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Darla's Games Day 11

by Panthergirl 08/24/12

"Now, open your mouth wide and keep it open." Courtney instructed. I was already disgusted in anticipation. As I had figured, she popped another strawberry in her mouth and chewed it up. Then she leaned over my face and pushed the chewed up strawberry out with her tongue. Her aim was off and it landed on my forehead.

"Oops." Courtney laughed. I shuddered as the pulpy mess slid down the side of my head.

"Courtney." Farin spoke up for like the first time since we got up there.

"Farin?" Courtney smiled at her. "You come try it. See if your aim is better than mine."

"You push too far." Farin stated. I had to agree, but I wouldn't stop her regardless.

"I told you what your options were Farin. Not participating after opening your mouth is not one of them. So come and spit food into your girlfriend's mouth. Or go downstairs and visit my mom. Do one or the other now. Hell, you two have swapped a lot more than spit, shouldn't be a big deal."

Farin looked at me and I saw a look of ... pity? Disgust? It was hard to tell, but it wasn't love. "Sorry Carrie, I can't ..." she broke off. "I just can't. I'll be downstairs. Courtney, remember, I don't owe you shit so you best ease up a whole lot on my girlfriend."

Now, when Courtney said the word girlfriend, it was mocking. When Farin said it, it was protective, but with a hint that it was burdensome. I was hurt by both of their inflections. Farin left and Courtney spit food into my open mouth and face and made me scoop up what missed into my mouth and eat it. She fed me a lot this way and my face was an absolute mess when she was done. I cried for the second time after swearing to myself that I would not let this bitch make me cry again. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever gone through and I thought for sure that I would vomit about a dozen times. Somehow I fought my gag reflex and did not.

"This is great Carrie, I get the flavor and you get the calories. We'll have to work them off later." She giggled.

Courtney snapped a few pictures during and after. She taunted me the whole time, laughing and spitting food in my face and mouth. When she was satisfied with her pictures she sent me off to shower and I did so gladly.

I'm not sure how long I stayed in the water that I made as warm as my ass could handle, which was not very warm at all. When I finally did come out, there was nobody in Courtney's room. I went over and laid on my stomach and got into my homework. I worked without interruption for about an hour I would guess before Courtney and Farin came in.

Farin was kinda pouting. Courtney was smiling. I was quivering in fear.

"Please Courtney, no more today." I begged.

She laughed and closed the door behind her. "How is your homework coming?"

"I'm nearly done, just a few more science questions. Please Courtney?"

"Finish up, I need to get something anyway." She smiled so sweetly.

I went back to my homework and finished the last few problems. It only took a few minutes and I wish I weren't as quick, but it was too late as I closed up my books and put them in my backpack.

"Now, all you have to do is give me .... Hmmm..." She made a dramatic pause with a finger to her lips as if in deep thought. "five orgasms."

I was almost relieved. Rushing her to five orgasms would take a little while, but at least it wasn't humiliating or painful. What the fuck was I thinking? Being forced to give someone I didn't like that much five orgasms with my mouth wasn't humiliating? I was indeed becoming a slut. Deep sigh.

Then, I noticed she had one hand behind her back and I was apprehensive again. "Do you want any Farin?" she giggled to her. Farin bit her lip to stifle a response and shook her head to the negative.

"Okay then. Spread out that towel Carrie right there by the bed again." She waited for me to comply. "Good girl. Now, take this and center it on the towel, pour some lube on it and mount it. I don't really care which hole, but I think you want to preserve your virginity, so probably the back one." She laughed lightly. It was a dildo. It was a pretty decent length dildo, I'd guess around ten inches, but I didn't exactly have a ruler with me. It was very thin though, much much thinner than the plug or the strap on dildos the girls had used on me earlier that day. My asshole was screaming at me that this was a very bad idea after the pummeling it had taken earlier, but what choice did I have?

I looked to her for the referred to lubricant. Courtney smiled. "Use your spit silly slut. Deep throat it, because it is going deep up your ... well, I assume your ass."

I was repulsed, wondering where Courtney got it and where it had last been used. However, I knew I needed a lot of spit on it so I summoned up as much as I could get in my mouth and opened it around the plastic phallus. I didn't do anything vulgar like give it a blowjob, I just opened my mouth and took it to the back until it hit my gag reflex and just held there letting my saliva build, coat and drip down the fake cock.

"More." Courtney whispered into my ear. She had moved beside me and was leaning in to watch. "Take it into your throat for me Carrie."

I sobbed and pushed down, my gag reflex kicking in but I pressed on until about half of the plastic was past my lips with a couple of inches up into my throat. I held there, my throat trying to repel the intrusion as I fought the need to cough around it. From earlier experience I knew coughing hurt. I pulled back up and coughed and sputtered, thick gooey saliva sliding down in little rivers down the phallus.

"More." Courtney whispered.

I pushed down again, taking it deeper this time. My throat retracted, which hurt a little, but I got a good six inches past my lips this time before stopping to hold it. The unbending toy in my throat caused my eyes to tear up. It wasn't really crying, small victory.

"Oh Carrie, you wonderful slut." Courtney whispered in an excited voice. "If you take it all the way and kiss the base, I'll let you mount it. Otherwise, we'll keep going."

I choked and coughed up a thick creamy goo of saliva onto the cock. I came up for air, tears streaming down my cheeks. "I don't want to Courtney. Please, I don't think I can."

Courtney kissed my lips and held my cheeks softly. "Do it for me Carrie. You can do it. I know you can. Do it for me baby."

Oh, like that little kiss makes up for the fact that the bitch spit in my mouth. Still, I did want to get this over with as soon as possible. I knelt closer, hoping to be able to provide a straighter line down my throat. I took a deep breath and went down on the plastic prick once again. I opened my throat and went in, my gag reflex burning as it closed around the unyielding plastic. I quickly got past the point where I had just been, I knew it because it felt like new territory in my throat.

I looked at the floor, there were still a few inches between me and the base of this thing. My eyes were tearing up again and I pushed down again, getting closer. Still two inches and my throat was screaming at me to stop this ridiculous act. I went on... fighting the burning sensation, ignoring my tears, I lunged a little and making all kinds of wretched sounds around it, I finally did it. I took that entire, huge fucking thing down my throat. I made a loud kissing sound and looked through blurred vision to Courtney that she saw that so I wouldn't have to do this again.

She was making a video on her phone. My eyes flung open and I retracted myself from the enormous cock, coughing and hacking up thick saliva all along it. When I got off of it, I looked down, I had streamers of goo hanging between my lip and the phallus. I spit them off and watched as they slid so grotesquely down the length of the plastic dick.

Courtney clapped for me. "Oh Carrie, I can't believe you actually did that. Incredible! You are such a good slut. I mean who but a whore could pull that off? You are truly remarkable my little chochos."

I blushed bright red and bit back tears. I wiped the tears that had formed from all the gagging so I could see clearly again.

"Okay girl, now get your ass on that pole before your lube dries up and you have to deep throat it again." Courtney giggled.

My eyes burned daggers through her chest, but I complied. I tried to get over it by kneeling, but it was simply too long to get the right angle that way. So I stood over it and squatted down. As I said, it wasn't as wide as the many things that had been up my ass that day, so although my asshole had closed up and tried to resist, it really wasn't nearly as painful or difficult to get this thinner piece of plastic inside my ass. It was like as wide as two fingers tight together.

The length was another thing entirely. However, I had no intention of mounting this monster all the way, I slid down until I could shift to my knees. When I was on my knees I adjusted my position to face the couch and waited for Courtney to stop making her fucking videos and sit down.

"Such a natural. You know Carrie, if you let me whore you out to some boys in school, I could pay for the nose job I always wanted and totally let you off the hook. What do you think?" Courtney smiled so sweetly I wanted to rip her fucking teeth out.

"Can we just get this over with please Courtney?" "Ahh so eager to eat my cunt. I'm very glad that you are, don't get me wrong, it's just I really do like you Carrie and I wanted to help you find a way out of your mess with me. But, you are right, we should be together like this for a long time. Maybe we can go to college together and be roommies." She giggled.

I wasn't smiling back at all. She blew me a kiss and pointed at her crotch. I leaned forward. She wasn't helping me at all. I used my teeth to flip her skirt up. Next I had to use my tongue to shift her panties to the side to get at her pussy. She wouldn't even raise her ass to make it easier. She just watched me, panting in anticipation.

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