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Frustrated Milky Breasts

by Kay-Dee 09/01/06

He pulled away from me saying, "Sorry. I'm so sorry. I've made such a mess."

"Don't be silly, it doesn't matter."

I kissed him on the lips quickly and went to fetch a large towel and a damp flannel. When I returned I pulled his shorts off completely and wiped away his thick cream. I dried him with the towel and as I did so his penis began to rise again.

"The wonder of a young man," I told myself.

I held his rod, which by now was pulsating in my hand and was as solid as an iron bar.

"Come on fuck me," I ordered him.

I spread the towel on the floor and lay on my back, holding my tits. They were both leaking milk now and droplets flowed onto my chest. I spread my legs wide as he moved on top of me. I steered him into my wet cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard."

He thrust into me, his hardness and size taking me by surprise. I felt my vaginal muscles tighten around his thickness and then relax as he pushed fully into me. His mouth was on my tits sucking hard on my nipples, taking each in turn as if trying to stem the flow of milk. His cock was pounding into my softness. I wanted him to consume me, to eat me and to fill me with his spunk. I wanted it to last forever, this feeling, this moment of satisfaction and completion.

I wrapped my legs around his waist wanting him deeper and harder. I could feel milk now flowing from my breasts as he screamed out, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

His penis jerked inside my cunt and then I felt that special moment as he ejaculated and spurted his life force into my deepness. At the same time my stomach vibrated with the beginnings of my own orgasm as my juices flooded free mixing with the hot sperm. My tits were quivering and flowing with milk

My body was screaming with pleasure as sweat, milk, vaginal juices and tears were flooding from me.

Tim moved away from me. I thought about how few words we had exchanged and yet, for a while at least, we were as one.

"I'd better go," he said awkwardly.

I smiled as he dressed, admiring his body and his youthfulness.



I lay back on the towel and touched my clitoris. It was engorged and firm. I gently took it between two fingers and massaged myself to a further orgasm.

Feeling finally sated I looked over at the clock. I jumped up. I had to fetch my baby from my mother, prepare dinner and a host of other things. I chuckled to myself when I remembered that I also still had to bring the shopping in from the car. I guess Tim had other thoughts on his mind!

That night things were much the same with my husband but somehow everything he said seemed to annoy me. Why couldn't he love me the way I was? He used to want me. There was a time when he couldn't get enough of me, always groping and touching me. But that was before the baby.

Saturday night came and I was determined that things would be different. I bought a couple of bottles of strong red wine to drink after the baby was asleep. I thought if we relaxed and talked perhaps we could get back to a proper sex life.

The wine was definitely strong and I soon felt quite light headed. I hoped my husband was as well. If he relaxed, if he lost his inhibitions, perhaps he would fuck me like I know he could.

We chatted away quite happily and then somehow, like most new parents, we got talking about our baby and then moved on to the subject of breast feeding.

I was quite giggly by now and he said my tits were like udders. For once I didn't take offence and said, "But if you were a vet you'd be interested in them wouldn't you?"

Okay it's a daft thing to say, and I only said it because I'd been drinking, but he said, "Yes, I suppose I would."

"Well animal doctor, perhaps you should examine this cow."

"Perhaps I should."

"Upstairs, in twenty minutes?"

"Yes, okay," he agreed.

I didn't know what we were going to do but I left him sitting on the settee while I went enthusiastically upstairs to prepare.

I had a quick shower, massaged myself with oils and then I spread a large towel (I get through a lot of towels!) over the bedroom floor. I also got a plastic bowl and placed this on the towel.

By now I was quite drunk, but knew what I was doing.

When I heard my husband coming upstairs I dropped my dressing gown so that I was completely naked and knelt on the towel on all fours. The bowl was underneath my tits and I had my legs spread apart.

He entered the room and I went, "Mooooo."

"What the heck ..."

"Mooooo," I uttered again.

He looked at me in almost disbelief but, to my surprise, he played along with the game.

"So this is the cow, I've got to examine, is it?"


He sat down next to me, still fully dressed, and said, "Mmmm, now let's have a look."

He reached under me and squeezed my breasts. "They are nice full, firm udders but they need milking. Suppose I'd better do it."

"Mooooo," I agreed.

His hands reached under me and squeezed one of my breasts. I gasped out a moo sound as he grasped my nipple between his strong fingers. Slowly he pulled downwards and I heard the first drops of milk hit the plastic bowl.

The droplets turned into a full flow and the feeling was indescribable. I was breathing deeply , my eyes closed as he continued to milk me. First one tit then the other.

The flow slowed and he said, "Suppose I'd better examine the rest of the cow now."

"Mooooo," I mooed shakily.

His hands gently touched my tummy and caressed my bottom before reaching between my legs. I spread myself open a little more. I wanted him to see and touch every inch of me. My cunt felt on fire and I knew I was soaking wet. His fingers opened my vaginal lips and he held them apart admiring my pinkness and lubricated inner parts. I hoped he could also see my clitoris.

Fingers slipped easily into my soft velvet folds and I let out a long sigh of satisfaction and approval. He slid in and out of me as I stayed on all fours, like a good little cow, then with his other hand he fingered my anus. I'd only ever had anal sex once and mixed feelings of excitement and fear rushed through my body. A finger invaded my rosebud while the inside of my cunt was still being massaged.

Fuck, it felt so good. The finger penetrated me more and I lost control and my whole body vibrated with orgasm, my tits swinging from side to side. I could feel my own juices almost shooting out of me but my husband continued with his manipulations until after I had cum a second time.

I was panting for breath not sure if I could take any more.

Now I know cow's don't normally talk but I said, "Perhaps the cow needs your special big injection."

I could hear my husband undo his zip on his trousers and his penis slapped against my bottom. I knew I wanted more, "Fuck this cow, fuck her."

His cock head eased into my sopping cunt and I pushed back at him wanting him to fill me, to inject me, to swamp me with his thick white cream. I heard drips of my milk once more hitting the bowl underneath my tits as he started to give me the full length of his penis. He powered in and out of me, no longer being gentle, pummelling my womb as he did so. His hands grabbed my tits and squeezed hard as he continued fucking me.

All cow-like noises now forgotten he made his familiar grunt instead as he spurted his load in my secret depths. I tried to remain still, enjoying the moment, as his hands pulled on my nipples releasing the last few drops of milk and his cock gushed and finally stilled.

"Phewwww, mooooo," I said.

We moved onto the bed and my husband kissed and cuddled me properly for the first time in over six months and said how much he loved me. He then laughed and said he never thought he'd ever end up having sex with a cow.

He kissed my tits and said, "I bet Tim would like to see these. His dad's always on about how he thinks Tim fancies you. Seemingly he's always watching you, lusting after you"

"Really?" I said jokingly, "Well, I'll have to see if I can oblige him some time."

"Now that could be fun," said the husband, and he sounded as if he meant it.

My mind began racing. I started imagining Tim and my husband both sucking on my tits, drinking my milk, and then fucking me. Maybe I could advertise: "Cow For Hire" or "Udders For Rent." All sorts of dirty things were filling my head.

I could feel myself becoming randy. I reached over and whispered in my husband's ear, "This cow needs injecting again ..."

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