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Down On The Farm: The Farmer's Son

by Septaugeezer 06/16/13

Lights were turned on in the Victorian farmhouse. Upstairs, Johnny Martin was sitting at his desk in his t-shirt and under shorts. His studying was done but he was thinking about college. He was ready to graduate and he was offered a Physics scholarship on the west coast, but that would take him away from the farm. Without him at home he was afraid his mom would lose the farm. After his parent's divorce, his mom was emotionally very fragile. The farm was one of the few stable things she could hang on to. But it wasn't just his mom. Johnny also loved the farm. He loved to see the fields turn green as the crops grew. He loved the sunset over the trees; even the winter blanket of snow.

His mother and father were to split the money from the sale of the crops every year, but Johnny ended up doing most of the farming. His mom had offered to buy out his father, but out of spite he demanded an outlandish price for his half.

So Johnny figured he had three problems: Keep his mom happy, keep the farm and get to college. The solution wasn't integral calculus; it was worse.

"Johnny get down here," his mom called.

Oh no he thought. It sounds like mom is really upset.

"Johnny, right now."

He headed downstairs and into the kitchen. His slender mom had just came home from her work at the bank. She was just a head shorter than his five eleven, and in her button down shirt and knee length skirt he thought she looked better than any girl in high school. Her hair was disheveled.

"The tellers at the bank; they told me. Robert married that slut. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Dad ran out a long time ago Mom. It shouldn't matter anymore."

" Well it matters to me," she said slamming a shot glass down - throwing droplets on the counter top. Mom never drank he thought.

"Stinking cocksucker" She paused. "Actually it is kind of funny," she said with a strange look on her face. "Oh Maggie he would beg. Please do me. You are so good. Please. Damn right I was good. Fat lot it did me after all."

John started to back away. "Don't you believe me?" she accused her son. "Come here." She grabbed him by the front of his shorts and pushed him back against the kitchen table. Before he could react she pulled down his shorts revealing his privates. Reaching up she cradled his balls in her hand and started stroking his dick.

"Its been awhile since I've done this," She sighed.

He squirmed. "Hold still unless you want me to really squeeze those balls."

As he shook his head no, she lowered her head and sucked in his dick. She slowly slid her lips up and down his shaft. He couldn't help himself and started to respond. Then she started to swirl her tongue around his dick. She kept on. This is so wrong, but it feels so good he thought. His body was betraying him. His muscles started tightening up. She looked up at him.

"Just let it go," she said.

He needed no more encouragement as spasms radiated from his groin throughout his body and he shot his load. With a full mouth, his mom got up, went to the sink, sipped some water and spat into it. Johnny pulled up his shorts and headed for the stairs.

"Hold on there," his mom said. "Where do think you are going. Now you are out of here huh. Is it oh Maggie I am sorry but I have work to do; I don't have time. Get back here you."

Johnny came back slowly. She pulled the chair from the table for him to sit in. Then she pulled down her panties and sat on the edge of the table. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head towards her pussy. Johnny saw that it was shaved clean.

"Mom, please."

"Just start kissing at first" He started first on her thighs then started up. "Very good. Just keep doing that." After a few minutes. "Now add a tongue. Keep going. Oh you are a fast learner." She was moaning and squirming now. "Don't stop now." He traced and tasted her fleshy contours. He found her bud and circled it with the tip of his tongue. He grabbed her butt and buried his face in her. Her whole body shook with the onslaught of her orgasm.

They both laid there - him with his head between her legs. Finally getting up, he made it upstairs. His head was too rattled to read or surf the net so he just sat there staring out the window. After about an hour, there was a soft knock on the door. Mom walked in wearing her faded flannel nightgown.

"Come hold me tonight," she said. This he didn't mind. He had spent too many nights listening to her cry in her room. Taking his hand she led him to her bedroom. Climbing in bed he pulled her back up to his chest. She reached around and put his hand on her breast. He felt the warmth of her soft body as he lay still. I will wait until she is asleep and go back to my own bed he thought.

The sun was lighting up the blinds. His mom was standing by the bed.

"Wake up John, I want you to go pee," said his mom. He got up and went into the bathroom. His mom came in and tore off some toilet paper. After dabbing his dick she pulled up her nightgown and sat down on the toilet. She put his dick into her mouth as she peed. John wanted her to stop, but at this point it seemed it was too late. She stood up, wiped herself and led him back into the bedroom. She undressed him and pushed him back on the bed. She got on the bed on her hands and knees and worked on his dick some more.

"I think we are ready," she said. She straddled him and lowered herself engulfing him with her pussy.

"Mom," he started to object.

Leaning forward she started riding him up and down. "I have been thinking about this all night long and cannot hold out any longer. You are officially the man of the house and you are going to do your manly duty." After only a few strokes with her pussy, she gave out a scream and began to orgasm.

She then laid on his chest enjoying the after glow.

She rose up. "Now its your turn," she said. She started squeezing him with her pussy. All the while she was starring at him with her blue eyes. He put his hands on her nightgown covered breasts. He gently squeezed them.

"You loved those as a baby," she said pulling the nightgown over her head revealing her naked breasts. He couldn't believe it. They were so inviting. He caressed their sides. He lifted them and felt their weight. He pushed them back and forth to watch them sway. Then he placed his palms over her aureoles and felt her nipples start to rise. She lowered her soft breasts to his chest and started to rock in earnest. It was all he needed and she came a second time when he did.

They stayed still for a while, then she got up to get ready for work.

Two days later that Saturday afternoon, nothing more had happened. Johnny and his mom were sitting on the couch.

"Mom, it's time that we talked about what we did. What are we going to do now."

"Johnny, I know most would not approve, but I can't go back. You have made me feel so much better theses last few days. Sometime in the future things will be different. But for now let's not change. And it works both ways too. When you want to fool around just let me know."

Johnny stood up and took his mom by the hand. He pulled her soft body next to his and gave her a long kiss. She moaned softly. He led her by the hand into the kitchen. He bent her over the table and pulled up her short skirt. He pulled down her panties and fondled the soft cheeks of her ass. He ran his hand up her leg and touched her pussy. She was already wet. He gently put his finger in her then pulled it out to taste her juices. He dropped his pants and realized he was also leaking. He pushed himself inside her and started pumping. Pulling out once so he would not go off too quickly, he he inserted himself again. This time she was ready and came with abandon. He paused for a few moments for her to relax.

"Please go on," she said.

Needing no more encouragement he started again and released his full load. There is really no turning back now he thought. After they had cleaned up, they went back to the couch.

"Tell me about Laurie," she said.

Laurie was his dad's new wife. She was only two years older than Johnny. She was pretty much the high school slut who had slept with half the class male population.

"Did you have sex with her?" asked his mom.

Johnny explained she once offered but he just couldn't do it. He tried to stumble through an explanation. It was like she wanted it, but there was no passion. It was like she only did it to keep score but didn't understand the game.

"Does that make any sense?" he asked his mom.

"Yes it does," his mom replied. "And it tells me you are very wise."

"Okay its your turn Mom. What's going on between you and Mr. Grant."

"Johnny that was a long time ago and I don't feel like talking about it now." Johnny looked at her with a puzzled look on his face.

"A long time ago? No I mean now."

It was Maggie's turn to look puzzled. "What do you mean."

"Well you call him Farmer Fred and I can see he doesn't like it, but he never says anything. And when he thinks no one sees, he looks at you as if you are his long lost love. I think you should ask him out or something."

"I am surprised at you; I can't do that; he's married."

"I am not so sure of that, Mom."

Johnny explained about Fred Grant and his wife Connie. They had a daughter Grace. Johnny and Grace had palled around since they were kids. Six months ago Connie had taken her daughter and went to the west coast saying she had a sick aunt. Grace and Johnny talked on the internet and Grace had implied her parent's separation was going to be permanent. She was very vague about the reasons and he did not pry. She said she was going to go to school out west but would be home the next summer to stay with her dad, but not this summer. Johnny realized he was going to miss her more than he would have thought.

"And Mom I see the way you look at him too."

Next week Maggie saw Fred in town and asked if they could get together to discuss the farm. He said he would prefer his place for privacy, and how about Saturday afternoon. She agreed. The Grants' farm was just a few miles further down the same road as the Martins. So after work she stopped first at the house to change. She told Johnny her plans and to not worry if she was home late. She put on a light summer dress and white sandals and left for Fred's farm.

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