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Diane's Modeling Mistake

by dandd 05/28/06

Diane took a deep breath and started to undo the buttons on her dress. She kept looking around intensely for anyone else that might be lurking around. It was bad enough that Cindy was going to see her almost completely naked. She didn't really want someone else she worked with to see her standing there topless in a thong. Diane slowly slid her dress down and stepped out of it. There she stood nothing covering her body except for a small black Victoria's Secret bra and matching thong.

Cindy was trying hard not to be obvious, but Diane could tell that she was checking out her body. Diane closed her eyes and slowly unhooked her bra. She slowly removed it and tossed it onto the makeup table. She turned to Cindy and asked her for the first dress. Cindy turned around and pulled a dress off of the rack. When she turned back around towards Diane, her gaze went to Diane's chest.

Diane suddenly became aware that her nipples were fully erect! She wasn't sure if it was the cold or the excitement, but obviously Cindy noticed too. At this point she really wanted this night to be over quickly. It was embarrassing enough standing in her panties with her bare breasts exposed in front of Cindy.

As Cindy handed Diane the dress, she gazed at Diane's naked breasts. Diane had nice slightly tan, quarter sized nipples. Cindy was by no means a lesbian, but she did have to admit to herself that Diane had nice boobs! Glancing down, she also noticed that Diane was showing a bit of camel toe. Cindy couldn't see any pubic hair and figured that Diane must be a shaver. Cindy figured that Diane wore a very small pair of panties in order to be able to wear them with the tight dresses she would be modeling tonight. But, Cindy knew that she wouldn't be able to wear any panties in a few of the later dresses. Diane also knew that a few of the dresses required the model to be nude underneath, but wasn't ready to lose her panties just yet.

Diane finished putting on the dress and looked to Cindy for her approval. Cindy could easily see Diane's nipples poking out through the fabric of the dress. But more than that, her areolas were definitely visible as well. Her black thong also stood out through the pink fabric, but without panties Cindy wondered exactly what would be visible to everyone.

Cindy looked at Diane and told her that she looked great. While Cindy did think that Diane looked great, she was also very grateful that she wasn't in her shoes. There were going to be a whole lot of guys from the office with their cameras and Cindy knew she couldn't handle being seen it dresses like this in front of everyone. But she had to admit that all of the men from the office were going to love this show tonight. Diane has always been considered one of the office hotties, but no one had ever seen her like they were going to tonight.

Diane modeled the rest of the dresses that might need altered without any more problems arising. The night seemed like it was going well after all.

There were only five minutes left until the show started and Diane's nerves were absolutely shot. "I need a drink very bad!" Diane nervously said to Cindy. Cindy figured that Diane was probably right and went to get her a glass of wine.

Diane drank the first glass down like a shot and commanded Cindy to fetch her another glass of wine. Cindy complied with the order, but warned her that being drunk in high heeled shoes on the catwalk was not a good idea. Diane agreed, but in order to be able to pull this off she needed some "liquid encouragement."

The fashion show was about to begin. Diane could hear her co-workers and bosses all filling up the seats around the runway. Then she heard the announcer telling the people about what they were about to see. Diane's fashion show was finally going to happen; this was a big opportunity for her. She knew that she was going to be deathly embarrassed out on the runway, but she had to perform her best for the sake of her career.

As Greg found his seat, the announcements were going on. Apparently, this was Diane's premiere summer collection. It contained a collection of dresses and club-wear meant to appeal to the Spring Break crowd. Greg figured that the dresses would be small and knew that Diane would look smoking hot modeling them.

Backstage, Diane and the other models were in their first outfits of the night. They were all lined up and ready to strut on the runway. Suddenly, Diane saw the first model walk out through the curtain and knew that her turn was quickly coming up. Because there were only three models, they had been instructed to walk slowly. The models that weren't on the runway would need time to change, so the show would flow seamlessly.

Greg had seen the first two models walk out and back and finally, Diane popped out from behind the curtain. She did look stunning! She was wearing a black slinky dress that hugged her form very well. This was a very sexy dress indeed, but Greg wasn't sure why Diane was so embarrassed about modeling. She looked just as good as the other models to him and she walked the runway like a pro. These dresses were definitely sexy, but nothing she hadn't worn to a Christmas Party or two.

The whole room was absolutely buzzing when Diane walked out on the catwalk. A lot of people had no idea that she was going to be one of the models. Her boss (and of course the male employees) seemed to have more enthusiasm about the show after she appeared. Greg could see all of Diane's co-workers whispering to each other re-affirming who they just saw.

Diane's boss was very surprised to see Diane was modeling. He knew that she was having trouble finding models, but he never expected her to actually step in as a model herself. He figured this is why she waited until the eleventh hour to tell him everything was going to be alright. He really had to admire her for standing in; she was really showing her dedication to the company.

The show continued flawlessly, but two things did stick out in the back of Greg's mind. Diane had modeled five dresses so far and each dress seemed to be a bit skimpier than the last dress. How far would this trend continue? Also, there seemed to be a noticeably greater amount of photographs taken when Diane was on the Catwalk. Of course, there were the professional photographers, hired to cover the show. But there were also guys shooting pictures with personal cameras and even cell phones when Diane would appear. Greg wasn't stupid, he knew that a lot of the guys were taking photos of Diane and he doubted they were for business purposes. Greg wasn't mad though, he thought of it as compliment. Obviously he wasn't the only guy who thought that Diane was beautiful.

About halfway through the show Diane once again walked back to the dressing area. Cindy was holding the next dress for her to wear. This dress was definitely skimpier than the previous ones. This was where the show was really going to test her limits. Diane slipped off the other dress and waited for Cindy to hand her the next dress. But, Cindy reminded her that she wouldn't be able to wear her panties with this dress. The panty line would ruin the desired effects of the dress.

Diane paused for a second, but she knew what she had to do. She quickly pulled down her panties and threw them on the makeup counter. There she was backstage completely naked in front of her assistant, while her husband, boss and co-workers were just on the other side of the wall. Cindy handed her the dress, but while doing so took in another eyeful of Diane's body. The situation was also a strange one for Cindy. She was also a bit embarrassed to be standing right next to her nude boss. Cindy had worked for Diane for the past few years and they had always gotten along very well. But, they weren't exactly old friends, they were just really good colleagues.

Cindy looked Diane over as she was trying to get her dress on. She had been right, Diane was a shaver. Diane had the smallest little runway strip that Cindy had ever seen. Cindy really had to admire Diane's nice body. She now understood why all of the guys at work were infatuated with Diane. Diane had a very pretty face and a nice body to match. Her boobs were nice and round and seemed to be quite firm. But, Diane's little runway strip really stood out to her. Diane's bald pink little pussy looked especially naughty with a little strip of hair just above it. Cindy wasn't positive, but it looked like Diane might be a bit excited.

Diane quickly slipped in the dress and looked in the mirror. Diane could see that her nipples were clearly showing through the sheer material in the front of the dress. The fact that the auditorium was air conditioned and losing her panties made her nipples poke out even more prominently through her dress. For a second she thought that her little "strip" in front of her pussy was visible, but she couldn't be completely sure. She was still half- blind from all of the camera flashes she had just been exposed to.

Greg (and probably everyone else) was all eagerly awaiting to see what Diane was going come out wearing next. When Diane finally walked back out from the behind the curtain and the cameras went crazy. As she walked closer and closer, Greg could tell what all the fuss was about.

The dress that Diane was wearing was very transparent in the bright lights of the stage. From a distance it was noticeable that she wasn't wearing any underwear, but no details were visible. But as she got closer and closer, her nipples really became clearly visible. Greg could swear that he could even see the little strip in front of her pussy. This dress was definitely made for a club with lower light levels and up on the stage with the bright lights and camera flashes, Diane was showing even more than she realized. She was basically walking down the runway in a piece of colored thin mesh. When she stopped at the end of the runway to pose and turn around, the camera went nuts again. The dress was sheer enough that you could see the way up to where Diane's legs ended. As she walked away, it became apparent to everyone that her ass was also very visible through the dress. The dress was cut so short seemed like her ass might pop out of the bottom of the dress at any moment! Diane had a nice little bubble butt that definitely drove the guys wild, but alas she was able to make it backstage with the dress in place.

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