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Endangered Ch. 04

by ltpc 04/14/14

Chapter 4 – LTPC

Hi everyone,

Our adventure starts to unfold a little more.

However, this chapter does contains soft-core incest. I understand that this is distasteful to some people so either stop reading right here or cover your eyes with your hand and say "LALA LA LA LA LA!" while scrolling down the page when the action starts. This relationship will be a recurring theme, but certainly not the focus of the story.

Sorry about the wait on this one, I have a new editor for this chapter, Etaski. I cannot stress enough how amazing Etaski's support in my time of editorial crisis has been. Thank you.

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy.



Chris pondered the recent changes to his not-all-that human body as he operated the stovetop espresso machine he'd found in the kitchen. During his shower with Annabel, he'd decided to re-establish his ritual of morning coffee delivery to Susan, now he was just brooding as he waited for it to boil up.

He might look human, but he barely felt it. He'd gone for a razor only to find his face absolutely smooth, not a trace of prickly stubble. Annabel hadn't minded, teasing him for having a baby face till he kissed her into submission. It also still looked like he'd just had a fresh Hollywood wax, no navel or armpit hair either. On close inspection even the tiny hairs all over his body where absent.

When he'd gotten back into their bedroom and decided to do his morning exercises, starting with push ups he discovered that they were just a joke. For the first time in his life, he'd managed the fabled one arm push up, then asked Annabel to push down on his shoulders as he tried again. It barely required any effort.

His smell and hearing were still enhanced, but his vision was back to human standards. It was all a bit disconcerting, to be walking around in a body he thought he knew, at least when in his half form he had constant reminders not to break things, like the unfortunate mug he'd first gotten out of the cupboard.

The rumbling stovetop got his mind back on track, he poured, adding both milk and sugar, stirring with a spoon that felt like it came from a kid's tea set. Slipping into Susan's room silently and closing the door, he put it down on the bedside table before sitting next to his mother on the bed.

Susan's raven hair was spread across the pillows and around her face. Her slightly more pronounced upper lip meant her mouth was always just a little open when she was relaxed, he thought it was beautiful. It struck Chris, as he watched her peaceful features, that this woman had devoted her entire life to him. He owed her so much and promised himself he would repay her, make a life for her where she could be happy now that he didn't need her to be his protector any longer.

As if feeling his promise, indeed, between Beings such charged feelings can often be detected, Susan's eyes opened and flicked to him and she found herself being watched by a very serious looking Chris.

"Good morning, honey," Susan croaked. "You're okay after last night? You had me worried." She sniffed the air and saw the cup on the bedside stand. "Mmmhh... is that my coffee? I'd really hoped you'd keep pampering me."

She sat up and took a sip but something was wrong. He didn't reply, just kept holding their blue-eyed gaze. It was very intense, made her tummy flutter a little. Susan couldn't stand it.

"What is it Chris? What's up?" she asked, settling on her knees next to him.

"Mom..." he started. "Susan. I owe you so much I can't even comp.."

"Sweetie, you don't owe me anything. I love you." Susan was a little exasperated. Already his sweet odor was exciting her, helping her wake up better than the coffee could.

"Let me finish. Please?"

"Okay." She yawned, wiping some sleep away and stretching her arms up, giving him a little teasing look at her nipples pressed against cloth.

Watching her in her old t-shirt and flannel bottoms, Chris was momentarily distracted by her little show and some midriff before he got back on topic.

"I..." he sighed. "Susan, you were only twenty-three when my parents died. You didn't have to care for me yourself, heck, you could probably have sold me for a fortune. But you didn't. You became my mother and raised me in isolation. It must have been so hard at times and I'm sorry you had to do it alone."

Susan held his eyes for as long as she could before her own started brimming with tears; she turned away.

Why am I so emotional around him these days? she thought, trying to get herself back under control. He wasn't wrong, it had been hard, but seeing him now growing into a man made it all worth it. Now her body was telling her to pluck the fruits of her labour, her mind seemed incapable of mounting any real resistance.

Chris pulled her gently into a sitting hug, automatically rubbing her back. "Sorry, Mom, don't cry."

"Okay." Susan sniffed into his neck. "I'm a mess, huh?"

There was his tantalising smell again, tickling her nostrils, insidiously working onto her lungs. Her emotions raged against each other; she wanted so badly to just kiss his skin but would it be wrong? They were all each other had for so long, loved each other so deeply. Susan wanted more from him, to remain part of his new life rather than fade into the background as he went out and experienced it.

"You're fine," Chris soothed. "I guess what I was trying to say is that you devoted fifteen years of your life to me, but now that I've awakened I want you to do whatever you want. You can go back to your family, open your own plant nursery or herbarium, anything. We'll make it happen; you don't have to live your life around me anymore."

Susan listened but couldn't bare it any longer. She turned her head and feathered her lips on the top of his shoulder, hoping he wouldn't notice what she was doing. It only made the desire worse and by the time Chris finished speaking she had reached his neck and was pressing more firmly.

Chris froze as she started kissing up his neck, towards his ear. It felt great but so dangerous at the same time. So forbidden.

"Mom?" he breathed as she started across his jaw, and her goal became clear.

"Shhhh," Susan soothed between her little kisses. At the edge of his mouth she paused, breathing deeply, her body shuddered a little. "You said I can do anything, did you mean it?"

"Yes, but..."

Her lips intercepted his. It was such a gentle, exploratory kiss, clumsy even, but it took both of their breaths away instantly. Susan opened her eyes as she teased his lower lip between her two; he was watching her, eyes open as love and anxiety played across his face. She broke away just an inch, the hand that had worked its way into his short, blond hair came down to cup his cheek.

"Let me stay with you, like this," she pleaded, desperate for their love to survive this metamorphosis. He had been her life for so long; this would only intertwine them further.

Her lips had set his body tingling, so soft and loving. Her beautiful, tear-streaked face told him this was what she truly wanted. He realized he could easily love her this way too.

"Mom, I..."


"Susan." Chris sighed, watching her eyes intently. They seemed hopeful yet sad and oh-so-vulnerable. "I do love you, maybe even a little like this already."

He accentuated his point by stroking her flank up to the underside of her full, unsupported breast. Pausing to watch her, his thumb played lovingly across her tatty old t-shirt just below her left boob.

"But?" Susan asked forlornly. She loved his hand on her like that but it was a cruel tease if he wouldn't let her be with him.

"Annabel. I can't cheat on her, Mom. Then there's the fact that this feels like a whisper away from incest.""Chris, please, you're a dragon now. I want to be part of that. And, there's no legal way it could be incest. Couldn't we just talk about it with Annabel?"

"I don't know if I'm ready for this, Susan, my dragon really wants to but it's a big step for me. It's not that I don't want to, Lord knows I've fantasised about it sometimes." He blushed at that confession, especially when her eyes brightened. "But people talk, I'm not comfortable enough with myself or where I stand in this world to deal with people judging me for incest."

"I'm not your mother," Susan said a little bitterly. "I may as well be stranger you met on the street yesterday, that's how related we are."

"It's not that, you'll always be my mother."

But he couldn't stand the hurt look she gave him so he relented, pulling her back to his lips.

It was most definitely the wrong thing to do.

Susan was more forceful this time, taking advantage of his invitation; her tongue slipped into his mouth after a few seconds of resistance. She moaned when she got a real taste of him, spicy and a little sweet, heady with magic.

Soon Chris couldn't help but reciprocate as his own beautiful mother plundered his mouth. He felt a little insecure that it was all just the effects of being a dragon, but then he remembered that it couldn't create feelings out of nothing; it could only enhance them. Besides, he knew Susan loved him, although this was certainly an unexpected aspect of her love. So instead of doubting this and pulling back, he flicked his tongue languidly against hers before taking control of their kiss and exploring her mouth, loving her groan of approval.

A few minutes later, Chris found himself kissing down Susan's neck and nuzzling into her long, rich, black hair. She always smelled floral, using whatever she grew in her own perfumes or soaps. At the moment it was a light jasmine, exquisitely combined with her natural body odor and thick arousal. She was cooing as he kissed her, flushed across her neck and breasts. Chris's one-track mind flashed ahead to imagine what delightful sounds she would make while he teased her slick womanhood. He almost reached down to find out but reason and whatever remained of his human decency stopped him.

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