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Fat Bottom Sister

by guyver0335 10/16/11

It wasn't long before my cock was hard again. "Tell me before you cum baby," she moaned while she gargled my dick in the back of her throat.

"Give me that cum little brother I need it, I need it," she pleaded over and over her tongue now sliding up and down the back side of my balls and taint. She jacked my slime covered member with eagerness while sliding her shorts completely off.

"I'm Cumming," I finally shouted. She jumped up and climbed on top of me while I splurged my load all over my own belly. She pounded into me trying to pull out every last drop with her cunt and she picked up what didn't go inside her and rubbed it all over her pussy lips.

"Give me more," she demanded while taking her top off and waving her tits in my face. They were big and inviting looking. They had a slight sag to them from being so heavy and having two kids but they were still in the right place and not down at her belly button.

"I don't think I can, I mean I did just get off twice in a row. I've never done more than that," I exclaimed while rubbing her nipples with my face. I wanted to be buried in them but she pulled back leaving me to feel cold.

"Listen up, after what you just did to me over there," she said pointing to the spot next to us on the bed where she was laying a few minutes ago. "I ought to tell mom or even call the cops. You raped me and now you're going to learn a lesson."

"I did what," I started to say before she jammed her tits back in to my face. I was surrounded by them I couldn't breathe at all. She rocked her hips slow at first but that didn't last long and she started pounding again using the full force of her weight. "That's it little bro, play with my tits, suck on those fat boobs and my big nipples. You have no idea how horny I got when I found out that my very own little brother likes fat girls. Fuck my fat hairy cunt or I swear to god I'll tell everyone you raped me."

I finally got my face out enough that I could breath and say, "I didn't rape you."

"No you didn't but who do you think they'll believe me or you? Now shut the fuck up and give me that seed," she demanded. Her tits were back in my face before I could respond. "Fuck me like a slut, pound me like a good boy." She pulled me forward and reached back to rub my balls. "I'm Cumming," she said again. "Keep going get it get it. Oh give it to me little brother, be good to your big sister and I'll be good to you." She moaned and her pussy clenched. Before I knew it she lifted off of me leaving her pussy to hover above my cock and pussy cum exploded out all over my crotch. She immediately went back down on it and kept riding.

I put my hands on her ass cheeks holding her as she rocked on top of me. She grabbed both of my hands and guided them back her anus. "Play with it," she insisted. Who was I to argue, I started with one finger but that went in to easily so I shoved a second one in there which was a little tighter. Before now I had little experience with anal or anything anal related so this new experience pushed me over the edge.

"I'm Cumming," I moaned from behind her breasts.

"Good, yes, give it to me. Give me that sperm, please give it to me your fat slutty sister. Fuck me like a good brother and I promise you'll be happy. Fuck me give me that hot sticky cum right inside of me please, please, please," She moaned in my ear. Next thing I knew I was squirting my third load, this time right up inside her wanting vagina. It was like she had a vacuum in her that was just sucking it out. I collapsed on the bed my body numb and exhausted.

I relaxed waiting for her to jump off of me but she didn't, instead she kept waving her tits in my face trying to entice me. When that didn't work she jumped off of me and turned around. Kneeling in between my legs she pointed her round brown eye at my now limp cock. She reached behind, grabbed my cock and aimed right at the bulls eye. With her free hand she spread her cheeks and anus open then pushed back on it. I could feel her tight ass wrapping around my dick and slowly bounce up and down.

"Are you saying you don't want a nice piece of this little shit hole?" she asked me seductively. She kept pushing back on it. I could feel myself harden to the point where it could be considered a semi. She just kept going, and after a few minutes I noticed her shaking and having another orgasm. Again she squirted cum, this time soaking my balls. She reached down and rubbed the juice into my sack. "Does that feel good baby brother? Don't you want to give me another load? Squirt and I promise to suck it clean. Fuck my ass, little bro, fuck it. I bet the young sluts you're used to fucking don't let you do this do they?"

I my exhaustion I was too tired to talk so I just nodded my head no. "Well this little butt hole belongs to you now, ok. You can fuck it anytime you want, you just say let's do it and I'll spread it open for you. You can fuck my ass anywhere and anytime you want." Her dirty talk got my dick pumping again. "I can't believe I'm letting my little brother fuck my asshole, I'm such a slut. How does it look back there? You getting that dick covered in my ass juices? Is it covered in dirty shit? Huh? are you about to explode that sperm again for me?"

Again all I could do is nod my head yes. She pumped her corn hole all over my dick and just as I was about to explode she knew it and jumped off it and shoved it back in her pussy. "Yes give me that cum, impregnate me if you have to but give me that seed. The sperm from little brother is exactly what I need." She said as she rocked her soaking pussy all over my cock. Cum shot out in streams into her. I could feel her twitch as she moaned all over it. Exhaustion had taken its toll on me though and I collapsed my lids shut themselves and I started to drift off. That didn't stop her though. After a minute of leaving my cock inside her she jumped off and went down on me. "Mm the taste of my ass hole and pussy mixed with your cum is so good. I have to tell my girlfriends about this and maybe we can add some more flavors into this." I heard her say. She kept sucking as I passed out. Throughout the night I woke up several times to find her still fucking me and taking my cum into her pussy.

The next day I didn't wake up until 1 in the afternoon. I didn't know how to look her in the eye and thought it best just to avoid her for awhile. But she wouldn't have any of that, she snuck into the shower and helped me clean up by sucking my cock perfectly clean. Afterwards she explained to me that she was secretly a wiccan and that they believe that by taking a man's seed into their pussies they grow more powerful. And the fact that I was her brother made it even more potent. She said she had never thought to go that way until she caught me watching porn. After that well you know the rest.

A decade later my sister lives back in New Mexico with the loser father of her third child. She visits a few times a year and because her husband doesn't get along with anyone in our family he usually doesn't come with her figuring that it's a safe bet she won't cheat on him because she's with family...Man is he wrong.

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