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Erotic Massage

by penmckay90 03/29/14

Kim was soon moaning and lost in her own passion as Julie watched the expression on her face. Kim was sliding back and forth working Julie's toes around in her pussy and sliding up so her toes were teasing her clit. It was such a turn on to watch Kim using her foot as a sex toy. Just as she thought Kim was going to cum Kim moved so that Julie's toes were now between her cheeks and sliding over her ass.

Kim was gasping and moaning as she reached down and started rubbing her clit furiously taking herself toward what was surly going to be a powerful orgasm. Suddenly her body stiffened and Kim was rocked with an orgasm that shook her entire body. After a few minutes Kim smiled and parted Julie's legs. Kim placed her face between her legs and began exploring Julie's pussy.

Never had anything felt so erotic, her first time with a woman was going to be better than she had ever imagined. Julie gasped and squealed out as Kim continued running her tongue over her pussy exploring and teasing her to the point that she wanted to scream out in passion. The more she explored Julie with her tongue the more aroused Julie became.

Kim parted Julie's folds allowing her juices to flow down onto her tongue as she started running her tongue up and down Julie's wet pussy. Nothing not any kind of fantasy or imagination could have prepared Julie for the divine sensations that she was now experiencing. The more Kim licked and sucked her pussy the more she wanted to do the same to Kim.

"Kim...let me taste you to. Come up here and let me taste your pussy...please Kim let me lick your sweet pussy!" Julie pleaded.

As Kim raised her head Julie's juices glistening on her lips and chin as she smiled and maneuvered around lowering her pussy onto Julie's face. Julie reached up and guided Kim's pussy down toward her tongue but no before pausing to look at her beautiful sex. Her lips were full and thick and her clit looked large as Julie slowly brought Kim's pussy down onto her face. Her pussy was so wet and warm and filled with her love juices.

Her aroma was as erotic as Julie instinctively guided her tongue over Kim's pussy while Kim in the meantime was working her fingers deep into Julie's pussy. Julie continued exploring Kim's pussy taking her time never having licked a woman before. She wanted to take her time and savour every moment of it as if it was going to be her only time to ever experience this.

She slipped her tongue past Kim's folds and immediately found her opening where she eased her tongue inside and started tongue fucking Kim. Kim responded by gyrating her hips and grinding her pussy into Julie's face while she took Julie's clit into her mouth and began sucking it while she filled Julie's pussy with as many fingers as she could manage. Julie moved from Kim pussy spreading her cheeks while as she started running her tongue up and down Kim's ass.

She found Kim's asshole to be very sensitive judging from Kim's response. Julie eased her tongue into Kim's ass and began tonguing her while Kim was taking Julie closer and closer to the edge. Suddenly Julie felt her pussy start to tremble and her clit throb as one powerful orgasm after another surged through her body.

Once she had finished cumming Julie rolled Kim onto her back and moved between her legs and filled Kim's pussy with as many fingers as she could manage just as Kim had done to her. She worked her fingers inside Kim's pussy listening to Kim's moans of pleasure. Julie couldn't believe how incredible it was to make love to someone as beautiful as Kim and to watch her become more and more aroused as she made love to her. Julie loved the taste of Kim's pussy as she ran her tongue over it and then took her clit between her lips again listening to Kim's moans of sheer pleasure.

Julie continued sucking and fingering Kim's pussy taking her closer and closer to what she hoped would be a powerful orgasm. Kim grabbed Julie's head pushing her pussy into Julie's face as her body shook as the orgasms washed over her. Afterward the two women lay in one another's arms kissing and cuddling until it was time for Julie to leave.

From that day forward Julie had a standing appointment every Friday for a massage and a round of beautiful woman to woman love.

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