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Don't Tell Mommy

by CianPerrel 10/02/12

I turned my face into my pillow and started crying, as he started fucking me. His hands grabbed my breasts, and he held on as he kept thrusting his cock inside me.

I didn't expect him to last very long, and resigned myself to letting this happen until he was done, but he had a lot of control and stamina. He went at it for so long, that no more tears would come, and my body was now starting to enjoy it.

I let out an involuntary moan, and he heard me. "You like this, don't you?" He asked, as he kept thrusting into me.

Afraid to answer, I just grunted a positive reply; hoping that it would excite him enough to finish. But instead, he reached down with his right hand and started rubbing my clit.

My body was now completely enjoying it, even though my mind was still repulsed by it.

Another moan escaped my lips, as he managed to make me come, and the quivering of my legs, and pussy let him know in case he hadn't heard.

"Oh, that feels good." He said. "I'm almost there."

It didn't take much longer before he finally pulled out, and forced me onto my back. Then he knelled next to my head, and pressed his cock to my lips. "Open up, and take it." He said.

I shook my head back and forth, feeling the wetness from my pussy still on his cock, rub against my lips.

He reached down and used his thumbs to force my mouth open. Then he shoved his cock into my mouth, and I could taste myself on him. He grabbed his cock and stroked it a couple of times. "Oh yeah!" he shouted as he came in my mouth. I couldn't move my head, so I had to swallow every last drop.

When he finally pulled out of my mouth, he sat back against the headboard. "Now, that was amazing." He said. "Just like I imagined it would be."

I laid there naked, not sure what was going to happen next.

"I imagine that your mother is probably fucking her lover right about now." He said, causing me to look up at him in shock.

"What?" I asked, forgetting that he had just forced me to have sex with him, and swallow his come.

"Don't act like you don't know. You both think you've been playing me for a fool, but I've known from the beginning." He said.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." I said.

"Your mother has been cheating on me since before we got married." He said. "It's where she goes when she goes to her 'book club'. Really?" He grunts. "How stupid does she think I am? I've never seen her read anything longer than a magazine."

"Mom is cheating on you?" I ask, sitting up.

"Yeah; with an old boyfriend." He replied. "I followed her one time, and saw them together at a motel. Then I recognized his picture from her photo albums."

"Then why haven't you said something?" I asked.

"Because, I'm an old man, Lisa; and I don't want to die alone. So I kept my mouth shut and pretended like nothing was happening; that way I could imagine I had a nice loving family." He replied. "It's pathetic, I know; but I just wanted my final years to be with someone. Even if that person was cheating on me."

"But you can't not say anything to mom; she can't treat you like this." I said.

"If I say anything, she'll throw me to the curb, and I'll have to start over with someone else." He said. "I'm too old to start over again."

"You're not old." I said.

"Lisa, I just turned 72, and your mother is 38. I'm 4 times your age, for Christ's sake." He said. "I should have grandchildren your age, but I spent my youth fucking around, and not being serious."

"So, you're just going to keep quiet and let her keep cheating on you?" I asked.

"Yeah, just like I'm going to keep quiet about you." He said. "And you had better keep quiet too, if you want me to keep paying for your schooling, and stuff."

He stood up, and collected his clothes.

"Wait." I said when he got to the door.

He stopped and turned around to face me.

I lifted the sheets and climbed under the covers. "Come back to bed." I said, patting the spot next to me. "I won't tell Mommy."


And that's the story of how I started having an affair with my own step-father. My mom's 'book club' meetings were the perfect time to have a little 'meeting' of our own. He would even come visit me when I moved out, and we'd have sex. This went on for 7 years, until he had a heart attack during one of our more rigorous bouts of sex, and died in the hospital later that night. My mom never found out about us, and he never told her about my 'extra-curricular' activities at school or work.

I've since developed a taste for older men, and am exclusively dating a rather wealthy older man, of 65. Surprisingly, my mother approves.


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