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Fuck With Mother

by TheDarkCloud 08/14/11

"Please Sean. Please let me give you a blow job."

It was pathetic but enough for just now, I was near enough bursting for release and with my free hand I undid by belt and dropped my jeans and pants and revealed my jutting out cock. It felt like slow motion as she leaned forward and tentatively opened her mouth and began to lick gently at the glistening tip of my dick.

"To hell with this!" I exclaimed and lunged forward, shoving the full length of my dick into her mouth and throat before I grabbed her head and held it there as I face fucked her hard.

"That's it Liz, suck your son's filthy dick!"

(My mother hates being called Liz, it's a pet hate of hers, Betty or Beth are fine but for whatever reason Liz really gets under her skin).

And so I stood for nearly ten minutes in the middle of the upstairs hall face fucking my mother's mouth. My camera struggling to focus on her face as my cock drove in then pulled out and trails of saliva and pre cum spilled out and fell on her large tits until it was all too much for me and I pulled out and sprayed a large, thick load of my cum all over her features and in her hair and eyes particularly. I squeezed out the last of my jizz into her hair and finally pulled my trousers up while she stayed on her knees looking black.

"Two loads of cum in less than an hour from two guys half your age mum. Know what that makes you? A fucking whore, that's what. A dirty fucking whore."

"Please Sean, I did what you wanted delete the video and lets forgot about this. Please?"

I laughed even louder at that.

"Oh no way mother. You're going to have to work harder than that to get this little film. Tell you what come round to my flat tomorrow about 8 at night wearing nothing but a coat and stockings and we'll see if you can't earn a bit more, eh? Be there whore or else I'll love destroying this fucking family!"

I left then with her on her knees, naked and my cum dripping from her and had a spring in my step as I picked up my birth certificate and wondered if that whore tonight would suck dick quite as well as my own mother!


I guess I was a little surprised when Mum actually did what I had ordered her and appeared at my flat the next night. By then I must have watched both recordings (especially the POV one of her sucking my dick) nearly a hundred times and wanked to it about as much. She had rung the doorbell and I made her wait a minute before sauntering into my hall and opening the door. There she stood in a long raincoat and heels and I could see she had stockings on underneath. I looked at her hard, not giving her any space to get in past me.

"OK show me" I demanded.

She winced and made a face and clearly wanted to come in off my public landing but I was having none of that. I stood my ground and the bitch quickly got the message. Seems like she was finally learning not to fuck with me. Cautiously, nervously she undid the belt of the coat and a few buttons and held it open like she was a flasher. She was stark naked just as I had instructed. She was wearing hold up stockings and I couldn't help myself as I finally allowed her entrance and groped her big tits as she squeezed past before I slid her coat off and hung it up. She pouted and I smirked in response.

"You might get it back for going home... if you're a good whore and do what I tell you."

"Look son, this is madness. I know what I did with Calvin was wrong. Deeply wrong. I know you feel like we let you down in the past but please don't make me do this. Please just delete that film and don't hurt either your father or your sister."

"How touching Mum. But too little, too late. Don't put your act on now, you hated me forever, couldn't stand the pervert I was becoming and did nothing to help me. Well I became a pervert Ok and I love nothing better than taking advantage of that with filthy, fucking sluts just like you. Here put one of these on one of your wrists."

I had tossed her a pair of handcuffs and she stood gazing at them for a moment before finally clipping on side to her right wrist. I came up to her and easily pushed her arms behind her back and cuffed the second end onto her left wrist rendering her arms helpless. A look of fear passed across her face and I had to chuckle.

"What are you going to do?"

I didn't answer, instead I pulled my shirt up and over my head then casually plucked my leather belt our from it's straps around my shorts then dropped them to my ankles and stepped out of them naked as the day I had emerged from this slut's cunt. My dick was already hardening and pointing right at her, she stared at it with concern.

"You've been bad mother, haven't you? Very bad. And you know what happens when you are naughty, don't you? They get a spanking! Well according to that sadistic old bastard of a father of mine they do, don't they?"

I sat down on a hard backed chair in my living room and motioned for her to come towards me and bend herself over my outstretched knee. She hesitated.

"Come on you cunt! Hurry up and get over here! You've been bad Liz and you need to start making up for it don't you? Starting with a good old fashioned spanking from your son!"

She staggered over to me and slowly lowered herself down over my knees. Her breasts squashed and pushed over my left knee while her hips and pelvis rested on my right. I pushed her head down with my left and then raised my right hand up before bringing it down on her soft, pale ass in a hard spank.

"Thank me whore. After each stroke. And keep count."

I thought back to this bitch scolding and punishing me when I had done wrong and got an enormous thrill from the reversal of fortunes. The strange thing was though that after a few spanks I was sure that there was something in her voice as she thanked me and counted up that suggested she was taking some form of pleasure from this. I got to twelve and stopped and this time when my hand came down it did not strike her now bright red ass cheeks but rather it snaked between her thighs and felt at her pussy lips from behind. I guess I was not surprised to find that she was wet, soaking wet. I lifted my fingers and smelt her sex then brought them round to push towards her mouth.

"Here, taste these you slut. I can't believe you are aroused by me treating you like this, what kind of freak are you?!"

She couldn't bring herself to look at me as she sucked her juices off my fingers. While she did that I picked up and oversized dice from the table besides where I sat.

"Do you remember when we were kids and we played all those board games, me and Claire, with you and Dad? You liked them didn't you? Always played the ones you wanted to play or occasionally Claire got a choice, never me though, was it? Well tonight we are going to play a game and it's definitely mine. See this dice it's got your future on it Mum. See I'm going to roll it three times and we're going to do whatever the number that comes up on it. And just like in the old days you won't be able to cheat, you never let me did you? Anyway, get a 1 and I get to fuck your asshole, roll a 2 and it's your pussy I'll be fucking, roll a three and you will be licking my asshole, a four and I get to piss on you, a five and I'll take my belt to you and a six, oh a six would be fun because I will take shit on you Mum. Up for a game then?"

She lay across my lap looking stunned at what I had just suggested (and perhaps at the way my hard dick was rearing up against her stomach as I told her every option).

"Oh Sean, you can't do this."

But her words carried no weight, she knew I could and we both knew that to hide her dirty secret so would she. I pushed her off me and onto her knees and picked up my phone and began to play the footage of her fucking Calvin in her bed then looked down at her.

"So what's it going to be Liz? Do you want to play my game or I can let you go and you are free to leave right now. What's it to be? Free choice."

She thought for a moment and lowered her eyes, unable to face me, before nodding and whispering.

"Ok, I'll play your game then."

"Good now lets see what number I get first shall we?"

I lifted the large dice and spun it in my hands then dropped it beside her and we both stared at it waiting to see what number it would land on.

She watched fascinated as the oversized dice spun on the floor and then slowly came to a halt on the number three. I looked at her face and saw a mixture of relief and disgust there but I guess it was not the worst of the options for her and that was one roll gone. I stood before her and turned around and reached back to pull my ass cheeks apart and spoke over my shoulder.

"Isn't this a great game Mum? Boy I'm enjoying it, how about you? Now why don't you use that dirty, slutty mouth to clean my hairy ass up? "

I had been rimmed a couple of times before by prostitutes but most didn't tend to offer it as a service. I liked the humiliation aspect of it, I mean how bad is it having to lick someone else's asshole? Of course if it's your hated sons asshole then things have to be even nastier, don't they? I guess she had committed to this though as without a complaint I felt her lean forward so her blonde hair tickled my ass and then felt her lips right up against my anus. Seconds later I felt her tongue emerge and begin to probe my butt hole.

"Oh Liz! Liz! You are a dirty whore aren't you? Oh wow, who'd have though you could eat ass so well!"

If she had a reply it was muffled by my ass and I wiggled about a bit and shoved back so her tongue went deeper until I had had enough and stood up and watched with mirth as she wiped her tongue over her lips and shuffled her cuffed arms restlessly.

"Let's see what the second roll brings us eh?"

It brought up one spot and I looked at Mum and smirked.

"Ever taken it in the ass before mother? Doubt Dad would go for it but I bet Calvin asked, eh?"

Her face blushing told me enough and I laughed and added.

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