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Falling for Vivian

by wakingDown 03/03/13

+++ Was bored this afternoon. This is what came out. Hope you like it. +++

Nate answered the phone, muting the TV. He smiled when he heard his little sister's voice.

"Hey Nate, How's it going?" Vivian asked, speaking loudly. Nathan thought she might be in traffic from the background noise.

"Not bad. What are you up to?"

"My eyeballs in traffic is what I'm up to. Are you at your place?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Because I'm on my way there. I'm at the interchange right now."

He glanced down at the clock on his cell.

"Were you planning on driving in rush hour?" He chuckled.

"No, but that's when I had to go. I'll be there in a few minutes, ok?"

"Yeah, I guess. Probably be closer to twenty minutes though." He answered, still smiling.

"Yeah, probably. See you soon."

Nate put the phone on the table and got up. He would at least have a few minutes to straighten the place up. He gathered up the laundry from his room and crammed it into the overstuffed hamper. Next was gathering the few dishes from the counter and actually getting them to the sink, something he only seemed to do when he had to wash them. He ran some water into the sink and soap so they could soak. He opened the only window and let in some fresh air. His place was a sterling example of a bachelor's crash pad. Small, dingy, and generally abused. He gathered the fast food bags and old pizza boxes off the table and ran them out to the dumpster. He paused at the door to the building as Vivian's battered little car chugged into the parking lot. She parked the shit-heap and trotted over to where he was waiting.

"I don't know which is worse, your car or my apartment." He chuckled as she hugged him.

"Your apartment, I like my little car." She smiled as they went in.

His door was just inside the building entrance. She walked in and wrinkled her nose.

"Geez Nate, you only hose this place out one a month or what?" Shea asked.

"Every other month. Any more than that and the bugs would complain." He chuckled, lighting a small incense stick and propping it over the little stove. The main room had the stove and sink on the far wall, and a small patch of faded linoleum under them. The small fridge sat next to that, doing a good job of not letting the little storage closet's door open all the way. Facing the 'kitchen' on the opposite wall was a ratty couch and an ancient looking recliner. Pushed up against the wall to the right, next to the bedroom door, was an old TV sitting on two stacked milk crates. Classy as fuck.

"Sorry, you want to see the awesome student apartments with the big screen TV and multiple rooms, you gotta go to the dorms. Us poor boy scholarship guys gotta make do with the Shitsack Plaza apartments here. So was there a reason for your visit other than insulting my glorious cave?" He said, smiling a little ruefully.

"What? I can't visit my favorite brother-"

"Only brother"

"-without some ulterior motive? I mean, there is ulterior motive, in this case, but to automatically assume is little rude."

Nate sighed, but didn't mind. He just liked Vivian's company. He didn't care if she needed a favor, he was happy to help.

"Lay it on me, Viv. What can I do?"

"Well, I kinda need a place to crash." She said, getting a little quiet. He didn't think she meant for just a night, the way she looked suddenly apprehensive.

"How long of a crash?" He asked sitting back on the couch.

She held her fingers about an inch apart. "Just a little while." She said, wincing a bit, making it obvious it was more than a little while.

"Well an inch or so isn't long, but how does that translate to time in this case?" He smirked.

"Well, until I can find a place of my own nearby. I've been accepted." She said with a wide grin.

"What here? You got in? Awesome, congratulations! I guess I'll be seeing a bit more of you then, even after you find a place. Cool, so how long did you think you would need, because in case you hadn't noticed my place and your car have about the same square footage." He said, smiling himself, happy for her.

"I don't know. I'm still waiting to get my student loans and scholarship info fully sorted. I have a little saved up, and I'll be looking for part time work tomorrow, so I can help with the rent and food and everything, but I couldn't stay at the Brewsters' any longer. I got the acceptance letter yesterday, so I packed my crap and headed out."

The Brewsters were the foster parents that they had been with since Nate was fifteen and Vivian thirteen. They were placed there after CPS pulled them out of their parents' filthy hovel. Their parents had discovered that they loved drugs and partying more than their kids and had quickly sunk to the bottom of the barrel, taking Nate and Viv with them. The kids hadn't seen their dad in almost a year when they were removed, and mom hadn't even realized what was going on. She had drank two bottles of cough syrup for breakfast and had laughed, asking what party the cops were taking her to. The Brewsters weren't too bad. The biggest problem that the Hamlin kids had with them was the religion. The Brewsters were born again Christians, and loved to share the faith with anyone they could corner. Every day was a crusade to get the foster kids under their care to find Jesus, and hard.

Some of the kids went for it, which was fine with Nate and Viv, but they resented being talked to like they were heathens. It wasn't that they didn't like the Brewsters, it was that they didn't like living with them. The religious mania, being forced to say Grace before each meal, forced to pray before bed, the strict rules against most popular media and music, it was a very stifling and aggravating atmosphere if you weren't in the same mind frame as them.

"Well, I would hesitate to call this a one bedroom apartment. If I was being honest I would call it an almost bedroom apartment. But you're welcome to it, you know that. I'll camp on the couch for the time being, you take the bed," He started but she shook her head and interrupted him.

"I'm not taking your bed, no deal. I don't want you sleeping on the couch in your own place."

"I've passed out on this thing a few times, trust me, you don't want to. I'm used to it, so it's fine."

"Not with me it's not. We can figure that out later though. For now, can we get my stuff in here and get something to eat? I'm starving." She said, standing up and pulling him to his feet.

"Yeah. There's some room in this closet, and some in the closet in the bedroom, it should be enough for your clothes."

"Ok, I don't have much besides clothes, so I shouldn't clutter the place too much." She said, looking around.

They went to her car and started unloading. It was two small boxes and a few bags of clothes. They got them inside and stared to put it all where they could. There was just enough room in the two closets for everything, and the stuff in the boxes were put on some of the many shelves that Nate had hung to gain more storage area out of the tiny place. That done they went out to Nate's car (only marginally better than Viv's) and went out. Nate took her to a nice little restaurant he knew of down the road and treated her to an early dinner. She had said a burger joint would have been fine but Nate wanted to celebrate a little and insisted. They talked over the meal, discussing how it would work.

"Look, I don't want to impose any more than I have too, ok? I'm gonna start looking around tomorrow while I'm out job searching, and I'll be out from under foot as fast as I can." She said as she ate.

"Viv, it's alright. I just wish I had a better place for you to stay at while you look. Stay as long as you want, save up some money, and get a nicer place than I have. If I would have had the opportunity to do that I would have. But I just had what little I'd hung onto before applying. I don't want to see you in a dump like mine, ok? So just worry about school and work for now. I imagine you'll be starting next semester?"

"Yeah, everything should be in order by then."

"Ok, so spend the next few months saving up, and worry about moving out when you can afford it. You won't be underfoot; it'll be nice having you around again. I've missed having you around. It might be a little cramped in the place, but I'm sure we'll be fine." He said, reaching over to take her hand. She smiled and gave his hand a squeeze.

"I'm pretty lucky to have such a generous brother, you know that?"

"You and me against the world, right? Just like it's always been." He chuckled.

"Yeah, I guess so."


They got back to their place after Nate stopped at the liquor store to get a bottle of rum to keep the celebration going. His buddy from class worked there, and sold him booze in exchange for help with his Biology and Chemistry classes. Nate rinsed two glasses and brought them to the small coffee table. While Vivian poured some and cokes Nate turned on the radio to the classic rock station. He knew Vivian like good old rock and roll. He did too, but listened mostly to country. They sat, clinked their glasses, and toasted Vivian's acceptance into college.

After a couple of rounds, a tipsy Vivian pulled Nate to his feet to dance with her. Nate was not much of a dancer to begin with, and alcohol was certainly not helping. After some horribly embarrassing flailing, they both broke down into gales of laughter. The song changed to an old love song and Vivian, still giggling, pulled Nate close and put her arms around him, and they simply held each other, swaying to the old song, smiling and happy. As the song ended, Vivian looked up and smiled at Nate. He leaned forward to kiss her nose and missed. His lips met hers, and they both paused, frozen. Then he felt her start to kiss back, lightly, unsure. He responded a little before they both pulled away at the same time.

"Um, not what I was trying to do," He started.

"Wow, that was, uh," She said at the same time.

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