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Family Life Ch. 01

by T@nman 12/06/01

This story is based upon a feedback request from a reader. They know the specifics of their request. I hope the story exceeds their expectations.

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My parents and I have always been close and they have always been very open and truthful about family matters to me. My parents were high school sweethearts. My Mother was nineteen and my Father was twenty when I was born. As I grew older, they told me that I was the result of a heavy petting session, in the backseat of my Father's car, that quickly became passionate. My Mom's pregnancy changed all of their plans. They got married right out of high school. They had both planned on going to college, but their plans were changed.

My Dad worked part time while he went to a trade school. He eventually got an apprenticeship as a machinist. Mom stayed home until I started school. After I started school, she also went back to school. She studied nursing and worked her way to a degree and on-the-job training to become an RN. My Dad was able to continue his schooling also and earned a degree in Industrial Engineering and Production Management.

I'm in college now, but over the years, I learned that my parents had a pretty rough time in getting ahead. But I didn't know that while I was growing up. When all the other kids family's were going on vacation to the California amusement parks, my family went camping, hiking and fishing during the summer.

We did lots of fun things together. I learned things like camp cooking, how to set up camp, fishing tricks, survival skills, etc. that made summer fun for a boy. Sometimes we would hike all day or fish all day, and we would end the day by skinny dipping in a stream or lake and nude sunbathing at our campsite.

I asked why my parents had hair on their bodies and I didn't, and I asked why my Mother didn't have a "willie" like me and my Dad. They said that the body hair was something that came with age and my Mom "didn't have a 'willie' because girls were finished off more neatly than boys."

As I think back, family communal nudity was not unusual. We skinny dipped and sunbathed together on vacation and much of the time we bathed and showered together at home. This all came to an end, without an explanation, when I was nine or ten. And I never wondered my parents spent so much time washing and drying each other when we skinny dipped or bathed and showered together. We had always been a close family and there was always lots of affectionate hugging and touching between us.

I'm in my third year of college now and I never realized how close I would come to my Mom and Dad until I returned home, for the summer break, after my sophomore year.

My parents were professionally and financially successful. One of the first things they did was to purchase a vacation cabin. This became our weekend retreat.

Shortly after I came home from college, we made a trip to the cabin to open it up for the summer. The cabin was located on a hilltop at the end of a private road. My folks had slowly acquired the surrounding forest land whenever they had some extra money. Now the cabin overlooked a rather extensive private forest preserve. Along with adding to the land, they added to and improved the cabin. Things like solar hot water and supplemental electric power, a hot tub, a shop and storage building, a photography dark room, and a well stocked wine cellar.

We settled in and had dinner. Mom had found some of our old vacation photo albums while she was getting out bedding and towels. We looked at the albums while we ate. There were many black and white snapshots and instant photos of our camping trips, fishing successes and hikes. There were a number of photos of us skinny dipping and sunbathing.

Dad commented that we surely had fun back then. Mom said she really enjoyed the skinny dipping and the feel of the sun and wind on her body and she wished she could be so carefree today. Dad said he didn't see why she couldn't sunbathe here at the cabin. And there was probably enough land so that we could even build a hiking trail or two for nude walks in the woods if she wanted. They asked me what I thought and I said that as a kid I enjoyed the skinny dipping and the showering and bathing together and, as a kid, I never understood why it stopped.

Mom said maybe we ought to renew the skinny dipping tradition tonight in the hot tub. We sat silently for a moment, then nodded in agreement. We cleaned up the dinner dishes, then we agreed to meet on the patio - no swim suits allowed.

The old photos showed that Mom was a Babe, with a slim waist and legs, pert tits proudly held high and a neatly trimmed pussy. Dad was a Hunk with a slim build with meaty looking cock dangling above a low hanging ball sack.

I was a little nervous about being nude with my parents. I've got a pretty good build since I work out. And I think my "package" is pretty good too - a rather thick cock and plump balls surrounded by curly blonde hair.

When I came out onto the patio, they were holding hands and standing by the hot tub. Their towels were lying over a chair. I hadn't seen my parents nude in at least ten years. Mom was still a Babe and Dad was still a Hunk. They were both a little heavier and their waists were thicker. Mom still had slim legs, her tits were full and still proudly carried and her dark blonde pussy hair was thick and curly. Dad was more muscular. His chest was covered with dark hair and his still impressive cock and balls were framed by thick, dark, curly hair,

I threw my towel over my shoulder as I walked up to them. I think we were all a little embarrassed at first, but after we settled into the hot tub we began to relax. I sat across from them at first. Mom told me she wanted me to sit beside her. She wanted to sit between us and to be close to her two "boys". I moved around next to her. She was still holding Dad's hand and she took mine in her other hand. We sat, soaked and talked until it was quite late. It was nice listening to the sounds of the night and the quiet bubbling of the water.

Dad got out first. As he toweled himself dry, he said he was going to start a fire in the fireplace. I helped Mom out of the hot tub. I dried myself off then went inside to help Dad. I pulled the drapes closed and walked over to the fireplace. He was on his knees and he had gotten a small fire kindled. The only light in the room was from the fire as Dad added more small pieces of wood. Mom came in and sat on the sofa in front of the fireplace. Dad added a couple of larger logs to the fire.

As he stood up, Mom asked us to stand side by side so she could see her "boys". She asked me if I remembered asking why I didn't have body hair like her and Dad. I told her I remembered. She placed a hand on each of our stomachs, she said I now had hair like Dad. She said she liked looking at her two fine men. She slipped her hand down across our pubic hair and wrapped a hand around each of our cocks. I didn't know what to do. Dad looked at me and smiled.

Mom leaned forward and kissed first Dad's cockhead, then mine. She lifted our cocks off of our balls and said she liked holding her two fine men. She gave our cocks a little tug and we stepped closer to her. She placed Dad's cockhead against her lips and sucked him into her mouth. My cock was starting to rise. She stroked her hand along my cock. She took Dad's cock out of her mouth, turned to me and slid her lips as far down my cock as she could go. She cupped my balls in her other hand. Dad patted my butt, then he sat down on the sofa next to Mom and watched her suck their son's cock.

The light from the fireplace filled the room. The only sound I heard was my own breathing. Dad moved closer to Mom. He put one arm around her. He placed his other hand over hers as she cupped my balls. He kissed her cheek, then his lips moved down to side of my cock. I felt his tongue licking along my cock as Mom moved her lips up to the cockhead. She took my cock out of her mouth, kissed Dad on the lips, then held my cock as he sucked it deep into his mouth. I didn't know what to think or feel. Mom looked up at me and smiled. I put one hand on Dad's head and one on Mom's. I stood there in the fire light as my parents took turns giving me a blowjob.

Mom got off the couch and came over to stand behind me. She put her arms around me and pressed her body against mine. I could feel her nipples pressing into my back. I took my free hand and put it behind me and on her hip. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy. She pressed tight against me. My Father was vigorously sucking my cock and my Mother was rubbing her pussy against my hand.

Dad stopped sucking and sat back on the sofa. He looked at Mom and said that he now knew why she enjoyed sucking his cock so much. He said he had always wanted to know what it felt like to suck a cock, but he figured he would never know. He said it gave him thrill to have a piece of man meat in his mouth and to be able to suck it and lick it all over.

Mom took my hand, she stepped over in front of Dad and kneeled down. She held my hand and pulled me down to my knees beside her. She took Dad's cock in her hand and started to kiss and lick it. She whispered to me that she wanted me to help her. I hesitantly licked his cockhead, then licked down the side of his shaft towards his balls. Mom licked the other side, then plunged her mouth down his cock. I looked up, Dad's eyes were closed. Mom took his cock out of her mouth and looked at me. I leaned forward and slid my lips over his cockhead. Mom told me to run the tip of my tongue around the rim then tighten my lips and push down his cock. She told me to keep my lips tight and bob up and down. Dad was right- sucking cock gave me a thrill - a sort of nasty thrill - a doubly nasty thrill since I wasn't supposed to be sucking another mans cock especially since that man was my Father..

Mom whispered in my ear that she wanted to see her "boys" in a 69 on the rug in front of the fireplace. I stopped sucking and moved over to the rug. Dad got down on the floor. We lay on our sides facing each others feet. He grasped my cock and pulled it into his mouth with deep suction. I licked and kissed his cockhead before taking into my mouth and resuming sucking him off. I was able to fondle his balls.

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