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Drinking With Dad: Caught!

by SexyBeast 05/30/10

Nikki was ashamed, much more than before. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. Her father loved her and their making love was a beautiful thing. Lindsey came and made it all dirty. And yet, when her sister kissed her she returned that kiss, even though she did not like the taste of cum. She just wanted to put on a hot show for their father. 'Everything is different now,' she thought, laying back on the bed. She hated how much she liked her dad taking charge and how easily her sister made her cum. 'It's all wrong!' But as wrong as it was, she knew that she would not resist if her dad wanted more. Looking at him, she knew that was a certainty. He wasn't going to hold back any longer.

Lindsey was in heaven. She could tell her sister was disturbed and that their dad still wanted them. 'I don't care about sharing as long as I get mine. That was the best thing ever and I want more.' She was ready to spread for their father any time he wanted it. She would even make Nikki return the favor and lick her pussy. She could tell Nikki was the weak side of their little triangle and planned to use that to her advantage.

It was like Nikki read Ben's mind. Yes, he would be fucking his daughters again, of that he was sure. It didn't matter whether it was together or alone, or both. 'They're my dirty little girls now. They will keep their mouths shut. They both want more.' He couldn't wait to see just how far Lindsey would go, but he also looked forward to breaking Nikki. She still looked unsure and scared, but he knew she wanted it just as much as her sister. 'Nikki started this and now she will be mine completely. How lucky am I to have the two hottest, horniest girls in the world?' But he didn't have two daughters, did he? His third, Ashley, was older, married, a strong, self-possessed lawyer and mother of a young child. The beast inside him wondered what it would take to bed her.

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