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Endangered Ch. 05

by ltpc 07/15/14

Hi folks,

I hope the final product is worth the wait. I've enjoyed refining and polishing the chapter quite a bit to get it up to scratch.

Again, this chapter does contain soft-core incest. If this is distasteful to you, please skip over it.

Etaski has once again put in a stellar effort, keeping me on track, improving the story, and zapping bugs. She's the best.

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy.



Michelle Hamund fumed in the back of the van, angry at herself for letting Susan Baryst escape, but more at the dead team in Scotland for somehow fucking this all up.

She watched the young man sit quietly in his restraints. He exuded a strange air of power and calmness that was a bit disturbing, like this was all part of his plan somehow. Most people broke into hysterics or went into shock when arrested so violently.

Now, as Michelle watched his calm body rocking slightly with the movements of the vehicle, she grew more concerned. The images of the UK team's bodies flashed in her mind. His apparent nonchalance disconcerted her; in her experience only the hardened criminals remained so silently stoic, not even bothering to proclaim his innocence or ask where they were going.

The ranch kid wasn't old enough to be that hard.

She went over her plan again, which had been forced into early action by the unexplained blunder in Scotland. She'd pulled the trigger, deciding not to give Chris and his mother the time to bolt now that they knew someone was onto them, arresting them publicly at JFK almost as soon as they'd stepped off the plane.

His mother's escape was another huge setback; she'd somehow disappeared out of the woman's bathroom. They couldn't afford to stick around and start a fruitless search, it would only attract more attention so they'd aborted. Susan would know that he'd been arrested but what she didn't know was that there would never be a record of his arrest in any system.

Hopefully, his disappearance would fade into the background and little resources would be devoted to a search after the initial rush to find him proved unsuccessful. Where he was going, no one could find him with either magical or conventional means. His manacles were reinforced titanium and his cell would be a two inch thick steel box, several levels underground.

To ensure secrecy, he would need to be locked away until these Beings were revealed to the entire world, hopefully he might even prove to be a useful source of information. He would be treated firmly but well; Michelle didn't really feel animosity towards the young man himself, but rather towards what he represented.

She held his wallet, passport, and smartphone, turning the ordinary-looking device over in her hands. It was even made by a human company, modified magically to only communicate with other like devices through some sort of encrypted wavelength they couldn't detect. The screen wouldn't even turn on for her. Amazing.

What else could these creatures do? she thought. Imagine what the government could do with this kind of technology, imagine what society as a whole could do with magic. When this got out, it would be both the end of the scientific era and the beginning of a hybrid one, the best magic and science could offer, combined.

That is, of course, if humans and Beings didn't wipe each other out in the process.

Feeling talkative, Michelle decided to try building some rapport with the Being. They were going to get to know each other well over the coming months, years even.

"Christopher, my name is Michelle and I'll be your primary handler. I have a lot of questions for you and you probably have some of your own but they're going to have to wait due to our present company. No offence, boys."

"None taken, I don't need to know. He's a terrorist," one of the commandos replied.

"That's what you told them?" Chris accused, turning towards her voice from under his hood.

"Well, I have to put something in the system to requisition these guys. Besides, I think terrorism is the perfect charge. Couldn't you cause mass destruction and terror among the civilian population?"

Michelle was surprised, he seemed genuinely upset to be called a terrorist.

"It doesn't mean I would." He would have liked to look at her during the conversation but it was impossible.

"The jury's out on that, Christopher, especially after what happened in Scotland. I know who and what you are, keep that in mind. This isn't a mistake. Your mother may have escaped but it won't matter."

Chris's curiosity got the better of him. "How? How do you know? And do realize how much danger you're in just by saying that to me? There's no way you're a familiar."

He tried not to make it sound like a threat but it kind of came out that way.

"I do and I'm not," replied Michelle seriously. "Which should indicate to you that you won't be going anywhere until this entire issue has been resolved. We have mechanisms in place to prevent any means of escape."

Chris mulled that over in his mind, something clicked. He really must be dealing with the purely human authorities and so he considered his next words carefully. There was no way this was a coincidence; she had recognized "familiar" in the context he had meant.

"Given what I know about my personal situation, I have to conclude that you have a source, that someone is feeding you information."

"You don't-" Michelle started.

"Let me finish."

Chris raised his voice a little behind his hood, a slight echo of his power trailing into it. Michelle shivered and everyone else in the van was still.

"I know this, and I know that this must be your first or maybe second attempt at capturing one of us. Otherwise, you would have been shut down long ago. You don't know who or what I am. Your complete lack of preparation and containment proves this. Someone told you to collect me. You're clearly intelligent and experienced but if you had the whole picture, you'd never have taken someone as high profile as myself, given recent events. You don't know what you're doing, Michelle, and therefore, you're being used by someone who does."

There was a long pause as Michelle considered his warning. He seemed genuine, which was concerning, but she knew better than to let her subject truly rattle her on their first encounter. It didn't change the plan in the short or long term. Beings would be exposed one way or another and humans would no longer be oblivious.

"You seem very confident, time will tell," she said.

"I doubt I'll have much time with you Michelle and I doubt even less that you'll remember it. I'm sorry."

He sounded genuinely apologetic, and Michelle's countenance turned instantly stormy at his thinly veiled threat. She glared at him in silence. That was one of the worst things, that these Beings wielded the terrible power to take memories and alter people's minds. No one should be able to do that.


Hours later, Chris could tell they had arrived at their destination.

The surface of the road changed, then a little bump, and a downwards slope. They were in an enclosed space now, underground by the echo as they unloaded him very carefully and doors were slammed. He was handed off to another team of guards and the tactical team was thanked for their effort before being dismissed.

At this stage he went along quietly, chains clicking, as Michelle guided him into what he assumed was an elevator. Sight being one of his weakest senses in his human form, he relied on the sounds and smells around him and discovered that it came quite naturally. Her hand felt hot and tense on his forearm. He could sense from her strong aura that she was concerned but determined.

They went up what must have been fifteen or twenty stories before he was put in an artificially quiet room and bolted to the floor and table when he sat on a plastic chair. After a few moments however, he realized that the room was actually very noisy, his ears picking up whatever they were using as noise cancellation.

His dragon enforced his calm but there was a moment where he almost panicked as someone clipped a steel band around his neck below the hood. It made a little beep as it locked into place.

"That's a tiny explosive, rigged to detonate if you step outside of the building or if it's tampered with. Don't try anything. Your magic won't work here either."

"That's a bit harsh," Chris muttered, shuddering from both the feel of the cold metal and the imagined effect a detonation would cause.

"It's just a precaution. If you don't escape or try to break it, it can't hurt you."

He was silent and still long enough that she turned to leave the room and prepare for his initial interrogation.

Her claim of his magic not working was a bit more worrying but as he sent his senses out, his dragon detected no traces of such anti-magic anywhere. He wondered how he might test it without drawing attention.

A tiny purple flame sprung alive unbidden in the cavity of his mouth. It tickled and warmed his pallet without burning. Chris smiled behind his hood after making sure the flame was extinguished. He still had his magic, and his captors were woefully misinformed about their magic dampening capability.

"Michelle," Chris called, just catching her before she opened the door. "When you come back, bring face masks or something to block your sense of smell for whoever questions me... it's just a precaution."

Getting her or anyone else dragonstruck would only make things worse, and at this point he was here to figure out what was going on and how much they knew about Beings. That was probably more important than escape.

The door closed without a reply and even he couldn't hear the conversation that went on outside; the soundproofing was good, as one would expect.

"What was that about?" Nathan asked in the observation room. The peppered man looked up from the screen he'd been leaning over to type on. Everything seemed to be recording smoothly across the board.

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