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Expectations Ch. 01

by LiquidFyre 10/28/05

Brian Delaney looked around him and finally took a seat in one of the chairs on the front porch of the bungalow in downtown Phoenix. The woman he'd talked to over the phone yesterday was 10 minutes late and he was quickly losing patience.

Just as he reached for his cellular phone, an older Audi A4 pulled into the driveway. He watched as the driver opened the driver side door and got out of the car. She reached into the backseat and grabbed a backpack before heading up the walkway.

Aisha Morgan cursed silently as she pulled into the driveway. She'd hoped to make it home before the prospective roommate arrived, but it couldn't be helped. She grabbed her bag out of the backseat and glanced at him as she walked towards the front door.

Brian watched as she made her way towards him, she was shorter than he was which was fine given that he was shorter than most men.

She briefly apologized for being late, explaining that rounds had run longer than planned.

Brian followed her and got his first look at the home. The living room was decorated tastefully, with hardwood floors and wood mini blinds at the full size windows. A chocolate brown leather sofa and club chair were decorated with pillows in jewel tones and a throw. A corner armoire with its doors closed, he figured that housed the television. Houseplants topped the armoire as well as the massive bookcase on the far wall of the room. A mirror framed the wall over the sofa, and the wall was bare other than that one piece.

Aisha dropped her pack on the floor next to the front door and placed her keys in the wooden bowl on the table before heading off towards the rear of the house. She called back to Brian to make himself at home and look around while she used the restroom.

When Aisha returned from the restroom, Brian was standing in one of the two empty bedrooms, looking into the empty closets. The room was decently sized, with a window overlooking the backyard patio. The only downside to the room was the bathroom that adjoined the other bedroom. It had a walk in, glassed wall shower and a vanity with plenty of space. The other bedroom was also empty and was identical to the one he was standing in.

Aisha left the bedroom and entered the kitchen, asking if he wanted anything to drink. Brian asked for water and followed her voice into the kitchen. It was galley style with new appliances and ceramic tile flooring. The galley opened onto a bay style area that held a dining table.

Brian stood in the doorway of the kitchen and watched Aisha for a bit before answering with a request for water. She was dressed in hospital scrubs and wooden clogs. Her hair was cut incredibly short, maybe an inch and a half all over. The shortness of her hair brought out the features of her face, wide-set large brown eyes, full lips and delicate ears. Despite its lack of length, it was a very feminine look on her.

Aisha felt his eyes on her as she grabbed a glass from the cupboard and filled it with ice and water. She turned around and handed the water to him before heading out to the living room. She curled herself into the club chair facing the sofa, placing her glass of orange juice on the wrought iron table next to the chair.

Brian settled on the sofa

He was around 5'6" which was short for guy, with thick hair curling hair and a small goatee. Dark hair peeked out the ends of his shirt sleeves and Aisha had a distinct impression that he was that hairy all over. Dark brown eyes, framed by lashes that most women would kill for, rounded out what was all in all, an attractive package. A package that she had no interest in due to her schedule.

A bit more small talk and they were able to hammer out the details of being roommates. She just needed someone to share the rent, and he needed a place to stay.

So it went for three months. Since Aisha was busy with her latest surgical rotation, Brian didn't see much of her other than a quick glimpse before she headed off for work at 6 am and then he heard her coming in late at night. They communicated by leaving notes for each other, "We're out of milk, can you grab some", "I'll be out of town over the weekend", "the cable company called; they will be here to install your cable tomorrow".

At the beginning of spring, he left a message for Aisha, "my best friend and girlfriend are coming to town to visit this weekend, is this okay with you?" Aisha wrote back "of course, there's a blow up mattress in the spare bedroom closet."

Aisha didn't mention that she would be around this weekend, the first time in three months and would have preferred to have a bit of quiet.

She was sitting on the sofa, with headphones on, listening to a compilation that she had created earlier that day, when Brian walked in with his friends. His girlfriend was just as Aisha had expected; a tall willowy blond, perfectly coifed and manicured with a strong southern drawl.

She immediately turned around to Brian and said "well honey you didn't mentioned that your roommate"

Brian looked at her and said, it never came up, what does it matter? She smiled a tight smile and just said "I guess things are different out west".

His best friend stood back taking in his surroundings, about 6 feet tall, thick and stocky, with clear green eyes and red hair, his voice was deep and Aisha was sure that his southern drawl had seduced many a southern belle into his bed.

"Aisha, this is Marnie, my girlfriend, and Ewan, my best friend", guys, this is my roommate Aisha."

Marnie stood pensively eyeing Aisha while Ewan moved forward to shake hands with Aisha.

"It's nice to meet you Aisha"

Yep, Aisha was certain that listening to his voice for too long was akin to sailors listening to the siren's call.

"You too. You guys have a good flight?"

"Yeah it was pretty good, coach is no place for tall guy though".

Aisha glanced at Brian and Marnie and noticed Marnie's possessive stroking of Brian's arm.

"Well, I'll let you folks get to it."

Again Ewan was the only one to speak "hope we see you around later".

Aisha smiled and nodded as she headed out of the room.

Ewan turned back to look at Brian and Marnie, chuckling as he noticed the look in Brian's eyes as Marnie whispered furiously at him.

The group got settled and headed out for a tour of Phoenix and grabbing a bite to eat. Brian called back to ask Aisha if she wanted to join them, ignoring the glare on Marnie's face. She didn't answer and Brian explained that was probably sleeping, having just finished a surgical rotation in her residency.

They stopped at a Mexican restaurant for dinner, lounging over margaritas and tortilla chips. Twilight descended, bathing the city in a purplish glow as they headed towards home.

Pulling into the driveway, they noticed that Aisha's car was gone but the house had a rosy glow from the lights left on. On the kitchen table Aisha had left out a bottle of wine and wineglasses with a note for Brian "in celebration of your reunion with your friends".

It had been a long flight from Tennessee, but the group sat down to relive old times until weariness overcame them. It was close to 11 when they retired to their respective rooms, Marnie and Brian to Brian's room and Ewan to the spare room. It wasn't long before the antics from Brian's room woke Ewan. He lay there staring at the ceiling and listening to the creaks and groans. Throwing off his covers he looked at his wristwatch, it was 12:45. Sensing that he would get no sleep for a while, he slipped on his jeans and padded into the living room, barefoot and bare-chested, to watch TV. He stopped at the threshold of the living room when he saw Aisha curled up on the sofa, cartoons on the television and headphones on her head.

She beckoned him in and took off her headphones. "Are they usually that..noisy?"

Ewan grinned, "No, I think it's for your benefit."

"That's what I was afraid of. I hope she knows that there's nothing going on between us, we barely see one another."

"Don't worry about it. What are you listening to?" Aisha handed him the headphones and he caught the ending of Susan Tedeschi's "Looking for Answers" before Sting's "Whenever I Say Your Name" started. He handed the headphones back to her and nodded at her choice of music. Aisha didn't put the headphones back on, instead she got up and walked over to one of the stereo's satellite speakers, turned it towards the window, opened the window and asked if he wanted to hang out on the enclosed front porch.

"It seems the performance is getting louder".

On the way out the door he grabbed the bottle of wine and the glasses, while she grabbed some goat cheese, olives, crackers and nuts.

On the porch they sat in the pappasan chairs, listening to the faint sound of the music from the stereo and the crickets. Ewan poured them each a glass of wine and they sat not speaking for a while.

Breaking the silence Aisha asked him what he did "I'm the Director of Training for a small computer company." During the course of their conversation she found out that he was raised in Boston and moved to Memphis when he entered college. That's where he met Brian. He had been single about four months, ever since he found his fiancé in bed with someone else." He went on to mention that Brian was trying to get him to move out to Phoenix.

Aisha shared that she was on her second year of relationshiplessness, she giggled after she made up that word. At his raised eyebrows, she explained that being a resident didn't work well with relationships.

They sat in silence for another thirty minutes before deciding it was safe to go back into the house. They parted ways in the hallway and Ewan stood for a moment watching her walk, the soft sway of her curves and the mahogany sheen of her skin sending strong signals to him.

The next day the friends headed out to do some shopping and Aisha started working on stripping the kitchen cabinets. She was still at it when they arrived home six hours later. Moments after they arrived, so did Aisha's appetite. She asked about their day while washing dust from her hands.

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