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Dinner with the Boss Ch. 3

by Rod Walloper 12/20/01

"Wait,." Herb said suddenly. "I want you in the ass, baby. Yeah, that's what I want. I want to shove my cock up your sweet little asshole. Turn over, Carolyn."

"Go on, turn over, and raise up on your knees."

In spite of her revulsion, Carolyn moved slowly, hesitantly, into position.

Herb put his hand to her hips and pulled her backwards while his other hand steadied and pressed her head down into the pillow, her buttocks waving defensively in the air.

He bared his teeth, and then reached out and spread her pulsating hips wider, and Carolyn felt his thumbs spread her buttocks and open the tiny puckered hole of her anus to his lustful gaze as he gaped at the ivory moons of her ass cheeks, so creamy white and smooth as they stretched before him. He could hardly wait for her to squirm and cry beneath his impaling rod.

He ground the head of his log-like cock along the narrow valley of her defenseless ass, pressing the soft cheeks of flesh around it. Then he leaned forward and ran his tongue along the small of her back before working his way down to lick at the crevice between her smooth buttocks. He dropped yet lower, his thumbs on either side of her ass and spread the straining cheeks until the muscles of her thighs relaxed a little.

Herb crouched until his face was in a direct line with the pink edges of her excited pussy, and as he watched the fleshy coral folds seemed to throb and part of their own accord and he could see the moistness which was forming on the hair-lined cunt lips. Carolyn cast caution aside and with building desire teasingly edged her buttocks further back and lewdly spread her legs to him so that her naked pussy was on full display to his salacious gaze.

He moved forward, his face but an inch from the softness of her public hair which now hung like a soft beard from the mouth of her cunt, and the odor of her fragrant pussy was one of overwhelming sweetness. He blew into to her and her vaginal cavern flowered open still more, and she groaned and trembled, the pink flesh between her thighs glistening from her sexual excretions.

He blew between her splayed buttocks again and she felt her pussy open to him, naked and furry and wet. Herb grinned obscenely into the wide valley of the beautiful woman's defenseless loins, he bent forward, prying the lust-twisted cheeks wider with his thumbs until she was stationary and unprotected before him. Then in one quick movement he shot his tongue out and deep into the trembling lips of her vagina. He heard her gasp from his sudden thrust and then with a sigh she leaned back into him, her cuntal walls expanding and contracting around his long probing tongue. Her breath exploded in small gasps as he flicked and swirled his probe crazily around inside her, her buttocks grinding against his face, his nose embedded deep, deep within the passion-drenched folds of her pulsating young cunt.

He worked behind the kneeling Carolyn, making wet sluicing noises with each plunge of his tongue as her cries echoed round the room. He pushed his face tighter against her sensitive crotch and he sucked and teased it unmercifully with his teeth and lips.

"Ooooohhhhh," Carolyn moaned, her mind and body lost to the completely uncontrollable sensations of his sucking. Her cunt flowed, and her fluids mingled with Herb's saliva and trickled down her legs. She was going to cum, and her whole body began to quiver in anticipation.

Herb sensed her impending climax and he knew it was time to ram his cock into the seething tunnel of her ass. He wanted her to cum with his long cock deep up in her belly, so that he could explode his charge of cum into her bowels. He slithered to his knees, working his hips into position behind her wet loins, pressing himself tightly to the open crack of her ass. He taunted her until her whimpers drifted back to him, running the head around the tiny puckered opening. Then he introduced the smooth rubbery head into her saliva lubricated channel.

"AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!", she screamed. "No! Oh, God no! You're hurting me."

She tried to pull away, but Herb only grinned and held her tighter in his bear hug. He constantly pressured until inch by slow tormenting inch, her rectum accepted his cock. Then with a brutal, sadistic, thrust he suddenly rammed forward, his cock soaring into her tight, resisting asshole, never stopping until it had pushed through the resisting tunnel like some giant battering ram.

Her cries changed to gasping moans as Herb drove deeper into the softness of her belly. The pressure of his cock and his straining thighs forced her rectum still wider and the warm, forbidden depths of her passage flowered open before him.

Herb slowly withdrew his cock and then wormed his way back in. He could feel his foreskin peel back and he looked down in lustful delight as his cock was ovaled by her pink-rimmed asshole. His vicious cock surged onwards, until his pubic hair grazed and flattened against her writhing buttocks. Then he began to saw mercilessly and hummed with delight. Carolyn clenched the sheet and begged for the pain to lessen, and magically it did ease and she felt strangely wet and open between her legs. The combination of pain and pleasure was beginning to make her respond, and she involuntarily started to undulate her buttocks in tiny circles.

He gouged deeper, the pressure on his cock tight and exhilarating and Carolyn, mindless with growing acceptance, reached behind her and cupped his swinging balls as they slapped against her hair-covered cuntal opening. She found weird pleasure in touching his balls and then she located her own clitoris and stroked it, moving her finger in time with his thrusting cock.

"Oh, yes darling," she hissed, "fuck my ass." She heaved backwards, swallowing the last centimeter of his cock. "Fuck my ass!" Dear God, she was hopelessly impaled.


"Fuck me," Linda Thorson demanded of Tony Bates.

"God, yes," Tony answered, his huge cock throbbing with anticipation.

"Tell me that you want to," She moaned.

Jesus, I want to fuck you and fuck you," he panted.

"Lover man," she groaned, "I've got your key and you've got my pussy. I'm going to enjoy that inside me, twisting in my cunt."

Linda let Tony lower her to the floor, his hand massaging her soft pubic triangle, the pungent aroma of her cunt so strong it stung Tony's nostrils.

"Finger me," she groaned, her hand reaching up to stroke his balls and the base of his cock, "Shove your fingers up in my pussy."

Her own fingers on his blood-hardened cock kept stroking up and down and Tony obeyed her instructions, his fingers pushing through the entrance to her hair-lined pussy to thrust deep into her cunt, his thumb massaging her erect clit at the same time. She wriggled and moaned beneath his touch and he pressed harder, pulling the fluted edges of her slit wider, his hand rubbing up and down her moist crotch as he tweaked her clit.

Linda began to beat his pulsing cock harder and Tony could wait no longer. He raised up on his knees between her thighs and quickly looked around. Sylvia was having her pussy licked by Paul Thorson while Phillip was hidden from view by the back of the couch, though his head would raise up from time to time. From below him came the panting mewls of Jennie Marlowe and Tony pictured what they were doing - maybe Phillip was fucking her doggie fashion or...maybe he was fucking her in the asshole!

"Uuuuhhhh," moaned Linda. She spread her thighs below him and arched off the rug, pulling her vaginal lips back with her fingertips so as to expose the naked slit. Then she lunged upward with a savage thrust, impaling herself on his great cock.

"Aaaahhhhh!" she wailed as he pushed deeper inside her, "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Tony felt the warm sheath of her hot cunt slide wetly along his sensitive shaft, and his cock raced to her extreme depths, battering against her cervix, her lubrication making wet sucking sounds as he thrust in and out. His balls slapped against her firm buttocks and Linda gave a low groan, pushing and shoving her hips harder against his groin. He reached under her and between the cheeks of her ass while he drove his rampaging cock into her welcoming pussy, and searched until he found the tiny puckered ring of her anus. He pushed hard, feeling the muscle give, and then his finger slid into her rectum.

"I love it," she cried. "It hurts, but I love it. Don't stop." She screwed her ass down on his finger tighter. "More, more. I want all of it."

Tony could feel the underside of his cock sliding against his finger through the thin wall of flesh which separated them and he pushed his finger deeper into her ass until the palm of his hand was resting flat against her buttocks.

She became caught up in his savage rhythm and opened her legs wider so that he could thrust deeper inside her. Tony's prick expanded until he thought his sperm-laden balls were going to burst and he knew he couldn't last much longer. With a howl of passion he rammed his cock and his finger in perfect cadence into her holes.

"Ooooohhhh," she cried, "Fuck it harddd," as she pulled her knees up and back against her chest. She clasped her legs to hold them in position, her heels pounding on the sides of his back, until the whole of her vaginal slit was offered up to him, and his craving cock drubbed into her as her eyes rolled back, showing the whites. Then, in her ecstasy, she locked her legs up around his back as her loins jerked and spasmed against his thighs.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming. God, please don't stop," she wailed. She squeezed his cock like it was a tube caught in a vise, and it was all he could do to force his way through the locked muscles of her cunt.. But then he felt the maddening rush of his sperm as his balls contracted. Waves of cum gushed up his cock and out the tiny opening in the end, pouring into her overflowing cunt in a seemingly endless torrent. She sucked at his discharge with her pussy until, drained, the two of them collapsed. Linda was little more than a rag doll beneath his body, his cock still lodged deep in her cunt, allowing the final dregs of cum to dribble forth.

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