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Forever and Ever

by Xarth 12/21/13

"Look, I don't know what--"

"Are you gonna ask for a blowjob?" Anna interrupted.

"Um, no. That was not what I was getting at."

"Okay. So what's the problem then?"

"You know, you're being incredibly frustrating."

Anna grinned. "Thanks."

"Whatever. I tried. If you've got issues, you'll just have to work them out with someone else. Or repress them. Your choice."

I left feeling slightly annoyed, and I wasn't entirely sure why. I wasn't even certain what I'd hoped to accomplish. Anna was messing with my head, that was all. I should have known better than to let her get to me.


That was the end of any inappropriate discussions between me and my sister for a while. She still showed up at my place sometimes, and I still gave her the occasional ride, and that was about it. Not a single one of our conversations gave me any cause for concern. Life was normal, if only temporarily.

I came home one evening to find Anna sprawled across my couch watching Netflix. Mom and dad didn't have it, so she'd occasionally come watch some stuff at my place, particularly if she just needed to kill some time before going out again.

"Hey, little sis," I said. "What'd you make me for supper?"

I lifted her legs and sat down, letting her legs come back down to rest across my lap. She only spared me a brief glance during the whole process.

"Brought some leftovers that mom sent. I can heat something up out of that if you really want."

"Nah, don't worry about it. You're probably headed out soon anyway, right?"

She shrugged. "Got no plans. Things got canceled."


It wasn't like Anna went out every night, even if it felt that way at times. I usually found it safe enough to plan on her not sticking around too long.

"Did you already eat?" I asked.

"It's not even six yet."

"I was just asking. I didn't know if you were staying for supper or what. You haven't really told me anything, you know?"

I punctuated my point by raking a fingernail over the bottom of her foot. She squeaked indignantly and pulled her foot away from my hand.

"Well I might stay, if you're not gonna be too much of a meanie. It probably is just gonna be heated up leftovers though, isn't it?"

"Maybe. That'd be easiest."

"Do you at least have any ice cream or something?"

"I might be able to hook you up. What's in it for me?"

I regretted the question as soon as I said it. I wasn't even sure where it had come from. By the time I remembered what had happened last time we'd been in a similar situation, it was too late.

Anna gave me an amused look. She pulled herself up into a sitting position, crossing her legs and not quite facing me directly.

"Are you looking for something in particular?" she asked.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I just... dammit, I don't even know. There's some ice cream in the freezer if you want some. Whatever."

"Ryan, don't get all embarrassed on me. What are you so worried about?"

"Nothing. Just thinking about, you know, that conversation we had."

"I know, me too. I thought that was obvious."

"Come on, Anna. You wouldn't do it, we both know that. I'm sorry I keep bringing it up. I don't even know why."

Actually, not that I'd admit it, but what I really didn't understand is why I was practically daring her to prove me wrong. I'd done it before, and I was doing it again. Even if it had been a bluff all along, as it had to have been, challenging her so directly could go very badly.

"So ask," she said in a low, dangerous voice. "Prove me wrong."

She stared at me intently, her body seemingly relaxed even though I could tell she as tense as I was. My next words would be important and should have been chosen carefully. However, I wasn't thinking straight enough for a moment of such magnitude.

"Fine," I said, staring right back at he. "Give me a blowjob."

Anna didn't so much as blink.

"Ask nicely."

"Please give me a blowjob."

Our eyes remained locked on each other for another second or two, then abruptly my sister unfolded her legs and hopped off the couch. She knelt on the floor between my feet and reached toward my waist. As I watched in stunned silence she undid my belt, then paused.

"Stand up for a sec," she said.

I did as she asked, waiting for her to give. I was hoping she was just waiting for me to chicken out first, and I had to play along until she did. Her nimble fingers had my pants undone and pulled down to my ankles in short order, leaving only my boxers between her and my cock.

Embarrassingly, I was starting to get hard. It was only a reaction to the situation, I told myself. Obviously my body couldn't be expected to recognize that the girl kneeling in front of me was my little sister. It was only doing what it was designed for. Still, it was awkward as hell to be getting an erection in front of Anna like that. I hoped she'd surrender soon and admit that she wouldn't go through with it.

Unfortunately she was showing no sign of giving in. I felt her tugging on my boxers and, as if in slow motion, they began to slide down my legs. If I'd thought getting an erection as bad before, now it was worse. There was nothing left to cover it and it just kept getting harder.

"You can sit down now," Anna said.

I followed instruction numbly and sat back on the couch. I scooted my butt closer to the edge without really knowing why I would do that. It wasn't like I had any intention of actively facilitating the situation. All I needed to do was wait until she admitted defeat, despite how I was beginning to worry that it wouldn't happen.

Anna leaned in closer, close enough that I could feel her warm breath on my cock. I had to close my eyes to avoid freaking out. There was no way I could be letting this happen, but it couldn't be a dream or anything either. It was way too real.

My sister's fingers brushed my shaft, just barely making contact, but it was still enough to make me flinch. I opened my eyes again to find that she was staring fixedly at my nearly-full erection. Her fingers traced its length a few times before wrapping around it in a light grip. I hated that it felt amazing.

"You're really doing this," I said.

"Told you. You should know better than to doubt me."

She smiled up at me, just the slightest hint of smugness evident in her face. I hadn't noticed before, but from the way she was leaning toward me I could kind of see down her shirt. I'd known my sister had boobs, but it had always been the sort of thing I knew on a distant, intellectual level. For possibly the first time ever I was forced into the realization that she had some genuinely attractive qualities, physically speaking. They weren't all canceled out by virtue of her being my sister.

Her hand stroked my cock slowly, giving me plenty of time to adjust to the feeling. I still had the chance to stop everything before it went any further, if I wanted to. The problem was that I didn't know if there was any reason to at that point. She was already jerking me off, it wasn't like it could get much worse. Plus, if I was being honest, I wasn't sure I wanted to stop it.

"That... actually kind of feels nice," I said.

"Good. It's supposed to."

I tried to relax and just enjoy the situation. Morally speaking it was pretty bad, but otherwise... well, it could have been much worse. It hadn't been a lie when I told Anna that what she was doing felt good. I was just starting to settle into the handjob I was getting when my sister moved her mouth closer to my cock. Somehow I'd forgotten that I was actually meant to be getting a blowjob. She had obviously remembered.

Anna's tongue flicked out and licked from halfway up my shaft to the very tip. She did the same thing a couple more times, watching my reaction closely. I was too overwhelmed and confused to give her much of one, but she seemed satisfied.

With agonizing care, she slowly engulfed the tip of my cock between her lips. It seemed so crazy that my little sister had actually taken me in her mouth, and yet at the same not so crazy. For whatever reason, as she took me deeper and deeper it all began to feel right. Logically I knew the moral issues hadn't gone away, but it no longer felt wrong. It just felt good.

I put a hand on the back of Anna's head. I didn't try to force her, or even guide her, it was just to tell her I liked what she was doing. She didn't so much as hesitate or look up at me, but I could have sworn she smiled, just for a second. Granted, it was hard to tell when her mouth was otherwise occupied.

Anna bobbed her head on my cock for a while, working me deeper until I could feel the back of her throat. Her tongue moved around my shaft more or less at random, and sometimes she'd hold her head still for a moment and just lick me. Other times she pulled her head back until only an inch or two was still in her mouth and jerk me off a little with her hand. It seemed kind of like she was experimenting and trying to figure out what worked best. Whatever the case, she was getting results.

My little sister was going to make me cum. It was just one more unbelievable realization on top of all the others. There was no way I could resist, and in fact I didn't even want to resist. Her fingers, her lips, her tongue, they were all making me feel way too good.

"Fuuuck," I breathed as I felt my orgasm building.

Anna took her mouth off of my cock just for a moment, taking over with her hand as she did.

"Are you close?" she asked.

I nodded and had to fight the urge to push her back into position. I needed her warm, wet mouth on me in way that was far too scary for my liking. She shouldn't have been able to take control of me to that extent. Although, seeing as how I was on the verge of cumming, it probably wasn't all that significant. I wasn't fully in command of my body at that point.

It didn't take much more work on Anna's part before I was cumming in her mouth. She didn't seem to have any problem with that and made no move to pull away the whole time. She just swallowed everything I gave her until I was finished.

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