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Donna's Fishing Trip

by sharedhousewife 10/25/07

At the same time, I could feel Scott's hands and tongue exploring my lower body. His strong, warm hands ran downwards along my rib cage and under the small of my back. He then began to squeeze my ass cheeks, pulling them apart and teasing and massaging my asshole with his thumb. Lifting my hips, he placed a pillow beneath them and then buried his face between my legs and into my naked labia. Firmly stroking and massaging my inner thighs, he spread me wide open and with quick wisps from the tip of his tongue, brought my clit to full attention! I was writhing in ecstasy!

Guttural moans escaped from me, as I grabbed Dan's cock with both hands and started pumping him into my mouth! I then licked just around the rim and head of his hard shaft, putting the tip of my tongue into his slit. I could taste the first droplets of Dan, as he tried to stave off cumming then and there! In the meantime, Scott had now gone from swift little nips at my clit to licking my pussy in long, penetrating tongue laps! I could feel my pussy brimming with hot juices! Every nerve in my body was on full alert and tingled to the point of a sweltering heat! Having these two sets of hands, mouths, tongues and cocks on me and in me was beyond the physical realm! I was here, but I wasn't. I was me, but I wasn't. It was all so wonderfully real, but not real!

Dan withdrew his throbbing cock from my hungry mouth and knelt down on the side of the bed. He took my head in his hands and began kissing me. Gently at first, and then more aggressively! He parted my lips with his tongue and pressed himself deep into my mouth. Instinctively I began to suck his tongue! Dan took my hands from his face and held my arms straight down on the bed never leaving my mouth. Scott, still wildly fucking me with his tongue, spread the lips of my pussy open and inserted two fingers! My hips began to thrust upwards meeting his tongue and fingers in rhythmic motion! I was on fire! My body was aching for relief, but greedy for pleasure! It wouldn't be long before my juices would wash over Scott's tongue and face like Niagara Falls!

With my arms still pinned down, Dan maneuvered himself over me where he was straddling my chest now holding me in place with his knees. His left hand held my head up to his cock and my tongue swirled over and around the rim and head of his cock while he jerked it in my mouth! Scott now held my legs pressed against his cheeks and buried his face and tongue deeper into my hot lava! His two inserted fingers became three along with his tongue thrusting and fucking faster and harder. Dan joined Scott's pace and began jerking his cock in my mouth at the same rhythm.

My body was tensing and I knew I was going to erupt soon! I began to breathe deeply, wanting to hold off until Dan could shoot his load with me! Sensing this, Dan released my arms and I grabbed his ass and squeezed his cheeks hard. With each thrust of my hips into Scott's face, I pulled Dan's ass and cock towards me! Dan was leaning forward now pumping his swollen, hot rod into my mouth. Scott withdrew his fingers and I could feel that he too was now pumping his cock lubed with my fiery hot juices, while continuing to tongue-fuck me!

This was the ultimate! We were all going to cum together! This thought made me wild and I started moaning and sucking Dan's cock with my mouth and sucking Scott's tongue with my pussy! Then as if conducted by a maestro, Dan pulled his pulsating hot cock from my mouth and blew his load on my face! My mouth eagerly opened, begging to swallow his heavy load of cream! At the same time, my hips tensed and my legs tightened against Scott's face, as I gushed forth a load of my own hot cum!

I was gasping for air while begging for mercy, as Scott was unrelenting in his quest to finish me off, swallowing what I had unloaded! My body was still quivering from "after-shocks" when Scott stood up, and holding my legs apart, released his hot jism on my abdomen and stomach. Once unloaded, Scott grabbed my hips, as Dan took hold of my shoulders and flipped me onto my stomach! Scott's arm slipped under my belly and pulled me up onto my knees. Still dazed from my orgasm, I saw Dan and Scott switch sides of the bed. Dan knelt behind me on the bed and began licking my swollen, dripping pussy, feverishly eating and drinking all he could find.

Scott, in the meantime, had pulled my head up by my hair and stuffed his huge cock in my mouth and began pumping my face. I could taste the remnants of his cum and eagerly sucked for more. I then felt Dan's fingers parting my lips, as he went from licking my clit to tongue-fucking my pussy. And then I felt something wildly different slowly and gently enter my hole. I could hear Scott whispering in a panted breath, "Do it, man, give it to her! She wants it. She's ready for it!"

At that moment, I knew my night was just beginning! And oh yes, I had three new cocks to experiment with over the next three days! I heard the guys leave early the next morning to go fishing, except two voices remained after I heard the others leave. It sounded like John and Larry had stayed behind for the morning. Maybe they thought they might get lucky! Maybe they were right!

I can only imagine what their faces looked like when I came out of the bedroom, because I acted like I didn't know they were there. I was wearing a stretched out undershirt and a nice pair of white thong panties. I turned my back to them and went over to the counter to get some coffee. I opened the refrigerator, bending over right in their direction while I got myself some creamer. I was tingling all over at my exhibitionism... I could almost feel their eyes on my tight, tanned derriere. After that, I walked back to the bedroom door, but yawned and ran my fingers through my long hair before stepping inside.

I could barely stop myself from shaking, as I looked out of the doorway at John and Larry. They were hitting each other in the shoulders, talking and smiling, and constantly looking over at the doorway. I felt such a sudden rush of sexual energy; I stripped off what little clothing I had on and laid down on the mattress. Taking a big drink of my coffee, I began to massage my body, especially my breasts and nipples, which were incredibly erect.

Soon enough I was masturbating, legs spread, fingers kneading and caressing my clitoris and pussy lips. I imagined John and Larry peeking in on me, watching me through the doorway, and got even more aroused. It was then that I looked out of the corner of my right eye... and SAW John and Larry, exactly as I had fantasized! They really had come across the room to check me out! I was tingling like I had never felt before, and while I felt very embarrassed, at the same time I wanted to 'perform' for them.

I feel a little self conscious lying there, but John shed his clothes, joining me. He knelt at my feet, tongue searching my labia. He only has to touch my clit lightly, when I cum (I had been ready almost since I started masturbating). He lowered me to the floor and continued his ministrations, tongue deep within me. John positioned himself between my legs with his cock ready; he pushed in hard, causing a gasp from me. Larry moved forward, putting his cock near my mouth, telling me to suck it. His tool is big, hard, throbbing, as I took him deep in my mouth. I ran my tongue over the head, pulling him deeper. John continued to fuck me unmercifully, hands running over my lower body.

Larry's organ began to leak a little pre-cum, and he stopped me, not wanting to cum in my mouth. He caressed my body watching John as he came, drawing out of me, cum flying over my stomach. Larry dropped to the floor, pulling me up on top of him, sliding his cock into my dripping pussy. I rode him, moving up and down, feeling his hard cock pushing deep into me. I feel a hand at my pussy, rubbing my clit, causing another orgasm. John has joined us, using my cum, he lubricated his hard cock, pushing into my pussy, slowly sliding deeper against Larry. When he's into the hilt, he pulls out again, pushing back in, his rhythm slow, driving me wild. Larry reached his orgasm, his cum rushing into me. I could feel it dripping down my leg.

Larry kissed me, tongue deep in my mouth. John's pace began to increase, pumping faster. As John's orgasm took him, I came again, flooding the carpet beneath me with my cum. I collapsed on top of Larry. John helped me up, finding a spot on the bed. Suddenly I see Steve, who for the moment is working solo. He brought his hands down to his cock, stroking it, at first gently. His movements became more frantic, his cock swelling. I decided that his cum shouldn't be wasted on the carpet, so I moved in front of him, telling him I want to feel him cum on my body. His orgasm took hold, semen pulsing from his cock, hitting my breasts. I began to rub it into my body. I brought my mouth to his cock, tasting the drops of cum on him, but he pushed me away, telling me he wants to cum inside me next. I turned over, kneeling on the floor, offering myself to him.

He pushed roughly into my pussy, pushing deep with his massive cock. His passion knows no limits, his orgasm too close. His pace increases, driving in and out with incredible force, filling me completely. His orgasm is quick, spewing into me. Before his hardness was gone, he pushed his massive tool deep into my cervix, holding it there for a moment as his cock softened. Steve pushed three fingers deep into my pussy, driving them in and out, extending my orgasm. As the juices flowed out, he managed to get a fourth finger in, wiggling them. I went wild, bucking back against Steve's hand. The men could see the juices pouring out of me. Steve drove a finger from his other hand into my ass. While I was enjoying the feeling of a finger fucking my ass, Steve managed to get his whole hand in my pussy. It was unbelievable feeling his wrist buried in my pussy. He pulled it out quickly and I collapsed on the bed, completely worn out.

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