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First Times & Never Haves

by Blues99 06/26/01

As others before me, this is my first attempt at writing any kind of story, much less an erotic one. All critiques, comments, suggestions, etc will be greatly appreciated.

* * * * *

Puzzled, Todd hung up the phone. "Uhmm," he wondered, "Why is Beth being so elusive about why she wants me to stop by her apartment after my run tomorrow?" Although several ideas passed through his head none came close to the truth. If he has known what the next day had in store for him, he never would have been able to sleep that night. What Todd didn't know was that tomorrow would be the beginning of a journey. A sexual journey. A journey he had fantasized about but quickly dismissed as impossible.

Entering Beth's apartment the next morning Todd yelled out to let her know that he was there. His wonderment returned as he heard her reply, "Hey! I'm glad you're here. Come on in."

Todd, lost in thought, started towards her voice. Within seconds, he was stopped dead in his tracks. Standing in the doorway of the bathroom, just out of the bath, was Beth, his 18-year-old stepsister. The towel wrapped around her covered next to nothing. Her dark auburn hair framed her face as it fell softly to her shoulders. Being fair-skinned, she is more prone to sunburn than a tan. Nevertheless, Todd's breath caught in his throat when he saw a tan line running across her breasts just barely above her aureoles. Three candles whose flames danced and flickered in the mirror lighted the room. Tiny drops of water clinging to Beth's skin captured and held the light. There was a smell of roses in the air.

Like a tidal wave hitting the beach, confusion slammed into Todd. His eyes, instantly drawn to Beth's barely covered breasts, yearned to see more. "She's your stepsister," he told himself. Turning away, he stammered, "I'm sorry!"

"Hey, don't worry about it," she said. "It's okay . . . honest. In fact, I was hoping to time the end of your run correctly."

Beth's last statement barely registered with Todd. He was putting up a good fight, but try as he might, he couldn't keep his eyes from drifting down to the top of the towel. "I never expected to see you just getting out of the bath."

"Are you disappointed?"

"I . . . I don't know what to say." There was no denying that the towel hid very little of her body. It didn't take any special observation skills to see that her girlish sexuality was now full blown sensual womanhood.

Tracing her finger slowly along the top of the towel, she leaned back against the door and said, "I certainly hope you aren't disappointed."

"No . . . of course not. I'm not disappointed but I'm certainly surprised. You caught me totally off-guard."

Even if his mind was saying otherwise, Todd's hardening cock told him that it didn't care if the half-naked, beautiful woman standing in front of him was his stepsister.

Beth's eyes locked onto Todd's as she reached up and undid the towel, letting it fall to the floor. The look in his eyes as they traced the path of the towel sliding off her nude body told her all she wanted to know. Todd's breath quickened as he followed a drop of water as it ran down between her breasts leaving a line of moisture across her stomach only to disappear into her closely trimmed hair. As he had pictured them so many times, her breasts were firm, slightly bigger than peaches, with big aureoles. She leisurely rubbed her thumbs against her hard nipples, the red nail polish providing a splash of color against her fair skin.

Looking down Beth said, "My breasts are so sensitive. I love to play with them . . . especially my nipples. I love to rub them between my finger and thumb like this."

Instantly, Todd was a man torn between his conscience and his cock. Knowing it was wrong, but unable to do otherwise, he followed her fingers as they moved across her nipples.

"I especially love to rub different things against them, making them hard. The more I rub them, the more sensitive they get."

This was heading down a road that Todd had fantasized about but never dared dream of it as a reality. When Beth moved into his house following the marriage of her mom and his father two years ago, Todd couldn't help but notice her aura of sexuality. He would often catch a glimpse of her bending over or reaching for something high up in the cupboard and with regret think, "She's my stepsister!" As he watched her hands, he recalled the many times he fantasized about what it would feel like to caress her breasts or to run his hands up her lean legs to her rounded cheeks.

Her voice jerked him back to the present, "You are probably wondering what I wanted to talk with you about."

"I was when I came in. But that has quickly changed."

"I want to tell you about first times and never have times," she said as she poured some body oil over her breasts. It glistened golden in the candlelight. Her nipples hardened as she rubbed the oil in. Massaging her breasts, she pulled on her nipples, rubbing them between her finger and thumb. Todd's moan brought a smile to her face. Looking up at him she asked, "You like that, don't you? You like seeing me play with my breasts." Looking down his body she said, "Yeah . . . you do like watching me make my nipples hard."

"Beth . . ."

She placed her finger across his lips. "Shsss. Before you finish let me tell you about first times. Do you remember that weekend our parents went to Telluride?"

"Yeah. It was about six weeks after they got married. You were just getting settled in at the house."

"I had made arrangements to spend the night at Terri's house."

"I remember. I was disappointed when I heard you were going to be gone for the night."

"Oh you were, were you? I would like to hear more about that later. Actually, I'm not surprised that you were disappointed. I saw you stealing glances at my body. It was funny how you would turn your head away so fast when I caught you. I thought you going to give yourself whiplash."

"You knew?"

"Yes." Drawing her finger slowly across her nipple, she said, "And I liked it."

Smiling, Beth looked up when she heard Todd's groan.

"I suppose," she said with a wink, "that it wasn't very nice of me to tease you so."

"You mean to tell me that you did it on purpose?"

"Of course. At first, it started out as just a little game. But the more I saw the effect it had on you the more of a turn-on it became. Especially after what I saw that night. My favorite tease was to wear my short baggy cut-offs and bend over in front of you. I knew that just enough was showing to make you want to see more. I also enjoyed every chance to stretch out. Especially if I had a loose top on that would allow you to see my breasts. I came to learn that the best time to tease you was when we were working in the garden. There were so many opportunities to bend over. I would get so turned-on seeing you get hard just by looking at me. I guess it was kinda mean of me to do that knowing that you couldn't get any relief. That summer I came to like being watched."

"Damn, all that time I thought I was being so cool and getting away with something."

"I also enjoyed the creative things you did to hide your hard-ons."

"And, Dad always wondered why the rows I planted were so crooked!"

"Anyway, it didn't work out as planned with Terri. We went out for a pizza and I came back home around ten o'clock. The house was silent and dark, so I assumed you were asleep. Passing your room, I noticed that your door was slightly open. Your room was dark. Only the reading lamp was on causing a spot light effect on your bed. Covered in its soft light, you were lying there masturbating. I must have had the same look on my face that you did when you first saw me today. I knew that I should have turned away but I didn't want to. I wanted to watch you. I moved in closer, hiding in the shadows of the doorway so I could watch your hand slide up and down your oiled cock. The sight of the muscles on your arms standing out from gripping yourself, the light from the lamp gleaming off your chest, and your naked tanned body on the white sheets caused a stirring in me that had never happened before. You know how it feels when you take a fresh towel directly from the dryer and hold it against your skin? That is what it suddenly felt like between my legs as I secretly watched you."

Moving closer, Beth began to rub her hand over Todd's running shorts, using her long nails to lightly scratch him through the thin material. Even if he wanted to deny it, it was readily evident the effect her words, touch, and naked body were having. Even as his body reacted to her touch, lust and guilt were raging war in his mind -- lust for his stepsister's naked body -- guilt that it was his stepsister. If Beth had taken a step back or paused in her touch, guilt may have had a fighting chance. It wasn't to be. Her touch gave lust the upper hand. The battle being contested in his mind was apparent on Todd's face.

"You're confused," she said knowingly. "I expected you to be. Just hear me out before you make any decisions. Ok?"

"Ok." Todd was ready to listen to anything.

"As I was saying, you were stroking your cock with one hand and fondling your balls with the other. I'd never seen a guy do that before. It was so amazing. It was so . . . erotic – even hotter because your eyes were shut and you didn't even know I was there watching you. Sometime, I not sure when, I started touching myself. I traced the lips of my sex through my panties – which were soaking wet."

Todd's choking sound brought a smile to Beth's face.

"Oh! You like hearing about my wet panties. Good," she said as she brushed her hand across her pubic hair, "We will come back to that later." Todd took a deep breath. His mind attempted one last time to tell him to leave. But, when Beth ran her tongue over her slightly parted lips, the battle was over – lust had won. Todd stayed.

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