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Family Desires

by ronnie11 03/11/11

He's gorgeous too, thin but toned and with a big dick, every woman's fantasy. All the girls at work would suck him just like I'm going to do right now. I wonder how many times he can cum in a day? Relax Helen, just focus on what's in front of you.

The sound of the weights dropping on the floor startles me for a second, instinctively looking in the direction Amy walked out, I notice the black thong laying on the floor. That little slut, she's not even going to give him a chance, I bet he's fucking her right now.

"Dad finally gets to look at her pussy." He says to me as he leans back against the arm of the couch.

He thinks he's in charge too, but he's not going to do to me what that little slut just did. He's in for a surprise, now I'm aware of what's going on and the rules are changed. You think you can tease me and I'm not going to do anything about it? I'll suck your dick, but you're going to be my sex toy and not the other way around.

"You like pussy?" I say starting my assault on him.

With my fingers moving up his thighs, I let them stop just before reaching his balls, let's see how he likes being teased. My finger nails gently play their cat and mouse game just an inch away from those gorgeous swollen eggs. Don't worry baby, I've done this to your father a hundred times and he'll tell you how great it is to be teased by me.

His thighs are quivering as my fingers finally start to rub his balls. His dick is sticking straight at me, begging for relief, not yet baby...but soon. What am I going to do here? Do I jerk him off or fuck him, better just jerk him off and suck him this time.

What is it about kids today? They all shave their pubic hair, I'm not saying I don't like it, but I still have a small patch down there. I like it when Jimmy pulls out of me sometimes and soaks my pussy hair with his cum. Amy must shave too, Jimmy's goanna love that.

"You look just like Jennifer Aniston." He moans as my nails squeeze his testicles.

"I bet you'd like to see her pussy." I say as my fingers finally reach his cock.

"All my friends think you are so hot." He says as he tries to move his hips so my fingers will stroke him.

I don't even know what I'm wearing under my robe, trying to think with my son's dick in my hands is almost impossible. Part of me wants to strip naked, and yet another part is trying to maintain control. What a dilemma to be in, I'm sure Jimmy's all ready got his shorts down as that little slut blows him or...does she fuck him.

I remember now, I have my short yellow night shirt on...and no panties. Christ, I haven't washed since Jimmy fucked me last night either, if I only show him and not do anything else...that will be OK.

"You really think I look like Jennifer Aniston? I ask him as my hand starts to glide up and down his dick.

He does take after his father, a long thick dick, and once he figures out how to control it...he'll fuck for hours. That's it baby, fuck my fingers, I know you want to cum...but not yet. It's too soon to squirt, first I have to play with you, and then I'll let you cum.

"No wonder Amy was moaning last night, I bet she really enjoyed getting that little ass stretched wide open. A nice big dick pumping that tight little ass, I bet you loved it when she clamped down on you." I say as I slowly pinch my fingers on the head of his cock.

I learned this trick along time along time ago, drive him right to the point of shooting, and then just apply a little pressure. Works every time, I can torture him all day, if I want too...but that would be cruel.

I love this game of torture I'm playing with him, I'd would have done it with her, but she had me so off balance, I didn't know which end was up. The problem now I show him my pussy? Jimmy's getting a show downstairs, so why shouldn't I let Matthew get the same treatment.

"I can't believe what you're doing to me." He moans as I start to bring him close again.

Do I show him my pussy? The truth is...I'm having too much fun right now to stop, but a part of me wants too. Spread myself wide open, let him see how wet I am too. I could slide right down his cock right now, but he'd shoot in a second or two. We'll just keep playing our little game of denial a little longer.

"I'd like to slide my dick in your ass and pump you full of cum." He says as I bring him to verge of cumming again.

He's like his sister, aren't they so bold when they're horny. The reality is...I like hearing them talk dirty, it gets me all the more turned on. Not that I really need it right now, this dick I'm stroking is more than enough to get me off.

"Do you want to cum baby...or more torture?" I ask as I can tell he's right to the point of shooting.

"Make me cum...please." He begs me.

Let's see how much cream my rabbit can spit out, that's it baby, fuck my hand and I'll get you off. I love jerking off men, if I could do it for a living...I would. Here it comes, how many jets do you have? At your age, you should have at least five or six, but that little slut took some last night, didn't she rabbit?

"OH, I'm cumming, don't stop." He moans as thick white streams of sperm shoot out of his dick.

"That's it baby, let me have all of it." I say as I keep stroking him.

As much as I want to wrap my lips around his cock, the sight of of his semen spraying his chest with thick white globs of cum has me in a state of awe. I love watching the girls in the videos jerking the young boys off, watching my own son shooting all over his chest is better than any of the videos I could ever watch again.

I can get used to this, watching the cum squirting out of my son's dick could be my new hobby. I forgot how excited they get at this age, they're like puppies...whack them off and they'll be back in twenty minutes wanting to do it again.

There's no going back now, I know this is just the beginning, and the pain between my legs tells me the same thing. Even if I wanted too, I don't think I could stop myself from going further...or want too.

I can tell he's in shock, it's one thing when you're horny and will do anything to get off, but now as he realizes what just happened. He's wondering if it was right in how he just tempted me, I can see it in his eyes...the doubt it guilt?

"Relax baby, there's nothing like getting off to make you feel good." I say as my fingers spread the sticky cream all over his chest.

I used to do this to Jimmy years ago, we'd both get so sticky that we had to take a shower afterwards. I miss those days of being young and so spontaneous, we'd fuck every chance we had was so exciting. Discovering each other's erogenous zones was the most exciting part of our lovemaking. The trust to actually say out loud what turns you on, was like the glue to our relationship in so many other ways.

"You really think I look like Jennifer Aniston?" I ask as my fingers continue to massage his chest with his cum.

I've missed the sight of just watching cum shoot out of a dick, by the time Jimmy is ready ... my mouth just takes over by itself. No thinking involved either, just suck hard and swallow as much as I can. I think I could really get into just jerking Matthew off and watch all that cream shoot out of him. Of course, I know I won't be able to resist licking him clean afterwards, can't let it go to waste...that would be a sin.

God, I'm horny right now, I'm on fire and I know exactly what's fanning the flames. The thought of that little slut riding Jimmy is driving me crazy, who would ever have thought that would be a turn on for me. He'll fuck her like she's never been fucked too, I know how he thinks when it comes to screwing.

"You liked teasing me the other day, didn't you? I saw how you spread that little slut wide open, did you like pumping that tight little pussy?" I ask as my hands slowly move down towards his cock.

The sight of his dick coming back to life tells me all I want to know. He's just like his father, all I have to do is talk dirty a little and that big dick gets hard again. I'm dealing with natures version of the energizer bunny, a nineteen year-old's sex drive is insatiable when it comes to getting off. Aren't I the lucky one, jerk him off and he's ready again ten minutes later.

You know you want to do it, admit it, what you really want is to taste his cum. Ever since I started sucking Jimmy, that's the one thing I crave more than anything else, the taste of his thick sticky semen that shoots in my mouth. I do love it so, I can't explain why but...I do.

The tension is just too much, I didn't want to do it the first time...but I'm just too horny right now. That's right baby, get that big dick hard for me and I'll give you a blowjob like you've never had before. I doubt that little slut knows anything when it comes to sucking cock.

"Ready for more." Is all I say as my lips wrap around his cock.

Don't you know that blowjobs are my specialty? A nice big dick to jerk and suck on, just think how many times a day I could get you off, you have to be able to do at least three or four without a problem. I'll have all the cream I want, and you'll be in heaven having your own mother getting you off. I know all your friends would want me to do them too, I see how they look at me with their lustful teenage eyes. They'd be lined up wanting me to suck them too.

That's it baby, moan for me, it turns me on even more. Let the sensation of my hand and mouth sliding up and down your dick get you ready to explode. You won't last long, even your father can't resist cumming once I get into my rhythm. I love sucking dick, if it wasn't considered cheating, I'd do it to all those pretty college boys in the office.

"Don't stop...I'm almost there." He moans as my mouth ready's itself for a feeding.

If only all our friends could see us now, I'm sucking Matthew and Amy is downstairs getting fucked by her father. I bet Pastor Michaels would have a sermon about thou shall not suck thy son's cock, I wonder what his wife would say once she got a good taste of what I'm about to get.

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