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Fuck With Mother

by TheDarkCloud 08/14/11

In effect, I became estranged from my immediate family just after I was nineteen. There had always been a strain, even before that. In my mind (and I still believe it) both my mum and dad favoured my older sister Claire over me and I struggled to handle it. Mostly I got on Ok with Claire but as time moved on and more and more stuff happened I started to associate her as being on their side rather than mine and as such had less and less affinity or affection for her.

That summer leading up to our big fall out was a catalogue of disasters and there is a part of me that thinks I did it on purpose to force the split that occurred. First my mother, Elizabeth, walked into my room and discovered me wanking to some hardcore porn in my bedroom. This kicked off the mother of all rows and I nearly left then. Worse was to follow when my father Mike discovered me dressing up in one of my sisters sexy bra and panties. Then the final straw was a telephone bill itemised to show that over a hundred pounds had been spent on a chatline that advertised itself as being for 'kinky perverts'. With that I left home in disgrace and in the following five years had minimal contact with my parents or my sister despite living in the same city.

In that time Claire had met a guy I was in the same year at school with, fallen in love and got engaged. I got an invite to the engagement party and put in a belated appearance but kept my distance from everyone, acknowledging that I was really just doing it for appearances sake. Even then I nearly fell out with my mother but got out of there before she started ripping into me and my 'perverted ways'.

The happy couple were getting married quickly and a date was set in August and I received an invite and knew it must have been through clenched teeth that they had sent it. I replied that I would be there and then just four weeks before the happy day fate turned in a most unexpected direction...


It was a hot, clammy, sticky Tuesday afternoon and I really wasn't looking forward to going home. I was pretty sure there would be no one home. Both Mum and Dad should be out working while Claire had moved out over a year ago. I felt my house keys in my pocket as I stepped off the bus at the top of the road and hoped once again that they hadn't changed the locks since I last had occasion to use them. Walking down the leafy suburban street brought back a lot of memories for me as I approached the drive and I had to shake my head to clear them as I spotted mum's car in the drive but Dad's gone. That was what I expected dad worked a good fifty minutes away and never got back until after six while mum usually took the tube into work and just used her car at weekends. Still I went round the back, for some reason not feeling I should use the front door. It wasn't like I was up to anything untoward (though my mind did come up with some wicked pranks) I just needed my birth certificate. It was in the desk in the sitting room, I knew where, I would just get it and be gone. They'd never even know I had been there. Besides I didn't want to hang about too long anyway, there was a new prostitute in my area advertising all sorts of alternative 'services' and I was keen to try her out that evening.

The back door opened inwards with no problem when I turned the key and I was transported back in time to various points in my childhood as I looked around and saw little had changed. After a moment I moved into the living room and started to search for the document when I stopped suddenly, hearing what sounded like voices upstairs. At first I thought maybe someone had left a TV on but upon moving into the hall and listening if it was TV then it was clearly a sex scene that was being played out as I could hear low moans, groans and noises clearly of pleasure from above. What's more I was certain the female voice was that of my mother!

I crept slowly up the stairs, careful not to make a sound and inched my way down the corridor to peer through the half open bedroom door and nearly fainted as I looked in. My mother was in the middle of the bed, naked and astride a man that clearly was not my father and was bouncing up and down for all she was worth, fucking him! She had her back to me and her body was blocking the man's face from me so neither could see I was there. By instinct I with drew my mobile phone and began to record this most unexpected surprise.

My mother is actually pretty fit and as I stood there unable to take my eyes off her I really began to appreciate that she had a fucking good body and damned hot for her 44 years. Her long blonde hair was splayed across her bare back, I could see the sides of her large breasts bouncing up and down and the curve of her ass when she lifted up was very nice looking.

"Ungh! Yes Calvin, that's it! Yes! Fuck me! Yes!" she squealed.

I was still recording but my mind was doing cartwheels. Did she just call her hidden lover Calvin? The self same name of the man my sister was just about to marry? I panned the room and looked hard at the mirror of the dressing table and found that by that angle I could see his face and confirm that yes indeed, my dear fucking perfect mother was busily fucking the life from my perfect fucking sister's fiancée!

As my perverted mind processed all this information I continued to record events as they were nearing climax and damned if Mum didn't slip off Calvin's rock hard dick, scoot down and engulf it in her mouth, this left me a perfect angle to capture his face full on my phone and the git had his eyes screwed shut in ecstasy so didn't see me. He obviously came in her mouth and the thirsty bitch seemed quite happy to suck him dry before getting up astride him again and placing her clearly soaking wet pussy over his face for him to lick and suck her to an orgasm of her own. I got it all on my phone one handed because I was rubbing my own dick by now but when Mum came I slipped soundlessly into the spare room and listened as Calvin got himself dressed and left pretty quickly while Mum headed to the bathroom and seconds later I could hear the shower being turned on.

By the time the water went off and I heard her step out of the shower I knew exactly what I was going to do and let me tell you I had the mother of all erections in my pants just thinking of it. She emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a fluffy white bathrobe still rubbing her hair so she was nearly up to where I stood in the corridor before she realised I was there. I'll give her her due she recovered her surprise quickly and entered aggressive mode immediately.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded.

"Nice to see you too mother."

She tried to barge past me but I moved over to block her way. As she looked at me and prepared a verbal blast I got in first.

"Does Claire know mum? Does Dad know?"

Somehow the cow managed to keep her poise and try to brazen it out but I saw the flicker of fear in her eyes.

"Know what? Sean what is it you want?"

"Do they know you are fucking your future son-in-law? I mean I know now. I stood over there and watched you. Taped you. What a fucking show Mum! Who knew you were such a dirty bitch? Do you fuck Dad like that? I bet not. I bet you don't take dad's cum in your slutty mouth any more do you?"

I watched her proud face fall then. The last hope she had of bluffing me was gone as I held up my mobile phone and pressed play and let her see what I had captured. There was no doubt who it was rutting like wild animals on the film.

"Please Sean. I can explain. Please don't tell your father or your sister. There's no reason to tell them anything. Please."

I can't explain what an exhilarating, arousing thing it was for my Mother to be begging me so pathetically like this and I'm sure my erection got even larger just from listening to her.

"Well I suppose I could keep quiet mother. I could but it doesn't feel right. Really I should tell Dad and Claire, it's only fair to them."

"Please don't. Please! It's just a stupid thing, we'll stop! Never again. Please don't tell them Sean. Please! What do you want? Money? I'll get you money, you don't have to ruin everything!"

She was clutching pathetically at me so I took a step back before addressing her.

"Money! Money! I don't want your fucking money mother!"

"Then what do you want?"

"I want my revenge bitch! I want you to feel what I felt. But I guess I can never do that so I'll settle for just fucking with you. You want my silence? Fine. Lose the robe and get on your knees and beg for my forgiveness!"

She looked at me like I had bitch slapped her across the face ( I kinda wished I had too!).

"B-But I just came out of the shower son. I don't have anything under here."

"So? I know that bitch. And anyway what are you worried about? I saw plenty more than that when you were fucking Calvin in there. Now get it off and get on your fucking knees!"

I was relishing my role as abusive scumbag, the bitch had it coming anyway. I couldn't keep the smile off my face when she gave a long, pathetic sob and reluctantly undid the belt of her bathrobe and shrugged it off until it was around her ankles and she stood before me shiny and nude.

"Whew mum, didn't have you down as shaving your pussy, nice job, looks like it should go on someone much younger! Good, now get on your knees and beg to suck my cock!"

The impact of my words hit her like a hammer and she physically recoiled as she took them in.

"No! But you, you're my own son! I can't do that! You pervert. It's sick! You're sick!"

I smirked and held up the phone and pressed play again.

"So you'll do your son-in-law but not your son eh? It's a bit late for morals mother. Now drop down there and get begging or I'm out of here and Dad and Claire get a real interesting email tonight."

She was crying now and that just turned me on more. I had dreamed of getting my own back on this cunt for years and now here it was. I admired her large tits as she sighed and accepted the threat and sunk down to her knees before me. I clicked my phone back onto record and held it up with Mum right in the centre of the screen as she struggled to lift her eyes to look at me.

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