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Did It Really Happen?

by lucioz 06/18/10

This is one of my fantasies, hope you enjoy it, I did.

Just a short story, but still think about it ... you tell me.

Just a bit about me, I am a natural blonde, hair past my shoulders, 5-9, slim, 34c -- 25 -- 34, nearly 34 years old. I love scuba diving, swimming, and lying in the sun.

I was lying on a secluded beach, I call it my 'private beach,' where no one goes. You have to know where it is, for its 25 minutes from the small country town where I live, and that is three hours from the closest big city, so I feel very safe there.

Sometimes my husband and I have made love there, and even slept there on hot summer nights.

We live in a tourist town, in Western Australia.

To this day, I still can't make up my mind about what happened. But whatever it was, it was very enjoyable, but bewildering.

I had a few days off work, so I thought I would take my dog on the back of my quad bike down to the beach, which is 5 minutes away.

It was a typical hot oz summer day, around 36 Celsius (that's about 96 degrees Fahrenheit) so I put a big umbrella, water, towel, some fruit, on my bike, then headed off to the beach.

As I have explained, no one comes to this beach, so I just went there in a pair of shorts, and a floppy tee shirt, with a small thong underneath. Oh, and my big hat.

My dog jumped on the back of my bike. My husband had made a carrier for her and that's where she loves to sit when we go quad bike riding. So off we went.

I put up the umbrella, laid out my towel, took off my tee shirt, and my shorts, leaving on only my very small thong, what you call a Brazilian one ... very brief. My husband likes the little white lines that it leaves on my tanned skin. So do lots of guys who have seen me in my thong, when I have been laying by the pool, while I am away with my work, at the hotels I stay in.

I then ran to the water for a swim, it's nice, and clear, warm water, no surf. I had taken my snorkel with me, so I could just lie around in the water, swimming with my dog. She loves the water like me.

After about an hour, we got out of the water, I sat on the sand with my feet in the water, she ran up to the shade of the big umbrella, where her bowl of water was. After having a shake, she laid down watching me.

As I sat there, I was thinking. One of my fantasies was to be on my beach and this big guy would walk along, then just ask me 'would you like to fuck?' Which I did, 'pretty kinky hey.' Just thinking of it got me a bit horny, because I enjoy sex very much, not that I have had that many partners, male or female.

I could feel the heat of the sun, so I went and sat under the shade of my umbrella, had some water, then some fruit, giving my dog some biscuits.

I picked up my book, lying down to read it. I could feel my eyes starting to droop, for I was late getting to bed last night. Well, really it was this morning, around 2 am, before I got to sleep, I was still on a high from work. For me, it's a 3-hour drive home from the airport, plus we were 25 minutes late getting in from Singapore.

Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you, I am a flight attendant, that's why I was late getting to bed, plus I had my husband to contend with first, mmmmmmm! After all, I had been away for a few days.

So I picked up my book and started reading it, but my mind would not let go of what I had been thinking, 'my fantasy.' I could not concentrate on my book, for I was starting to feel horny, yet drowsy.

I put my book down, looking around, thinking, 'its not going to happen today' for there was, as usual, no one on my beach. So I just lay down, thinking, dreaming, letting my hands wander to my nipples, 'Hey, what are you doing?' I thought, 'you have only made love a few hours ago, what's wrong with you?' But I could not help it, maybe it was the sun, and the quietness, getting to me.

I started to doze off, still thinking of my fantasy, then I seemed to hear a voice, saying 'Hi' but I thought nothing of it.

Then I heard a voice say, "Hey, are you ok?" then, "oh God, you are gorgeous."

I just lay there, not knowing if I was hearing things. I seemed to look at where the voice was, replying "Yes I'm ok, thanks for asking."

"You are getting burnt like that, just laying there, would you like me to rub some oil on you?" I heard him say.

"Oh yes please if you do not mind," I replied.

With that, I rolled onto my stomach, I heard a gasp, I smiled to myself, knowing what he was looking at. I have been told lots of times, that my bum is 'a killer bum' and here it was with just a thin string going between my bum cheeks, and I was letting a complete stranger put oil on it.

He put some oil on my shoulders, working his way down to my 'string in the bum crack,' feeling him taking his time caressing it, letting his fingers slide down my crack into my sex, feeling the oil running down there.

I willingly let my legs open, as I felt the heat of my sex, starting to tingle, feeling it wanting to be touched, entered, by this complete stranger. I could not see his face, as much as I wanted to. It would not focus, he just seemed to be giving me so much pleasure, my whole body, from my nipples to my sex seemed to be on fire.

I felt a finger touch my anal place. I gasped, as I felt it enter my entrance, then it seemed to touch my sex, my clit, making me jump, with the feelings he was giving me. I could not help myself, as I felt his finger enter my sex, so easily, for I was so hot, and the oil on his hands made it easy. Then I felt one of his other fingers play around with my anal entrance, just pushing the tip into me.

I started to cum, I raised my hips trying to get him to put more of his fingers inside, I grabbed hold of the towel, as I fucked his fingers, crying into the towel, "Oh, oh, oh fuck, fuckkkkkkkkk, ohhhhhhh Godddddd!" I cried. I was cumming on this complete stranger's fingers so quick, so wantonly. I tried to hold his wrist, to stop him, but I just did not seem to be able to stop him, I just smiled at him, as he leant over to kiss me.

He waited for a few minutes, before he took his fingers out of me, letting me get my breath back. Then they went down to my legs, rubbing the oil onto them, I felt his hands starting to work their way back up, hoping he would take more time with my sex, and my anal entrance, for I wanted more ... lots more.

'Smack,' he gave my bum a light smack, saying, "Ok gorgeous, turn over."

I turned over, knowing he would be able to see my 'oh so hard nipples' because I had no top on. For some reason, I felt no shame with this stranger.

He was kneeling by my side, as he leant over me, starting to oil my breasts, my shoulders, I put out my arms, trying to give him more access to my body, feeling one drop on his knees, resting on his bare leg.

We did not speak, as he started to oil my shoulders, then he went to my breasts, 'Oh God, oh God', his hands were so smooth, yet so firm, as they tweaked, my, oh so hard nipples, cupping my breasts, gently squeezing them, rolling the nipples in his fingers. I was crying in ecstasy, never had I felt like this so much. My body was aflame with pleasure, I could feel my juices seeming to run out of me, my thong must have been soaking with them, running down into my anal entrance.

He worked his way down my body. I just seemed to be going from one orgasm to another. I never seemed to finish one, before the next one started, as he oiled my legs, letting his hand go to my so wet thong, and onto my clit, then around my entrance, then up to my sex, back onto my legs.

My legs just seemed to open by themselves, giving this stranger complete access to my body, my sex. But he did not touch it, content with just letting his hands run up to my sex, my apex, then down my other leg, driving me wild, I wanted him, I needed him, so much.

I was crying in ecstasy, trying to pull him onto me, enter me, fuck me, I needed him inside me, fucking me, letting him do whatever he wanted to me, I would not have been able to stop him, he could do whatever he wanted to me.

He seemed to go on playing with me, caressing me, bringing me so close, but not there, I was screaming for release.

Then I felt my knees bending, as I felt as if someone was between my legs, lifting them over their legs, as they knelt down, raising my hips, getting ready to enter me, feeling something hitting my entrance, it felt huge, blunt, thick, so hard.

I looked up, seeing this body, but still no face above me, looking down at me, hearing a howling noise, as it rubbed 'that thing' in my juices.

My hands were trying to grab the sand, as this thing, was trying to force its way inside me. I felt it open up my outer lips, then forcing its way to my inner lips. I tried to pull away from this invading monster, but I couldn't move. But all the time I wanted it inside me, pleasuring me, but at the same time frightened at the size of it, the thickness of it.

I wriggled around, as I felt it start to enter me, forcing its way between my inner lips, into my sex tunnel, 'Oh God,' I thought, 'he will spilt me' as it forced its way into my sex tunnel, making it open to accept this monster.

I tried to stop him, pushing my hands into the air, as I seemed to feel more of this monster entering me, opening me. I felt as if I was about to burst, it seemed to be inside my stomach.

I realised the more I wriggled around on it, the more it penetrated me, then it seemed to leave me, I felt so empty. 'What has happened?' I thought, but I still could not see my lover's face.

Then once again, I felt this monster, 'oh how I wanted it.' I could feel my sex, wanting to be invaded by this monster, feeling my sex juices running down into my anal entrance, as I opened my legs once again to it, as I lifted my hips up to meet it once again.

I sensed it at my entrance, my partly open sex tunnel, then with one push, I felt it tear into me. I screamed in pain, as it invaded my deepest depths, seeming to push up deeper into my stomach, and beyond.

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