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Dr Roberts & The Sex Tape

by A_Non_A_Moose 01/08/12

Dr Roberts arrived at her laboratory, early again. The only other people around were the cleaners, quietly going about their daily duties. Dr Roberts walked up to a small door towards the back of the building, and swiped her pass. The doors opened, revealing a huge amphitheatre. Inside there was a large screen with a row of seats in front of it, and to the side a small analysis room. Dr Roberts had been hugely excited when she was assigned this facility two years ago, but since then she had spent so many hours here that the lab had become more of a home than a workplace. Today was the second attempt at stage three. The last attempt had been such a disaster that they were lucky to be here. Dr Roberts sat at her desk, the experiment was hours away, but she was nervous, and her heart was racing. Roberts was leader of a team of scientists working on a project involving human sexuality. A series of teams had compiled together a short film that ran for 90 seconds. The plan was to make the film so intensely erotic, that no man or woman could sit through it without needing sexual release. For practical reasons the film was put together in stages, as it soon became obvious that they couldn't have their staff in a permanent state of arousal, or nothing would get done. This meant that no-one saw the finished film until principal stage one tests took place.

Stage one was now three months ago. For this a selection of volunteers was observed watching the film. They had the smallest of briefings, before they were asked to remove their clothing and to take a seat in the amphitheatre. The volunteers were a mixture of men and women, with varying different ages and sexual orientations. All were to be considered sexually confident; they had to be to volunteer for this type of research. Some felt this was detrimental to the study, but it did mean there were a few stunners in the audience. Dr Roberts remembered a tall, skinny redhead with long legs and pale skin. She left every heterosexual male struggling to hold back an erection, before the film had even started. Once they were all seated, it was clear most of the volunteers were nervous. No matter how confident you were, sitting in a room full of naked people was enough to make anyone a little insecure. A few giggled, others made joking innuendo, but the scientific team around them continued with their routine in a serious professional manner, putting everyone at ease. After a brief introduction the movie started. For the first 9 seconds the audience sat quietly. There were a few gasps and a few people leaned over to comment to the person next to them, but by 21 seconds all interaction had stopped. Most of the men had erections and were starting to touch themselves. At 35 seconds the first male orgasm took place. The man, of around 20, was taken by surprise as he was only lightly touching himself when he began powerfully ejaculating onto the back of the seat in front of him. The room was soon awash with gasps and cries, and the orgasmic moaning was non-stop. At 55 seconds there was a flurry of male orgasms, followed at 57 seconds by the first female orgasm. She was 22, she had been shaking and bucking in her seat for about 10 seconds when she finally exploded with pleasure. The orgasms continued, and then at 67 seconds, something took place in the film that caused a large portion of the room to call out and cum.

At this point things started to get out of control. The men, with their inferior composure under intense arousal, were glued to their seats watching the screen. The women on the other hand, were able to get up, and fuck the nearest available male. By the 80 second mark, the room had evolved into a full on orgy. Naked bodies writhed on the floor, a slave to the images pouring out in front of them. Plastic sheeting had been laid out to gather the semen and vaginal juices that would flow from their loins, but this only left pools for them to roll around in. Soon everyone was covered in the mess that their bodies had created. Dr Roberts noticed the shy redhead she had seen before. The girl had been trying to keep her composure by gently rubbing her pussy, but now she had a rather large man in his 50's nestled inside her. As she fucked him for dear life, his poor weak cock sprayed inside her beautiful cunt. Clearly he was in awe of her beauty, causing wave after wave of semen to flow from his loins into her unprotected vagina. At 90 seconds the screen went black, but the fucking continued. Weary bodies leaned against the back wall; men were gently stroking their semi-hard cocks, whilst the women softly rubbed between their legs. After another five minutes the volunteers had regained their control. Those who had the energy applauded the show, others looked worried. Some women had several loads of semen deposited inside them; millions of sperm were creeping towards their unprotected ova. Fortunately all the volunteers had been rigorously screened for STD's before hand, though the team never expected an all out orgy to take place. The volunteers were taken to the showering facilities and the women were supplied with the morning after pill. A month later follow up visits concluded that no-one was with child, a very fortunate and economic necessity for the project.


The government had several uses for this experiment. Most obviously it was an attempt to help those who could not achieve sexual release, for instance women who had never had an orgasm or men with erectile dysfunction. Stage 2 explored these possibilities. A smaller number of volunteers, 15 men and 15 women, once again a mixture of ages and sexual orientation, were asked to remove their clothing and led into the room. This time however, they were all strapped into their chairs so they could not touch themselves or anyone else. The film was started, once again the first 9 seconds passed without anything of note taking place. It took slightly longer this time, but by the 30 second mark every man had an erection and everyone was squirming uncomfortably. At 46 seconds the first man came, followed by a flurry of both male and female orgasms. When the incident at 67 seconds took place, a large portion of the room that hadn't had an orgasm, called out in ecstasy and came. Only a few people remained, the last man made it to 72 seconds and the last three women (interestingly all heterosexual) lost control before the 85 second mark. When the screen went blank and the lights went up, there was a distinct sound of panting throughout the room. A few cries went out from those who needed further release, so each volunteer's hands were unstrapped, allowing anyone who needed to give themselves another orgasm the chance to do so. They were kept in their seats, to stop any fucking, but after four minutes, everyone who needed to cum, had done so, and they were released from their chairs.

This had been a tremendous achievement. Further tests were needed but it looked like, even without physical stimulation, this video could make anyone cum. Leading the team onto stage three.


As part of the study, a device had been created by Dr Christopher Saunders to run alongside the experiment. 30 chairs were developed (fifteen women and fifteen men) that controlled the subjects, stopping them from achieving sexual release. The idea was that the volunteers could get as aroused as possible, but this chair would not allow them to climax until they were released (by a separate device). The government was particularly interested in this as a form of humane torture, as recently they had received world-wide condemnation after a series of torture techniques had been leaked to the press. This device was a new way of looking at extracting information from suspects without using pain and violence. Dr Saunders' machine, in conjunction with Dr Roberts' film, would use extreme pleasure to make them break. The theory being the suspect would become so aroused, that they would give up any information to be allowed to cum.

For the first attempt at stage three, another new set of men and women were asked to undress and led into the room naked. It took a little longer than before, as every person needed to be attached to a machine. For the men, a small probe was inserted up the anus whilst a ring gripped round the bottom of the shaft. For the women, there was simply a probe that slipped into the vagina, much like a dildo, but far more technical. They were each strapped into their chair, unable to touch themselves or anyone else, and heart monitors were attached to their chests, incase of any irregularities. Once everyone was ready, the team vacated the room so the film could start.

The team were prepared for a "eureka" moment. Just like in the various stage two tests, the volunteers became aroused in the same amount of time. This time however, when the film reached 60 seconds, still no one had cum. At the 67 second mark there were cries of pain and pleasure ringing out around the room. At 72 seconds there were tears, three women and the youngest male (around 19) were crying for release. The film was fast approaching its climax and still no one had cum.

At this point Dr Roberts noticed something was wrong. One of the older males had a dangerously high heart rate and she immediately sounded the alarm. The film was stopped at the 78 second mark and the volunteers were released from their machines, allowing a wave of orgasms to crash across the room. As the medical team rushed in with a gurney, they found themselves slipping around on the plastic sheeting that was now coated in vaginal juices. They were also being showered with streams of warm semen, and found it difficult to hear each other over cries of pleasure. It was clear the man, in his mid 50's, was having a heart attack. They unstrapped him and hauled him out of his chair whilst semen continued to fire from his ailing body. Before anyone had an idea of what was going on, the man was rushed out of the room and into a special operating theatre to be worked on.

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