She opened the door and there was Kerry.

"Hi Kerry, it's so good to see you." She didn't even think about it and wrapped her arms around his neck, which still required a reach even though she had her 4 inch heels on.

"Whoa, Lizzie, you are in full on heat huh? I mean it's good to see you, but oh my God you smell so good." Kerry pressed against her body inhaling deeply.

"Shit, I'm sorry Kerry, I just missed you guys. Here, help me with my bags and we'll just ignore the tent pole." Kerry had a full bulge after hugging her and he couldn't hide it. It was nice that Lizzie had a good sense of humor about it all though. He remembered last time and the running joke of how many boners each guy had gotten just from touching her. He supposed she was used to the reaction in men, but it still made him somewhat embarrassed.

"I guess that didn't take long, my bad. Should we start the tally again this year? I think Jeff won for highest number last year. Yeah, bags and we'll go inside." Kerry grabbed the two suitcases leaving her with only a laptop case and escorted her to the bunker door.

Once inside, the door was locked and she felt a sense of security wash over her. Kerry, on the other hand, immediately felt the bunker fill with her energy. He had nearly forgotten how powerful her presence had been when she was in heat. His body had clearly remembered though.

She glanced around the rooms as he watched her. He scanned the way her short sleeve green shirt clung to her shoulders and tits and how her waist melted perfectly into the black skirt she had on. He followed the line of her legs from her skirt, noting that she wore no hosiery underneath. Her black high heels completed the look, and before he knew it she stood staring back at him while he thoughtlessly rubbed at the bulge in his jeans.

"Fuck...I...let me take you to your room and then, I need a little time out, sorry about that Lizzie, but you know." He was embarrassed again. He didn't remember it being so strong that he resorted to touching himself in front of her, but he somehow had to this time. Could her essence have become stronger? Had he not been with anyone for that long, he could hardly work it out with the smell of her so close.

Lizzie followed Kerry down the corridor, admiring how he shuffled in his slippers, noting the broadness of his shoulders. Her heat was definitely stronger this year as she eyed him from behind. By the time they made it to her room at the far end of the corridor as far from the guys' rooms as possible she had soaked through her panties and didn't know if staying here was such a good idea. Of course, staying in a safe bunker with only two men, who were definitely human was a way better idea than staying in the world with hundreds too close for comfort - and not all human at that.

"Here you go, just you know make yourself at home and I'll be in my room for a few minutes and then we can maybe do lunch. Jeff'll be back in a day or two." Kerry was nervous and she looked down to see the full outline of his straining cock.

A few minutes went by as Lizzie unpacked her bags loading them into the all too familiar dresser in the room. Hanging up what needed to be in the small wardrobe and adding her shoes to that mix. Once done, she sat for a minute considering if she should change or stay in her more professional attire to go eat. She normally wouldn't have worn this, but a quick trip to the courthouse was required on her way over, and afterwards she sped over.

As she plugged in her laptop charger a smell entered her nostrils that halted her in the middle of a turn to get her cell phone. It was the smell of a man. Not just any smell, but a man in the middle of sex. The smell was unmistakable. Her heart beat sped up. It was during her heats that her heightened sense of smell would overtake her. She could smell anyone whose pheromones were increased, which of course seemed to happen when they were having sex, pleasuring themselves, or even having a sex dream. Last year she had a towel that was stuffed under her door at night and she knew not to be near the showers anytime the boys were in them just in case.

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