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D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 15

by Liquor69 05/07/16

Authors Notes:

Disclaimer: Celebrity appearances in this series should not be, in any way, considered realistic. They are included for the entertainment of open-minded adults only. Their thoughts, words, and deeds are in no way indicative of the real celebrity. They exist here only to build a story around.


Tammy relaxed as the jet lifted off from Orlando. It had been a busy week. It was less stressful than the run up to the last trip to Thailand. This flight wasn't going to be non-stop. They had places to go to pick up her friends who were working all across the country. She missed every one of them. She smiled, laid her head back, and thought of all those long, hard, delicious cocks that she was going to lick, suck, and fuck. The next thought was of all her girlfriends who were going to drown her with their sweet, wet pussies. She couldn't wait.

It was going to be a much longer flight to get to the west coast this time but her job was done for now. She could relax and enjoy herself. She loved the new 747 jet Gary bought. It was necessary because this wild, wonderful, sex-crazed family had grown so big. She loved that Gina and Brianna were her pilots on this flight. Both had been certified on 747's prior to joining them and they really were exceptional pilots. Moreover, she loved how sweet their pussies tasted. She also could not wait to talk to Halley. Mark and Cherry organized something for her out in Hawaii that apparently blew her mind. She wanted details.

Tammy loved Gary with all her heart but she also loved sex. She had the best life any woman could ask for. Each day her pussy was plowed with several nice hard cocks and there was always a hot pussy to lick too. What more could a woman ask for?

Tammy started to giggle as she looked along the 747. The ten-year gap between seeing Gary and having him re-enter her life had been okay but had definitely missed him. She knew she thought about him a lot over the years. She fantasized about him a lot; her fingers were drenched most nights. She never thought she would see him again. One day she heard from him and within three days, she was propelled from a mundane life to flying all over the world on executive jets, having non-stop orgies and getting to fuck the one man she loved more than life itself. What tickled her funny bone now was the fact that she was heading to what could only be described as the fuckfest to end all fuckfests and her friends on-board were already naked and getting it on.

She stood up and shouted down the length of the jet, "Can anyone tell me why I have Shannon make me so many pretty clothes?"

"Because darling, you look so good getting out of them," someone shouted. The plane erupted in laughter when one of the men grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap. That was what started it. The orgy that spanned the globe was officially in progress.

As Tammy's clothes vanished, hands were caressing her lovely, tight, hot, ass as her lips were directed to one of the lovely cocks she loved to suck. She had become an excellent cocksucker and she loved the taste of cum. All she could think was, thankfully, since she had reunited with Gary, she had never had more, nor a better sex in her life. She had fallen madly in love with him in Jacksonville. He worked for a major company on a consultant contract and he stayed in the motel she worked in as a maid. She knew all the other girls thought he was so damned sexy and she had heard that he was regularly fucking many of them. She had also heard that he was fucking the motel manager. That woman was so pretty, had a great body, and definitely looked like she loved to fuck.

To this day, Tammy still kicks herself. She always had Gary's room to clean and she saw him every day for eight months. Every single day she saw how he looked at her. She knew what she thought of him. She was scared to let him know how she felt. She was a tiny black girl. He was a handsome white man. She was petrified to let him in. Then, one night, it happened and it was magical. She had never experienced a man like him in her life. She knew what the other girls at the motel were talking about when it came to him. Unfortunately, his contract was up and he left Jacksonville a few days later. She never heard from him for ten years. Then one day two years ago, her phone rang and her life, together with three of her closest friends, had their lives changed so drastically she could not believe it. The rest, as they say, is history.

Gary, it turned out, was the owner of the world's largest and most prestigious Lingerie Company. He was also a multi-billionaire and still one of the sexiest men alive. He had called to tell her that he wanted her to come and live with him, run his house and handle all of his domestic affairs. She immediately said yes and the next day, she and her friends were boarding Gary's Gulfstream and heading to Orlando.

Today, Tammy and her girlfriends are four of the best-loved, most fucked women alive and they all love their life. She gasped as she felt one of the men slide his fat cock into her tight, wet pussy. "Oh God, that feels so good," she murmured. "Don't stop, fuck me harder, deeper, damnit. I love it." She re-inhaled the lovely cock she had been sucking and just enjoyed the sensuous lovemaking she was experiencing. Before this flight was over, she knew she would suck every cock, lick every pussy, and even do the pilots, several times over. God she loved her life.

Gina and Brianna were watching on the cockpit monitors and laughing hysterically. "Girlfriend, we had better land this plane softly. Look at them back there. No one is going to put on a seatbelt when we want. If I know a few of them as well as I know I do, those seatbelts will be used to tie a few of them up instead, Gina giggled."

"I just hope they come up here and do us a few times too," Brianna smiled. "I've never had a better job in my life. We have the absolute best living conditions, the sexiest friends, and the horniest employers on earth."

"Amen to that."

The various flights to Los Angeles were fuck-filled and while everyone had fun, they knew there was nearly two weeks' worth of the most intense sexual fun awaiting them in Thailand. Once they landed in LA, many were just relaxing and gathering their strength as they knew they would need all of it.

Gary and the girls were in the air heading to New York to pick up several of the models who were coming to Thailand. Then he was heading to Dallas to pick up Ainsley. He also had a few other stops along the way. By the time he would get to Los Angeles, his jet would be full.

Mark and Cherry were also on schedule to pick up the west coast contingent. They would meet up with the rest of the staff in Los Angeles, switch planes, and fly the rest of the way with Gary and the girls. They had business to discuss.

Jim was on his game as usual and after everyone had a pleasant evening at the Los Angeles Club, they headed back to the airport for the flight to Hawaii. The jets were full; everyone had been reassigned to the jets they would be flying to Thailand on.

Mark, Cherry, Michelle, Gary, Debbie, Rose, Wendy, Holly, Jill, Red, and Nancy were flying on Gary's G650. This was going to be probably the most important meeting they had ever had. Once they were airborne, Gary and Mark made sure everyone had drinks. The large flat-screen flashed on to Jeremy's smiling face.

"Hi everyone," Jeremy smiled down from the flat screen. "Gary have you had a chance to bring everyone up to speed yet?"

"No, I was just about to start." Gary looked at his dearest and closest friends on earth and then took a sip of his Snakebite. "The week before Hawaii opened, I sent Mark and Jeremy a file that I have been working on for a very long time. The three of us have been so blessed in this life. We knew we wanted to do one more thing that was so over the top spectacular it would be hard to describe. We have just completed the first phase of the Clubs and now, we are going to take them to the international markets.

Holly, you and Jim will be busy for a while getting that accomplished. I know this will go very smoothly. The success of the clubs has blown all of us away. Just so everyone knows, when Mark and I proposed this to Holly, we showed her what our projections were and she told us that we were crazy. Well, as of right now, the figures we showed her have blown us out of the water. It has far exceeded what we had projected.

Therefore, according to Mark, apparently, I never sleep, and this is how this idea came into being. We all love each other. We make love to each other regularly. Each one of us would lay down our lives for any one of us. We love sex. We love the lifestyle we have. We are so fortunate. I'm certain you would agree to that. We love our parties and we will never give that up.

What I proposed was that we find a place, a very nice, very private place that is completely exclusive. It has to be over the top amazing. I see this as the ultimate playground for the extremely rich and the super famous. I want to give them a place to come to enjoy tropical weather, the finest food, every amenity they could ever dream of, and most importantly, a place to fuck their brains out without ever having to worry about the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

I asked Jeremy to see what he could find and I think we've hit the motherlode. Take it away Jeremy."

"I love this idea," Jeremy laughed. "I did what Gary asked and after a long search I think I found the perfect location. An island that is quite large, tropical with year round good weather and it already has quite a few things we would need in order to do this. For me, it is perfect because it falls outside any jurisdiction that wants to send me back to the states. It is close enough to me so that I can finally be fully involved. It will take quite a while to build it but when it is completed, it will not have anything that compares on earth."

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