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Flash! Erica Took Pictures

by Abdulbenthere 11/28/06

For those interested in timelines, this story takes place about three years after my story Her Parents Were Not Home. It's based on a true experience. No, I still don't know what they talked about while they kept me waiting.

"Go to the bedroom and get naked" Erica told me. Turning to Dianne with a grin she added "We'll be in there in just a few minutes." Dianne grinned back at her.

I was only too happy to obey, but I wondered what they had in mind. Bondage, maybe? Not really Dianne's style.

Not a threesome: Dianne was clear that when we married she was taking that "forsaking all others" vow seriously and expected me to do the same if I wanted to keep her.

It wouldn't be lesbian action either: Dianne and Erica definitely liked men.

These women had known each other since elementary school. When they were 18 and wanted to dump their high school boyfriends Erica got a game of strip poker going and cheated the boys naked before leaving them "standing" there.

On the other hand, when I came into the picture Erica supported everything Dianne did to land me. On our wedding day it was Erica who gave Dianne a bath and bikini wax before helping her into the wedding dress. At the reception she told Di "I feel like I just gained a brother!"

Yeah, it could be anything I thought as the last sock came off. Any minute they'd be in here. My penis was rising to half staff already just thinking about it.

Any minute now.

Any time now.

I wonder what's taking so long.

Should I go ask?

Longest minute I ever had.

I decided to go see what was taking so long. I looked at my robe on the closet door and decided not to bother. I walked down the hall with my dick dangling.

They were still sitting on the couch whispering to each other. Di had her shoes off and was adjusting the elastic top of her sun dress over her tits. Erica was fully clothed and she saw me first.

"Go on back" she said. "It won't be much longer." I realized this was the first time she'd ever seen my dick, and she didn't even blink. Dianne turned, grinned an evil grin and waved her fingers at me. "Go on sweetie." I obeyed.

I didn't hear any giggles as I went back to the bedroom.

I lay down on the bed and waited. And wondered. And looked at the digital clock from time to time. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. I stood up and stretched, facing the door. OH! Now I know what they're going to do!

Erica stepped in with a camera, a high-priced camera with a zoom lense and a huge flash unit. She stepped right past me and around to the other side of the bed.

"OK, Di, come on in!" she called.

Dianne stepped in, still wearing the blue sundress and barefoot. Her eyes positively gleamed and she smiled like the wolf about to eat Little Red Riding Hood. She wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. My hands moved to her waist.

FLASH. Erica took the first picture.

Di's tits were still covered by the elastic tube top of her sundress and pressed against my bare chest. My dick was now fully erect and pressing against the cotton material over her belly. That dress needed removing. I pulled the elastic down around her ribs so I could feel her nipples on my chest. I wasn't sure how to undress her, to pull the dress over her head or pull it down her body over her legs. I decided to bunch the whole thing around her middle, exposing her beige lace panties. Erica must have liked that sight.


Di resolved my question about the dress without a word by breaking the hug and raising her arms in the air. I pulled the dress up over her head. As it hid her face...


Di gently pushed me toward the bed and I sat down. She stepped between my knees and pulled my face to her breasts. I started kissing them and hooked my thumbs into the elastic waist band of her panties. I pulled them over her bottom down her thighs, letting them drop to her ankles. Erica had moved to the foot of the bed for the shot as Di kicked the panties off.


Di dropped to her knees and took my dick in her mouth, tonguing the head eagerly. I leaned back on my right arm and with my left hand pulled Di's long black hair away from her face so Erica could get the shot.


Di dropped my joint out of her mouth and let it touch her cheek. I was hard as a rock and she looked up at me with her big brown eyes full of love. I wished Erica to take that shot from my point of view but there was no flash. Di half stood and half climbed up me and around my right side with her bare bottom toward Erica,

FLASH. Great ass shot I thought.

Di pulled me around and we wrapped into a hug with arms and legs entwining.


We must have looked like a couple of snakes mating as Erica moved to the head of the bed for another shot.


I savored every lick of Di's lily white neck and shoulders while she nibbled on mine. The smell of her jasmine perfume blended with the smell of our clean sweat as I began kissing my way down her body, between her breasts and over her belly to her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She raised her knees and spread them for me. I spread her labia and started licking them.


I took her clit in a kiss, sucking and licking. Dianne inhaled with a gasp, "Huuuu!"


I kept licking and sucking. Di's cunt juice flowed over my chin. Her fingers grabbed my hair as she writhed in her orgasm. "Nnhuuhhh... tha's enouuugh!"

Her thighs closed around my neck and her feet pushed against my back as I broke contact with her clit and looked up.

FLASH directly in my eyes from the head of the bed.

I pushed myself up and positioned my penis at my wife's vagina. Erica focused a close up as the head slid in.

FLASH. A good four inches of my shaft was still outside Di's body. I thought Erica had great timing as I pushed it into Di.

Di swung her legs in, putting an ankle on each of my shoulders. That was her way of telling me to go deep so I obliged, leaning forward and pushing until the tip of my dick contacted her cervix. Di loved this position, but I couldn't kiss her lips from here without putting all my weight on her and bending her in half. I thought hey, she does need to breathe! I wrapped my arms around her knees and turned my head to kiss her ankle as I thrusted.


Di spread her legs again, breaking my knee-hug. I bent down into a full missionary position, but Dianne whispered "Roll over! I wanna ride!"

So without taking my joint out of her I rolled onto my back pulling her onto my chest. She reared up into a full cowgirl with knees at my hips and her head thrown back. My hands moved to her breasts and her hands moved over mine, as if she was fondling her own breasts with my hands and grinding her clit on my pubic bone to another orgasm.


Dianne pulled her knees up and planted her feet next to my ribs. The whole weight of her body was on my dick forcing it as deep as it would go into her body. She whimpered and I felt her pussy squeeze as she came again.


She bent forward, grabbing the sides of my face with both hands and leaning close to whisper "Roll back on me and finish!"


So we rolled back into missionary position and she wrapped her legs around my hips. Her right hand came under my left arm, her left around the back of my neck as I started humping again. Her nails drew a trickle of blood as her breath escaped in another "Huuhhn" of her orgasm.

FLASH. Erica had focused on Di's face. My face was buried in Di's hair so I only heard the camera.

I pumped faster as the pressure in my balls built up. I was dimly aware of Erica trying to get another shot before I finished. She settled for one of Dianne's nails drawing red lines on my back. I groaned and filled Dianne's cunt.


I probably could have collapsed on top of Di without hurting her, but I pulled out and rolled onto my back. Dianne cuddled up to me under my right arm, her cheek on my chest and her right leg wrapped around mine. She put the tip of her right thumb into her smile as Erica came around from the other side of the bed.

"Dianne!! Are you alright?" Erica asked. I turned my head enough to see that Di's eyes were fixed in a "thousand mile stare," looking past Erica at the wall, smiling as she sucked her thumb.

"Uh-huh" was all the words Di could manage even after taking her thumb out of her smile. I could feel her belly against my hip and could tell she was still clinching her pussy muscles.

Erica looked at my face. "Worth waiting for, wasn't it?"

"Oh, yeah" I replied.

"Well," Erica said, " when I get the prints back to you two I'm sure you'll do it again every time you look at them. I've still got some shots left on this roll. How about I get some of you two cleaning each other off in the shower?"

"You'll have to wait" Dianne told her, now more recovered. "It'll be a few minutes before I can stand up. Buuuut...." She moved her hand down to my limp member and gently wiped some of her juice and my sperm off the tip. Erica focused quickly on Di's hand.


Di brought her fingers to her lips and licked.


"Get a few more of us cuddled like this" Di said. "I want pictures of the way I feel right now." She smiled and we looked into each other's eyes. "The way I felt the night we conceived our first child."


Pregnant? They had planned the whole thing for the night when she was ovulating? Was that the reason she had invited Erica here tonight?


Wow, I thought. Dianne and I had shared something really special with Erica tonight.


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