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Endangered Ch. 02

by ltpc 09/15/13

Hi everyone. Thanks for the awesome feedback on chapter 1, please keep it up because it makes my day. I am also happy to accept suggestions on how I could improve.

This chapter follows directly on from chapter 1 so make sure you read that first. As such, the format is a little different from what I would usually go for... in this case, the sex is at the start .

Disclaimer: Placenames are real but are mainly used as points of reference, people are made up, and everything sexual occurs between adults over 18. Some aspects of sexuality in this story are unrealistic, this is a fantasy story set in a fantasy society, in a fantasy universe.

Thanks again to RexBrookdale, editor extraordinaire, who also tries to keep me level-headed.

I hope you enjoy.



Endangered - Chapter 2 - LTPC


One wing twitched ... the first movement she'd seen from him since he had passed out. It set her off like a frightened rabbit, scurrying back onto the bed and as deep into the corner as she could go, flush against the wall. Heart pounding, her hyper imagination came up with terrible scenarios in which a winged purple beast shredded and devoured her. Annabel fought her panic, trying to think logically, Is this what he tried to talk to me about today? Oh my God, he ... he isn't ... human! Is that, that thing, even still Chris? Panic and fear dominated her reason, as she pulled the duvet up around her trembling naked body, hoping to hide herself from the rousing monster.

Chris lay with his eyes closed, concentrating, his senses having returned suddenly to crash against his consciousness with new and vibrant information. Myriad changes notwithstanding, he had just arrived at the happy realization that his mind was still intact. However, there was something ... he could somehow feel that he was different, powerful, alive ... free! These nascent feelings seemed strange to his logical human mind, and carried a distinctive, ancient-yet-feral, dragon quality. Smells were overwhelmingly pungent, and the sound as he breathed, thundered in his ears. Cracking his eyes, his blurry vision cleared quickly and was somehow brighter, images sharper and more defined. More blues, more reds.

His body trembled with the raw power now constantly coursing through it, cooling down in the wake of burning through his father's enchantment. Those strangely textured instincts originating from within his dragon, told of being tougher, stronger, faster ... better.

Slowly pushing off the floor, Chris halted, catching sight of his purple hand splayed against the grey carpet. "Well thiss wass unexsspected," he mused to himself at the sight of short, cream-coloured claws in place of his fingernails, framed by purple scales so small he could barely see them, even with his newly-enhanced vision. "What the hell?!" he muttered, hearing the quality of his voice. A little deeper and with a slight sibilance, he would have to work on keeping hisses out of his voice. Speaking of which, his tongue explored the inside of his mouth curiously, finding a pointier, sharper environment. The tongue itself seemed to be able to touch two places at once. Chris stuck it out cautiously; the two prongs of his forked tongue wiggled gently, though the rest still appeared human in shape.

The view downward brought to light an even more shocking change. His nose no longer obscured the view of his tongue, having become flattened and smoothed back into his face. Feeling along its contours, Chris found several other differences: his nostrils were slit-like, his lips were thinner, and a formation of small bumps pointed back in a line underneath his hair just above his temples. Opening his mouth, fang-like canines were at least a centimetre longer and sharp points could be felt along the rest of his teeth. It all sort of made sense, if, as he suspected, he was currently a hybrid of both dragon and human forms. The dragon agreed.

He examined his front, his chest and abdomen now creamy white, blending with the purple as it wound around his sides. With one arm he reached back to partially extend a wing. The leathery webbing was supple and smooth, purple on the back, creamy white underneath, sharing his body's colour scheme. Any part of him that was equivalent to a dragon's underbelly was this lighter ivory, included his palms up to his underarms, his chest, neck, tummy, and ... penis. On cursory inspection, the shape of the latter had changed, too, with a more flared, wider glans, and strange pointed tip. He was amused that the merge between the white and purple travelled the underside of his shaft, leaving the top creamy with a strip of purple along the bottom, giving him a legitimate case of blue balls.

Gone was any trace of body hair. He checked for it everywhere: chest, back, pubes, ass crack, legs, arms, face. It was all gone except for the now-purple hair on his head. Somehow, these changes felt natural, right even ... he was truly a dragon.

But why purple? Susan had told him about browns, blues, reds, greens, and silvers, but never purple dragons.

A dragon's colour reflected it's aspect, or magical element. What was his aspect, then? The answer came to him from within, the dragon simply sharing its instinctual knowledge as if Chris himself had known it all along but had only just now recalled it: The Ether.

The revelation was conferred with nonchalance, his dragon having known this from the beginning. It explained his purple-tinged dreams: the colour of the Ether – Of course! he realized suddenly, this was why he had so often dreamed of it.

Slowly rising to his feet, his new wings ruffled a little. Chris tilted back to look up at the leanly muscled forewing, its clawed elbows at least a foot above his head. It was only right that a dragon had wings, wasn't it? Catching his reflection in the long mirror by the door, Chris took a few steps forward to inspect himself. His purple and white body looked powerful, magnificent, dangerous. With a dragon-induced chuckle at his own magnificence, Chris scrutinized his face in the mirror. Reptilian eyes stared back, their vertical irises taking in the lines of his new purple visage. Chris could still see himself in that face, despite the new definition of his nose and cheek bones. Smiling, his sharp white teeth were revealed, points interlocked to provide maximum slicing and penetration of his prey. The dragon preened inside him, his knowledge providing access to the foreign muscles. Chris tentatively extended them to open his wings, watching in awe as they unfurled magnificently. At full extension they reached at least two metres on either side of his body, one tip was currently extended through the doorway out into the hall. Strong bones and muscles stretched along the leading edge, purple-finger struts supporting the thin flight webbing. He felt new muscles tensing down his back and around his ribcage, attached under his arms and down across his back. Would they actually support him if he attempted to fly? His dragon said yes.

Retracting them slowly, Chris turned to fully observe his scaled spine. He saw the progression of ever smaller scales and followed them with a finger. A little further and he couldn't even tell that tiny scales even existed. Running his hand back around and over his abs, his skin felt just as smooth and sensitive as before, but with a subtle difference in the way light was reflected.

His forked tongue flicked out to taste the air. The flavour explosion he experienced when his tongue withdrew inside his mouth was perhaps the most revelatory experience so far. Smells and tastes he didn't know existed and couldn't identify, lit up his brain with an overload of information. However there was one scent that was very familiar, drawing Chris abruptly away from his self-admiration. Annabel. His head snapped to the corner of the room where she huddled, attempting to hide under his duvet. She gave a tiny jump under the blanket as his head swivelled with lightning speed to look straight at her.

She should have been his first concern, but he'd gotten carried away with his new body. Trying to move unthreateningly, Chris slowly edged toward the bed. The duvet pile trembled as he got on the bed, kneeling in the opposite corner. Sighing, Chris slumped, knowing that it was all over. She now knew about his dragon; they would have to alter her memory.

"Annabel. I'm so sorry." Chris started, not really knowing how to continue, "I never thought you would be exposed to this. I thought by the time this happened to me I would be long gone. You don't have to be afraid, I would never hurt you."

There was a pause in the trembling and Annabel peeked out behind her improvised cover. "Chris?" came her whispered voice. His deep voice was still gentle and reassuring but he seemed to put a bit more emphasis on his 'S' sounds.

"Yes. Dee it's me, I know I look scary but it's me," Chris implored, extending an arm to try and coax her back to him. "I'm so sorry it happened like this."

Annabel lowered the duvet completely and stared open-mouthed at the creature in front of her. He looked dangerous, terrifying, entrancing, and beautiful all at the same time as he knelt on the bed a few feet away, an arm outstretched like he wanted her to go to him. It looked so out of place, this beautiful monster kneeling on the bed, looking crestfallen. "What are you?" was all she managed.

"I'm a dragon."

"How is this possible?"

"I was born this way," he sighed. "My parents were dragons; but when my father knew he was likely to die, he placed an enchantment on me, which hid my dragon away while I grew up so I would be safe."

"This is why you said you were hiding? What could possibly hurt a dragon?"

"Dee ... there's a whole magical world you don't know about. Dragons are endangered because they were hunted. I tried to warn you about this but my dragon was released much sooner than I expected. It must have been when we had sex." As he spoke, Chris was putting things together in his mind. It must have been losing his virginity that had triggered the breaking of his father's spell.

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