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Dave & Diane Ch. 3

by AnnabelleandJay 02/06/01

Diane took the cue and not even waiting for Lisa's reaction, lifted the riding crop and brought it down hard across the young woman's ass. Diane could see Lisa jerk, but only slightly, to the blow of the lash. Without any hesitation, Lisa replied, "Yes Mistress. Yes, Master," and peeled the thin silver fabric off of her body revealing herself to Dave. She was wearing a silver, boned waist cincher, pulled in so tight it seemed that her waist was merely inches around. In comparison, her hips and breasts seemed even larger contrasted to the tiny waist.

"She is beautiful," Diane thought to herself. "Christ, she looks like a Barbie doll with that body." Diane couldn't take it any longer. She had been staring at Lisa's body all day and now she just had to touch and be touched. She walked around in front of Lisa and moved within inches of the girl's face.

"Do you like the way you look now, slave?" Diane asked.

"Yes, Mistress," was the soft reply.

"Why, slave?" Diane continued.

"Because Mistress likes it." Lisa answered, still looking at the floor.

"How do you know Mistress likes it?" Diane said.

"Because I can see how wet she is," the girl replied fearfully.

"Then get down and do something about it," Diane ordered.

With that, Lisa knelt down and leaning forward began to lap with her tongue at Diane's dripping cunt. Diane looked at Dave and could tell he was enjoying it almost as much as she was. He had pulled his stiff cock out of his trousers and began gently stroking it as he watched his wife being eating by this beautiful young woman.

Diane grabbed Lisa's head and pulled the girl's face deeper into her crotch. She could feel Lisa's tongue working to go deeper and deeper into her vagina, struggling to drink every drop of juice in her. Diane began to pump her hips, grinding her shaved cunt against Lisa's mouth. The girl had taken both the ring and Diane's clit into her mouth and was hungrily sucking on both, as her tongue worked the clit around and around. Whether Lisa had done this before or was just a naturally gifted, Diane could tell the young woman had a real talent for eating pussy. As the girl worked on her throbbing and swollen clit, Diane could feel her own orgasm approach. She jerked and twitched as the wave approached and Lisa responded, driving her mouth harder into Diane's cunt. Diane exploded as Lisa eagerly lapped at the new surge of fluid from Diane's cunt.

Diane opened her eyes to find the young woman still eagerly licking and kissing her now swollen cunt lips. She glanced over and saw Dave, his cock in hand and on fire from watching the two women. Diane struggled to regain the performance of the Mistress.

"Slave!" she barked, getting back into her character. "Your Master wants you to suck him." And with that, Lisa scrambled over and leapt on Dave’s cock, devouring it in one large swallow. Diane looked at the young woman, deep throating her husband's cock with abandon. She could see Lisa working desperately please to Dave. She wildly locked onto Dave's shaft and pumped her mouth repeatedly until Diane could see the blonde girl's gag reflex kicking in as Dave's cock was now buried deep into her throat. Diane looked at her husband's face contorted in delight and a small twinge of jealousy hit her. Lisa was sucking her husband's cock with an abandon Diane could never offer. Dave was lost in the delight of the best blowjob of his life.

Lisa worked the head of Dave's cock with her lips and teeth as she pumped the shaft with her hand. Dave was thrusting his cock furiously into Lisa mouth as he plunged back into the girl's throat. Diane saw that the young woman's cunt was dripping wet as Lisa moaned and struggled to work her free hand inside her. Diane raised her arm and brought the riding crop swiftly down on Lisa tight ass cheeks.

"Slave!" Diane screamed. "That belongs to me and I will tell you when you can touch it!

Lisa whimpered, but continued to pump her hips, hoping for something to rub against that would offer her relief. Diane brought the crop down again on the girl's rounded ass, but this blow evoked only a moan of pleasure. Diane quickly put on a dildo harness she bought this afternoon. Attached to the harness was a large, black plastic cock, which Diane now smeared with lubricant and moved in behind Lisa.

Diane positioned the head of the fake cock against the girl's wet opening and with a strong thrust of her hips watched as the large dong separated the tufts of blonde pubic hair and dripping cunt lips and pushed inside. Diane was enthralled at the sight of the large plastic dick impaling the girl on each thrust. She now felt the power that Dave, or any man felt, when guiding an invading cock into a woman. "Now this is real penis envy," Diane laughed to herself. She began to furiously thrust her hips into the shaking blonde.

Lisa was now bucking and sucking in a crazed sexual frenzy, as she responded to being in between both Dave and Diane. She was pounding her face into Dave's crotch, stuffing his cock as far down her throat as it would go, while the plastic cock disappeared into her hungry cunt. Diane shook her head in amazement looking at Lisa's desire to please and the passion that now filled this beautiful young woman. Diane could feel the young girl's body shudder as her orgasm began. She had never witnessed, in person, another woman's orgasm, but was overwhelmed with desire as Lisa's body convulsed and shook. She backed away, pulling the plastic cock from it's hot tunnel and slipped two fingers into the girl's sopping pussy, working them slowly in and out.

"Do you want your Mistress to finger your little pussy, Slave?" Diane said.

"Ohhhhhh, yes, Mistress! Please touch me!" the girl whined, trying to talk with Dave's cock stuffed into one side of her mouth as she lifted her hips to Diane.

Diane smiled at the sight of Lisa offering her cunt up for more attention and added a third finger inside the blonde's hole. She could almost feel the young woman cunt sucking her fingers deeper inside as her slit continued to stretch, offering little resistance to Diane’s exploring hand. Diane was amazed at Lisa's ability to relax her cunt and totally open up to whatever was there. Diane's strap-on dildo has been a tight fit moments before when she entered the young woman. Diane could feel Lisa's cunt craving more of her hand and slipped four fingers and all of the knuckles of her hand inside, leaving only the web of her thumb hooked on the outside, as she rubbed Lisa's cunt in a large circle motion. Lisa went wild, pumping wildly against Diane's intruding hand.

Diane could tell from the tense muscles of Dave's neck and glazed look in his eyes that he was approaching one hell of an orgasm. Sensing the right moment to push, Diane pulled in her thumb and, just as Dave was about to explode into Lisa's mouth, she pushed her fist into the blonde's steaming cunt. Dave and Lisa erupted together, both shuddering with delight. Dave was spurting jets of semen into Lisa's mouth, on her face, and across her shoulders, as his orgasm seemed endless. Diane looked on in amazement, astounded by the amount of cum spurting out of Dave's cock, far more that she'd seen in the twenty-five years of their marriage. He was covering the young blonde with his hot sperm as he clenched his teeth and rocketed stream after stream over her. Lisa was howling, as her body shook with the spasms as she tried to work herself deeper onto Diane's arm, now pushed deep inside her. Diane was dumbfounded as she slid her fist in and out of Lisa’s now gaping passage. Earlier that day, the girl's cunt had been so tight, but as if on command, the muscles and tissues seemed to melt and fall away. "God," Diane thought remember how hard she had worked to stretch her own vagina, "I wish I could do that!"

"Oh, please Mistress! Please don't stop! Please push harder." Lisa begged.

Diane, seeing that Lisa was about to come again, quick pulled her dripping hand out and stuffed several fingers into the girl's mouth.

"Clean my hand off," Diane snapped, trying to push aside her desire to continue fisting the girl, and get back in control. "Lick it clean," she demanded.

Diane moved next to Dave and whispered into his ear as Lisa continued to lick her hand. "Wow, where did that come from?" she asked softly referring to his massive ejaculation. He smiled and she kissed him deeply. "You've got to try this," she said gesturing to Lisa's still twitching hips. "Slave, get on your hand and knees with your ass over her!" Diane said to Lisa. Lisa quickly obeyed and thrust her ass up in the air in front of Dave.

"Watch this," Diane said softly to Dave, as she took his hand and place it into the girl's wide slit. With a small push, Dave pulled his fingers together and slipped his hand inside the blonde's slippery cunt. Diane could see the look of astonishment on his face as his hand quickly disappeared inside Lisa. The girl started rocking back and forth as she forced his large hand deeper inside her. Dave and Diane exchanged look of excitement and amazement at the sight of the beautiful young blonde worked furiously to please. Dave smiled at Diane and nodded to the large jar of lubricant near Diane. She knew instantly what he meant and dug a handful of the slippery goo out of the container. As Dave smoothly stroked his hand and forearm deep inside the woman's cunt, Diane pushed a slippery finger into Lisa's tight asshole.

"Ahhhhhhhh," the blonde groaned.

Diane pushed her finger deeper, forcing her knuckle past the tight, pink ring, which offered only minimal resistance. Diane began to circle her finger inside Lisa's ass, massaging the puckering anus into an ever-enlarging opening with each circle. Diane could feel Dave's hand moving inside Lisa's vaginal passage as she slipped a second, and then a third finger, into the girl's ass.

"Ohhhh, Mistress. Please, I'll do anything you want me to, just don't stop," Lisa begged.

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